Nashid as-Salaam as-Sultani

نشيد وطني عماني
English: National Anthem of Oman
Nashid as-Salaam as-Sultani

National anthem of

Adopted 1970

Nashīd as-Salām as-Sultānī (Arabic: نشيد السلام السلطاني‎) is the Sultanate of Oman's national anthem. It was adopted in 1970 and amended on November 6, 1996. The transliteration of the anthem follows.


Transliteration English translation Arabic Script
Yā Rabbanā ehfid lanā jalālat as-sultān O Lord, protect for us our Majesty the Sultan يا ربنا احفظ لنا جلالة السلطان
Wash-shaʿbi fī al-awtān And the people in our land, والشعب في الأوطان
Bil-ʿizzi wal-amān. With honour and peace. بالعز و الأمان
Wal-yadum mu'ayadda, May he live long, strong and supported, وليدم مؤيدا
ʿĀhilan mumajjada; Glorified be his leadership. عاهلا ممجدا
Bin-nufūsi yaftadā. For him we shall lay down our lives. بالنفوس يفتدى
Yā Oman, nahnu min ʿahdi an-Nabī O Oman, since the time of the Prophet يا عمان نحن من عهد النبي
Awfiyā' min kirāmi al-ʿArabi. We are a dedicated people amongst the noblest Arabs. أوفياء من كرام العربي
Abshirī Qabūs jā' Be happy! Qaboos has come ابشري قابوس جاء
Faltubārakhu as-samā'. With the blessing of Heaven. فلتباركه السماء
Wasʿadi Waltaqīhi bid-duʿā'. Be cheerful and commend him to the protection of our prayers. واسعدي والتقيه بالدعاء

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