List of ATSC standards

List of ATSC standards

Below are the published ATSC Standards for ATSC digital television service.

*A/52B: audio data compression (Dolby AC-3 and E-AC-3)
*A/53E: "ATSC Digital Television Standard" (the primary document governing the standard)
*A/55: "Program Guide for Digital Television" (now deprecated in favor of A/65 PSIP)
*A/57A: "Content Identification and Labeling for ATSC Transport" (for assigning a unique digital number to each episode of each TV show, to assist DVRs)
*A/63: "Standard for Coding 25/50 Hz Video" (for use with PAL and SECAM-originated programming)
*A/64A "Transmission Measurement and Compliance for Digital Television"
*A/65C: "Program and System Information Protocol for Terrestrial Broadcast and Cable" (PSIP includes virtual channels, program guides, and content ratings)
*A/68: "PSIP Standard for Taiwan" (defines use of Chinese characters via Unicode 3.0)
*A/69: recommended practices for implementing PSIP at a TV station
*A/70A: "Conditional Access System for Terrestrial Broadcast"
*A/76: "Programming Metadata Communication Protocol" (XML-based PMCP maintains PSIP metadata though a TV station's airchain)
*A/80: "Modulation and Coding Requirements for Digital TV (DTV) Applications Over Satellite"
*A/81: "Direct-to-Home Satellite Broadcast Standard" (not yet implemented by any services)
*A/90: "Data Broadcast Standard" (for datacasting)
*A/92: "Delivery of IP Multicast Sessions over Data Broadcast Standard" (for IP multicasting)
*A/93: "Synchronized/Asynchronous Trigger Standard"
*A/94: "ATSC Data Application Reference Model"
*A/95: "Transport Stream File System Standard" (TSFS is a special file system for downloading computer files)
*A/96: "ATSC Interaction Channel Protocols" (interactive TV)
*A/97: "Software Data Download Service" (used by UpdateTV for upgrades and software patches in ATSC tuners)
*A/100: "DTV Application Software Environment - Level 1" (DASE-1)
*A/101: "Advanced Common Application Platform" (ACAP)
*A/110A: "Synchronization Standard for Distributed Transmission" (single-frequency networks)
*A/112: E-VSB

Recently amended standards
* the main ATSC standard has been recently amended to support Enhanced ATSC, this transmission mode is backwardly compatible -- but provides much better error correction.

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