Demon Island

Demon Island

Demon Island, also called Piñata: Survival Island, is a 2002 horror film that stars Nicholas Brendon and Jaime Pressley.

Demon Island
Directed by David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand
Produced by Nicholas Brendon, Reid Burns, Sanford Hampton, David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand, Albert Miniaci, and Lance Matthew Olsen
Written by David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand
Starring Nicholas Brendon
Jaime Pressley
Eugene Byrd
Lara Boyd Rhodes
Music by David Hillenbrand
Cinematography Philip D. Schwartz
Editing by Guy W. Cearley
Distributed by First Look Home Entertainment
Release date(s) June 14, 2002
Running time 85 min.
Language English



Many years ago, a small, isolated tribe were cursed by spirites for their sins. One of the tribesmen crafts a piñata, to which the tribe put their evil into and set afloat in the ocean. The curse was lifted from the tribe, however if the piñata was to be disturbed, an evil would be unleashed.

Present day, a group of sorority girls and fraternity boys, consisting of Kyle (Nicholas Brendon), Tina (Jaime Pressly), Doug (Eugene Byrd), Jake (Nate Richert), Lisa (Lara Wickes), Carmen (Julia Mendoza), Larry (Aeryk Egan), Julie (Daphne Duplaix), Bob (Robert Tena) and Connie (Tressa DiFiglia), sail to a remote island for an annual Cinco de Mayo treasure hunt. There, every fraternity boy is handcuffed to a random sorority girl. Each couple is instructed to collect as many pairs of strewn underwear on the island as possible. The couple that collects the most underwear and presents them to Monica (Casey Fallo) and Paul (Garrett Wang), the judges, will receive $20,000. As the hunt starts, the pairs eagerly retrieve underwear, apart from Kyle and Tina who have just come out of a break up. Bob and Lisa find the piñata made by the tribe and accidentally bring it to life, where it precedes to beat Bob to death with a branch, while Lisa runs away.

the face of evil

Kyle and Tina deicide to put aside their differences and join in the game. Meanwhile, Lisa attempts to warn Larry and Connie of the piñata, but nethier of them believe her and continue on their search. As they do so, the piñata attacks them and crushes Connies head with a shovel, before beating Larry to death. Lisa reaches Monica and Paul, who are unsure if they should believe her. The pair set out to try and find Bob, and on their way bump into Kyle and Tina who they free from their handcuffs and tell to go back to the camp and fire a gun to let the others know the game is over. As Monica and Paul continue their search, they find Bob cut in half. Meanwhile, Jake and Julie encounter the piñata and are murdered. Back at camp, Kyle fires the gun, alerting the others to return to camp, before Kyle and Tina make up. Paul contacts Kyle through a walkie-talkie, telling him to get down to the boats and leave, however Kyle, Tina and Lisa find the boats have been destroyed by the piñata.

Paul and Monica are soon chased by the piñata, who eventually murders Paul with a sledge hammer, but Monica manages to get away. At camp, Kyle, Tina and Lisa speculate about the story of the tribe who created the evil piñata before Doug and Carmen arrive. The following morning, the survivours decide to search for their missing friends. While searching, Doug is dragged up into a tree and hung. Lisa and Carmen decide they want to return to camp and leave. However, as they travel the piñata attacks and decapitates Carmen. Kyle and Tina arrive, and Kyle chases after the piñata but instead finds Monica. Meanwhile, Tina and Lisa hide until Lisa becomes too scared and runs away, forcing Tina to chase after her. As Lisa gets back to camp she is dragged into a tent and murdered by the piñata.

Tina is chased through the forest by the piñata, until Kyle and Monica save her. They create a plan to defeat the piñata, and eventually manage to blow it up with a Molotov cocktail. The following day, Kyle, Tina and Monica are saved from the island.



  • Originally, Demon Island contained no computer effects; the piñata monster was played by an actor in a rubber suit. After the final cut, computer effects were added to make the monster more frightening.
  • This was Nicholas Brendon's second time to play a character who runs from and/or battles demons. His first time was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which he starred on from 1997 to 2003.

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