101st Air Refueling Wing

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dates= 1960-Present
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garrison= Bangor IAP, Maine
motto= He Strikes As Lightning

The United States Air Force's 101st Air Refueling Wing is an Air National Guard aerial refueling unit located at Bangor IAP, Maine.


This installation defends Northern New England, able to launch 75,000 troops in minutes.Fact|date=July 2008most of the members of the Bangor Air Guard live in and around Bangor.


The 101st was originally formed as the 101st Fighter-Interceptor Group in Dec 1960. Prior to the formation of the group, the 132nd ARS was formed as the 132nd FS in Feb 1947. In 1969, the F-102A was flown for four months before conversion to the F-101B. The unit was redesignated an Air Refueling Wing in 1976, flying the KC-135A. The 101st upgraded to the KC-135E in 1984.


......The first Air National Guard Unit to be organized in Maine was the Headquarters, 101st Fighter Group, which was a component of the 67th Fighter Wing with Headquarters at Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts. The 101st Fighter Group was federally recognized on 4 February 1947 with station at Camp Keyes, Augusta, Maine. Additional units of the 101FG were organized and federally recognized on 5 February 1947 and stationed at Dow Air Force Base, Bangor, Maine. These units were:

* 132nd Fighter Squadron
* 201st Air Service Group
* 201st Air Service Group, Det. A
* 132nd Weather Station

December 1948 – Command transferred to Continental Air CommandOctober 1950 – Reorganization into a “Wing-Base” in order to standardize the Guard units with their active duty counterparts. This provided for additional supporting Medical, Service, Transportation and Base Operating elements.January 1951 – The newly organized support elements were eliminated from the 132nd Fighter Squadron and personnel were transferred into the following newly activated squadrons

* 101st Maintenance Squadron
* 101st Supply Squadron
* 101st Motor Vehicle Squadron
* 101st Communications Squadron
* 101st Air Police Squadron
* 101st Food Service Squadron
* 101st Installation Squadron

February 1950 – Called to active service for a period of 21 months to serve in the Korean Conflict.

February 1952 – Unit was inactivated for the remainder of their 21 months.

March 1952 – To facilitate returning Air National Guard Units each state created a Headquarters. Maine State Headquarters, Camp Keyes, Augusta was organized and federally recognized on 19 March 1952.

November 1952 – 21 months after the 101st had been ordered to active duty the units were returned to state control.

June 1956 – The first nurses were assigned to the Maine Air National Guard.

July 1960 – Responsibility for training and inspection of the ANG was transferred from the Continental Air Command to the Air Defense Command.

December 1960 – The 101st Fighter Group was released from its duty on 15 April 1956 in New Hampshire and reassigned and reactivated in the State of Maine.

September 1964 – 101st Fighter Group reorganized into the Double Deputy system of Command and Management.

April 1966 – Air Defense Command reorganized its Continental Air Defense forces to a numbered Air Force/Air Division Organization. The 101st Air Defense Wing was assigned to the 36th Air Division located at Topsham AF Station, Maine and to Headquarters, First Air Force located at Stewart Air Force Base, New York.

September 1967 – A reduction in aircraft from 25 to 18.

April 1973 – The 101st USAF Dispensary became the 101st USAF Clinic.

April 1976 – KC135s were assigned to the unit and the gaining command was changed from Air Defense Command (ADC) to Strategic Air Command (SAC).

October 1978 – The Wing along with all other Air Guard Units, underwent reorganization into the Tri-Deputy organizational structure.

AUG 1979 - First ANG unit to host a Tanker Task Force.

AUG 1990 - Selected Units mobilized in support of Desert Storm.

JUNE 1992 - Gaining Command changed from SAC to Air Mobility Command (AMCE)

SEPTEMBER 1994 - Northeast Tanker Task Force (NTTF) began operation.

The 101st stands as one of the most recognized and decorated Air National Guard units A review of our detailed history and accomplishments proves that the Maine Air National Guard not merely survived evolution and change, but has become a streamlined model of efficiency and effectiveness for the entire Air Force and National Guard.


Major Command/Gaining Command

*Air National Guard/Air Mobility Command (1 Jun 1992-Present)
*Air National Guard/Strategic Air Command (1976-1992)
*Air National Guard/Air Defense Command (1960-1976)
*Air National Guard/Continental Air Command (???-1960)

Previous designations

*101st Air Refueling Wing (1976-Present)
*101st Air Defense Wing (???-???)
*101st Fighter-Interceptor Group (Dec 1960-1976)

quadrons assigned

*132nd Air Refueling Squadron (Feb 1947-Present)

Bases stationed

*Bangor IAP, Maine (1960-Present)

Aircraft operated

*KC-135R Stratotanker (2007-Present)
*KC-135E Stratotanker (1984-2007)
*KC-135A Stratotanker (1976-1984)
*F-101B Voodoo (1969-1976)
*F-102A Delta Dagger (1969)
*F-89J Scorpion (1959-1969)
*F-89D Scorpion (1957-1959)
*F-94A Starfire ()
*P-51H Mustang ()
*P-51D Mustang (1950)
*P-80C Shooting Star (1948-1950)
*P-47D Thunderbolt (1947-1948)


*Compere, T. (1960). The Air Force Blue Book 1961- Volume II. New York: Military Publishing Institute, Inc.

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* [http://www.mebngr.ang.af.mil/ Maine Air National Guard]

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