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name= Saints Solutor, Adventor and Octavius
death_date=~284 AD
feast_day= November 20; (archdiocese of Turin) January 20; anniversary of translation of his relics
venerated_in= Roman Catholic Church

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attributes=Military attire
major_shrine= Turin

Solutor, along with Octavius and Adventor ( _it. Solutore, Ottavio, e Avventore), (d. ca. 284 AD) is patron saint of Turin.

Historical detail regarding these martyrs is sparse; their memory is preserved due to the fact that the three were mentioned in a sermon by Maximus of Turin. However, Maximus makes no precise geographic or temporal references regarding Solutor, Octavius, and Adventor. [ [ San Solutore ] ]

Their legend states that they were members of the Theban Legion during the end of the 3rd century. While the legion's leader, Saint Maurice, was killed at Agaunum, along with many other soldiers, Solutor, Adventor, and Octavius managed to escape. Adventor and Octavius, however, were caught at the Dora Riparia and killed there. Solutor would be killed at a quarry near the Dora Baltea near Caravino. A matron of Ivrea collected their bodies in a quadriga and carried them to Turin.


In 490, Victor of Turin, bishop of the city, enlarged the church that housed their relics. In 1006, a monastery, San Solutore, was established by Gezo (Gezone), bishop of the city. The relics of the three martyrs, together with those of Saint Juliana and Saint Gozzelino (Goslino), second abbot of San Solutore, were transferred to the Turinese sanctuary known as the Consolata after Francis I of France ordered the demolition of San Solutore. In 1619, the relics were translated to the new church of the Holy Martyrs (Santi Martiri) on the Via Garibaldi. This church was built with the support of the Piedmontese pontiff Pius V and Emmanuel Philibert. The relics are still found at this church. [ [ San Solutore ] ]

According to legend, a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared in a dream to John Bosco in 1844 or 1845 and revealed the site of the martyrdom of Adventor and Octavius. The Basilica dell'Ausiliatrice was built on the spot. [ [ San Solutore ] ] [ [ SALESIANI DON BOSCO-SDB/ Casa Madre TORINO-VALDOCCO / Santuario-Basilica Maria Ausiliatrice - 3 ] ]

The cult of Saint Solutor is particularly strong in the diocese of Ivrea, and he is also venerated in Caravino, Romano Canavese, and Strambino.

The codex called the "Codice della Catena" depicts Saints Octavius, Maximus of Turin, Adventor, Solutor, John the Baptist, and Secundus of Asti. [ [ Torino Medievale - Percorso - Porta Doranea ] ]

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