3 Australian Gospel Music Association

Australian Gospel Music Association

The Australian Gospel Music Association Inc (AGMA) is the organisation representing Gospel music across Australia. Membership is open to all with most members being songwriters, performers, music teachers, media and the church music ministries.

The main aims of AGMA are to promote Australian Christian music and organize the annual Australian Gospel Music Awards (known as the Angel Awards). Past winners of these awards have included Sister Janet Mead, Jimmy Little, Francine Bell, amongst others. CD recordings of some of these award winners are issued by Hardrush Music.

Past Presidents of the Australian Gospel Music Association have included: Hans van der Zandt, Kelvin Fahey and Ben Louise. The organization is based in Canberra with regional sections as far as Alice Springs.

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* [http://www.agma.org.au Australian Gospel Music Association website]
* [http://www.hardrushmusic.com Hardrush Music]

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