Focus may refer to:

In science, mathematics or computing:
*Focus (optics), a point toward which light rays are made to converge
**Autofocus, a feature of some optical systems that obtains and maintains correct focus on a target
**Focal length, a measure of how strongly a lens focuses or diverges light
*Focus (earthquake), an earthquake's underground point of origin or hypocenter
*Focus (geometry), a special point used in describing conic sections
*Focus (computing), a component of the graphical user interface which is currently selected
*Focus (grammar), a phenomenon in Austronesian languages
*Focusing, an activity related to psychotherapy

In music:
*Focus (jazz album), by Stan Getz
*Focus (album), by the US metal band Cynic
*Focus (band), a 1970s Dutch band
*"Focus", a mixtape by Talib Kweli
*Focus, a Hip-Hop producer

In writing:
*"Focus" (encyclopedia), a Swedish language encyclopedia
*Focus (linguistics), part of a sentence which contributes the most important information
*"Focus" (German magazine), a German weekly newsmagazine
*"Focus" (Christian magazine), a Christian magazine
*"Focus" (novel), a 1945 novel by Arthur Miller
**"Focus" (film), a 2002 film of the novel
*"BBC Focus", a monthly science and technology magazine

Other meanings:
*AGM-87 Focus, a U.S. Navy air-to-surface missile
*Foco Theory, a guerrilla theory made by Che Guevara
*Ford Focus, an automobile in 2 versions:
**Ford Focus (international)
**Ford Focus (North America)
*Helicon Focus, an image software program
*Focus (board game), an abstract strategy game
*"Focus", the main news bulletin on Prima TV station, Romania
* Focus (Berlinale), a section of the official programme of the Berlin International Film Festival

Company and Organization names:
*Focus Features, the art house films division of NBC Universal's Universal Studios
*Focus Humanitarian Assistance, an international emergency relief organization
*Focus (DIY), a UK chain of do it yourself stores
*FOCUS (organization), Fellowship of Catholic University Students

FOCUS may mean:
*FOCUS, a domain-specific programming language for data handling and analysis
*FOCUS (hardware), a CPU architecture
*FOCUS Program, a voluntary study program at numerous American universities
*FOCUS Brands, Inc., a food and confectionery company

ee also

* Hyperfocus

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