Burn It

Burn It was a drama series, with touches of dark comedy, following the lives of three twenty-somethings in present-day Manchester.


The series followed Carl, Andy and Jon as three self-proclaimed Generation X-ers going through life without any real responsibilities to worry them. However, whilst this was understandable in the Madchester era of the late 1980s, is it acceptable now as they approach thirty? When does the party end?

To a soundtrack of North West England bands and musicians, including New Order, The Stone Roses and The Charlatans to name but a few, the show displayed a lazy world of drinking, drug consumption, and casual sex. However, the show was careful to show the consequences of such lifetsyle choices and searingly touched on suicide, unwanted pregnancies, apathy and disillusionment.

According to Red Production Company a DVD release of Burn It is not possible, due to the impossibility of obtaining musical clearance of the soundtrack.

Broadcast History

Burn It was first shown on the free-to-air British digital channel BBC Three, and then repeated some months later on the terrestrial channel BBC2. There were two series of Burn It: series one consisted of ten approximately 30-minute episodes and ran from 09 February 2003 to 08 April 2003; the second series spanned eleven episodes and ran from 08 September 2003 to 10 November 2003.

Creative Team

Burn It was written by Matt Greenhalgh and produced by Red Production Company, an organisation most notable for its many cutting-edge, northern dramas such as Clocking Off, Conviction [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412107/] , New Street Law and Linda Green.

Main Cast

Chris Coghill

William Ash

Kieren O'Brien

Lisa Faulkner

Anthony Cotton

Marsha Thomason

Melanie Brown

Stacey Roca

Iain McKee

Jessica Davies

Lisa Faulkner and Chris Coghill met whilst filming, and subsequently married in April 2005 at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey.

Chris Fountain made an early acting appearance in the show, and later moved on to play Justin in the Channel 4 teenage soap opera Hollyoaks, set in Chester.

Award Nominations

2003 Royal Television Society North West Awards, Best Cable Programme
2003 Royal Television Society North West Awards, Best Performance In A Network Drama, Chris Coghill


* [http://www.redproductioncompany.com Red Production Company]

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