Symbols of Manitoba

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Manitoba is one of Canada's provinces, and has established several provincial symbols.[1]


Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of Manitoba
G manitoba.gif
May 10, 1905 Coat of arms was granted by Royal Warrant of King Edward VII
Motto Gloriosus et liber
Glorious and free
1905 Granted with the coat of arms. Reference to the eighth line of O Canada.
Shield of arms Shield of Manitoba May 10, 1905 Shield of arms granted by the Royal Warrant of King Edward VII
Flag Flag of Manitoba
Flag of Saskatchewan
June 12, 1966 The flag was given royal approval by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in October 1965
Animal Bison, Bos bison
Used to identify government programs and organizations
The Great Seal The Great Seal of the Province of Manitoba The Great Seal was authorized by an Order-in-Council.
Bird Great Grey Owl
Strix nebulosa
Great Grey Owl
July 16, 1987 The Great Gray Owl is North America's largest owl, with a wingspan of 1.3 metres.
Tree White Spruce
Picea glauca
White Spruce
The is disease resistant and capable of growing in most climatic.
Flower Crocus
Anemone patens
March 16, 1906
Prairie Grass  ????
 ????? voting currently underway at
The Manitoba Tartan Dark Red, Azure Blue, Dark Green and Golden May 1, 1962 The provincial tartan was approved by the Lord Lyon King at Arms.


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