Vermont Democratic Party

Vermont Democratic Party
Chairman Jake Perkinson [1]
Senate leader John C. Campbell
House leader Shap Smith
Headquarters 15 Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont
Ideology Progressivism
American liberalism
Social democracy
Third Way
National affiliation Democratic Party
Official colors Blue
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Vermont Democratic Party is the affiliate branch of the United States Democratic Party in the state of Vermont. The party advocates progressivism, American liberalism and social democracy in the Vermont government. It holds the governorship and the majority in both houses of the state legislature. The party is dominant in Vermont.

In recent years, the Democrats have entered into various electoral agreements with the Progressive Party, which has led to Progressives Anthony Pollina and Timothy Ashe being elected to the State Senate, and to several members in the House of Representatives and the presence of independent Bernie Sanders in the U.S. Senate.


Ideology and policies

The Vermont Democrats advocate for socialized universal health care, equality for all and social justice. [2]. Many of the party's proposals have been adopted, including universal health care (Green Mountain Care), gay marriage and the abolition of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station. The party tends towards environmentalism, favoring measures to protect Vermont's natural resources and ecosystem.

In 2011, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the Democratic-led government of Governor Peter Shumlin called for federal assistance in Vermont. Shumlin and his administration have also called for Vermont to be the first state to use only renewable energy sources.

The Vermont Democratic Party believes the rights to health care, food, shelter, clean air and water, education, privacy, justice, peace and equality, to organize, and to speak freely are essential to a robust democracy. These rights are not negotiable. It stands against torture, bigotry and discrimination, forced childbirth or sterilization, corruption, and the establishment of state sponsored religion or the imposition of any religious doctrine upon the citizenry, whether by government action or inaction.

Views on economic opportunity: Economic opportunity in Vermont should be available to all its citizens. The priority focus of economic growth and opportunity resides in Vermonter-owned and operated businesses where public and private investments in workforce, capital plant, and intellectual property remain in Vermont. Entrepreneurship and self-employment are vital components of Vermont’s economic success because they create opportunity, meaningful work, and wealth. The party is committed to a diversely developed and stable economy that supports a strong and vibrant middle class and encourages our young adults to establish careers here in their home state. Business, government, labor, and environmental groups must be jointly responsible for incorporating Vermont values in building economic opportunity for all.

Views on environmental issues: The party believes a healthy environment is essential to overall public health, and therefore to Vermont's economy and quality of life. It recognizes global climate change as the major challenge of our time. It accepts the moral and ethical obligation to do all that one can to protect and conserve our environment. It is committed to the rigorous and consistent enactment and impartial enforcement of appropriate environmental laws and regulations.

Views on government: It stands for the separation of powers among the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government as defined in the Constitution, held to account by voters informed by a free press. The work of the government must be conducted with transparency, fairness, responsibility, and accountability at all levels. It supports individual liberty and the community of citizens caring for and about each other. Laws and regulations must be administered so that all Vermonters are treated equally.

Views on War in Middle East: The Vermont Democratic Party calls for the prompt withdrawal of U.S. forces from hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. It believes the war has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, increased worldwide hostility to the United States and weakened our national defense. In Vermont, the Iraq war and our growing military involvement in Afghanistan have caused a disproportionate burden of casualties among the National Guard and Vermonters in other military services and diverted resources away from vital human needs.

Current elected officials

The Vermont Democratic Party controls four of the six statewide offices and holds supermajorities in the Vermont Senate and the Vermont House of Representatives. Democrats hold one of the state's U.S. Senate seats (the other being held by Independent Bernie Sanders who caucuses with the Democrats) and the state's At-Large congressional seat.

Members of Congress

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

Statewide offices


Notable members



  • Patrick J. Leahy, 1975–



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