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Gupta Technologies, LLC, taken over by Unify Corporation in 2006 was a software development company whose principal products were the SQL relational database SQLBase, and a Rapid application development system called Team Developer (also known as SQLWindows). The company is considered as the provider of the world's first client/server relational database software that would run on Personal Computers (PC) rather than Mini Computers.


Company history

The company was founded in 1984 by Umang Gupta, a former Vice President and General Manager of the Microcomputer Products Division at Oracle Corporation. Gupta's first product was SQLBase, followed by SQLWindows, which combined SQLBase with a graphical user interface and programming language for creating business applications. SQLWindows was one of the first GUI development tools for Microsoft Windows. The company went public in 1993 (NASDAQ: GPTA).

The name of the company was changed to Centura Software in the late 1990s.[1] In February 2001 Centura was taken over by the Platinum Equity investment company. Centura Software filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in August 2001, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission revoked the registration of Centura's common stock in December 2004 [2]. After the bankruptcy, some assets were kept by a reborn Gupta Technologies LLC. In January 2005 Gupta Technologies, LLC was bought by another investor, Warp Technology Holdings, Inc. In May 2005 the company changed its name to Halo Technology Holdings, Inc. In September 2006 the company was acquired by Unify Corporation. In June 2010 Unify announced its merger with Daegis, a US company that provides software for electronic discovery in litigation matters.

Gupta/Centura's headquarters were in Redwood Shores, California.

Business development and markets

In the middle of the 1990s Gupta achieved a worldwide business volume about 60 million US Dollar with 500 employees[3]. Since then the development regresses. Unify employs only about 70 people, who run, apart from Gupta, a number of other lines of product and service. The overall revenue from software licences was 4.4 million US Dollar in 2007[4]. Most clients use the Team Developer 4GL development environment with other relational databases. In the workgroup segment and in mobile applications Gupta’s own database SQLBase is used quite often. SQLBase is targeted towards small PC applications and handheld devices such as handheld PCs. Since Unify took over Gupta Technologies, many new product versions of SQLBase and Team Developer have been released.

New SQLBase product releases since Unify Corporation took over Gupta Technologies

  • SQLBase 11.0, brings new locking and multi-user features to improve user concurrency through new Read Committed isolation level that can read through x-locks, support for Windows Vista and Linux
  • SQLBase 11.5, features a new multi processing cache manager and a new graphical DBA tool SQLBase Command Center
  • SQLBase 11.6, support for up to 1,000 columns per table, wider char (900 characters) and nchar fields (450 characters), roles implementation, SQLBase Command Center provides new performance and database issue analysis features

New Team Developer product releases since Unify Corporation took over Gupta Technologies

  • Team Developer 5.1, introduces new GUI themes for applications look & feel like Office 2007, new controls like date picker and datetime picker
  • Team Developer 5.2, new controls like a new grid with many new cell types, new tab control, new rich text control, report watermarks
  • Team Developer 6.0, released in fall 2010, introduces a new .NET compiler, allowing for .NET WPF Desktop and WPF Browser applications


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