List of compact discs sold with MediaMax CD-3

The following compact discs were sold with a software package for copy-protection known as MediaMax CD-3, created by SunnComm and used by the record label RCA Records/BMG. See 2005 Sony BMG CD copy protection scandal.

* "Three Cord Country And American Rock & Roll" by Keith Anderson
* "Stove Love" by Angie Stone
* "All That I Am" by Santana
* "" by Sarah McLachlan
* "" by Syleena Johnson
* "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" by Charlie Wilson
* Chris Brown's self titled debut
* "Velvet Revolver's "Contraband
* "Cook, Dixon & Young: Volume One"
* "Dido Live" by Dido
* "Elizabethtown - Songs from the Brown Hotel EP" (soundtrack to the film "Elizabethtown")
* "Everybody Know Me" by YoungBloodZ
* "Forever Defined" by Amici
* "Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits" by Faithless
* "Grown & Sexy" by Babyface
* "Harmonies for the Haunted" by stellastarr*
* "Howl" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* "In Your Honor" by the Foo Fighters
* "I'm A Hustla" by Cassidy
* Kasabian's self-titled debut
* "Life In Slow Motion" by David Gray
* "Live - Friday The 13th" by Maroon 5
* "Masters of Horror" (various artists)
* "Merry Christmas with Love" by Clay Aiken
* "Never Gone" by Backstreet Boys
* "The Love Experience" by Raheem Devaughn
* "Rappa Ternt Sanga" by T-Pain
* "Sixty Six Steps" by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon
* "" (various artists)
* "Speak for Yourself" by Imogen Heap
* "Subjects" by Judd & Maggie
* "Unplugged" by Alicia Keys
* "Which Side Are You On?" by Wakefield
* "Z" by My Morning Jacket

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