Unlawful Entry (film)

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name = Unlawful Entry

caption = Theatrical Release Poster
director = Jonathan Kaplan
producer = Charles Gordon
Sulla Hamer
Gene Levy
writer = George Putnam
John Katchmer
Lewis Colick (Screenplay)
starring = Kurt Russell
Ray Liotta
Madeleine Stowe
music = James Horner
cinematography = Jamie Anderson
editing = Curtiss Clayton
distributor = 20th Century Fox
released = June 26, 1992
runtime = 117 min.
country = USA
language = English
budget =
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amg_id =
imdb_id = 0105699

"Unlawful Entry" is a 1992 thriller film directed by Jonathan Kaplan starring Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta. Ray Liotta was nominated for an MTV Award in 1993 for his portrayal of the psychopathic cop.


In Los Angeles, Michael Carr (Kurt Russell) and Karen Carr (Madeleine Stowe) are a yuppie couple living in an upscale part of town, and their peace of mind is upset by an intruder coming in through their skylight one night.

The intruder doesn't take anything except Karen, briefly, as a hostage, before dumping her in the swimming pool and making his escape. The Carrs call in the police, one of whom, Pete Davis (Ray Liotta), takes an interest in the couple's case. He cuts through department red tape and expedites speedy installation of a security system in the Carrs' house.

When Michael expresses an interest in getting revenge on the intruder, Pete invites him on a "ridealong" with his partner, Roy Cole (Roger E. Mosley).

After dropping Cole off, Pete takes Michael out to arrest the man who broke into the Carrs' house, offering Michael a chance to take some revenge, using Pete's nightstick.

Michael declines, but Pete administers a vicious beating to the intruder, leaving Michael deeply suspicious of Pete's mental stability. He suggests that Pete should get some professional help and, especially, stay far away from him and Karen in the future.

But Pete takes neither suggestion, instead beginning to prey on the couple, and in particular, on Karen, with whom he's obsessed. Pete even appears in the couple's bedroom one night while they are making love, just to "check that everything's O.K."

When Michael files a complaint against Pete's unwanted attentions, Pete uses his police connections to destroy Michael's business reputation. Encountering bemused apathy from Pete's superiors in the LAPD, Michael turns to Cole -- whom Pete then murders. And then Pete frames Michael on drug charges by planting a high supply of cocaine in Michael's and Karen's house, leaving the way clear for Pete to move in on Karen.

In doing so, it meant Pete had to kill a fellow police officer, a close friend who knew about his obsession with Karen.

Putting his attorney's finances on the line, Michael gets out on bail and takes matters into his own hands. A confrontation in the Carr house ends in Michael shooting Pete dead in self defense.

Main Cast

* Kurt Russell as Michael Carr
* Ray Liotta as Officer Pete Davis
* Madeleine Stowe as Karen Carr
* Roger E. Mosley as Officer Roy Cole
* Ken Lerner as Roger Graham
* Deborah Offner as Penny, Karen's Friend
* Carmen Argenziano as Jerome Lurie
* Andy Romano as Capt. Russell Hayes
* Johnny Ray McGhee as Ernie Pike
* Dino Anello as Leon, the Dealer
* Sonny Carl Davis as Neighbor Jack
* Harry Northup as McMurtry, Desk Sergeant
* Sherrie Rose as Girl in Jeep
* Alicia Ramirez as Taco Stand Worker
* Ruby Salazar as Rosa, the Hooker
* Spider Madison as Goatee
* Myim Rose as Layla
* T.J. McInturff as Layla's Kid
* Tony Longo as Big Anglo

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