Armenians in Argentina

The Armenians in Argentina are ethnic Armenians who live in Argentina. In South America the largest population of Armenians is in Argentina where some 130,000 Armenians live [There are 130,000 Armenians living in Argentina according to [] ] . The core of the population came from Cilicia, Syria and Lebanon following the massacres of Adana in 1909 and the Armenian Genocide of 1915. [The Armenians: A Handbook - Page 139]


Armenians from Cilicia, Syria and Lebanon who escaped from the Ottoman Empire (actually Turkey) after 1915, and lastly, between 1947 and 1954 many
Armenians from the Soviet Union, Syria and Lebanon and came to Argentina as a consequence of the Second World War.

Notable Armenians in Argentina

*Jorge Abadjian, cheese-entrepreneur and former Caucasian bread businessman
*David Nalbandian, tennis player
*Martín Karadagian (1922- 1991), wrestler and actor
*Juan Abadjian Sr. (1940-), businessman and developer of new labor rights
*Martín Adjemián (1932-2006), actor
*Arturo Kouyoumdzian (1952 - 2005), singer
*Paz Merdirossian Lenchantin, musician
*Ana Merdirossian Lenchantin, musician
*León Carlos Arslanian, former Federal Judge and present Minister of Security of the Buenos Aires Province
*Bedros Hadjian (1933-), journalist, writer and educator.
*Eduardo Bakchellian, businessman and writer
*Eduardo Eurnekian, businessman
*Juan Martin Berberian, professional rugby player
*José André Bilibio, professional footballer
*Fernando Zagharian, professional footballer
*Efrain Chacurian, former professional footballer
*Antonio Boyadjian, musician, piano player and member of Tanghetto


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*Club Deportivo Armenio
*Armenian Genocide

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