Trebula Suffenas

Trebula (Greek: polytonic|Τρήβουλα) or Trebula Suffenas or Trebula Suffenes, was an ancient city of the Sabines, one of two bearing the name Trebula (the other being Trebula Mutusca) – Pliny being the only author who mentions both places: "Trebulani qui cognominantur Mutuscaei, et qui Suffenates", Plin. vi. 12. s. 17.


Its site is uncertain. Abbé Capmartin De Chaupy would place it at Rocca Sinibalda, in the valley of the Turano (in the Tiber river system), but this is mere conjecture. Giuseppe Antonio Guattani on the other hand fixes it on a hill near Stroncone, between Rieti and Terni, where there are said to be distinct traces of an ancient town. (Chaupy, "Maison d'Horace", vol. iii. pp. 93-96; Guattani "Mon. della Sabina", vol. i. p. 190.) The editors of Hazlitt's Classical Gazetteer place it north of Reate (modern Rieti) at Monte Leone della Leonessa. [ [ Hazlitt's Classical Gazetteer, p. 354] ] . It is probable that the Tribula (polytonic|Τρίβολα) of Dionysius, mentioned by him among the towns assigned by Varro to the Aborigines (Dionys. i. 14) may be the same with the Trebula Suffenas of Pliny. In this case we know that it could not be far from Reate.



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