Pacemaker (disambiguation)

Pacemaker may refer to:

In biology and medicine:
* Cardiac pacemaker, a group of cells within the heart that together initiate contractions and set the pace of beating
* Artificial pacemaker, a device implanted to provide proper heart rhythm when the body's natural pacemaker does not function properly
* Biological pacemaker, use of transplanted cells or genes which act as cardiac pacemaker or transform existing cells into pacemaker cells
* Brain pacemaker, a device which sends electrical impulses to the brain in order to relieve depression, epilepsy and other conditions
* Diaphragmatic pacemaker, a device used to help patients breathe through pacing of the diaphragm

In other uses:
*National Pacemaker Awards, America's highest honors in the world of high school and collegiate journalism, awarded to publications and broadcast media by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Associated Collegiate Press, respectively
*Pacemaker (track) or pacer, a competitor who enters a race with little or no intention of winning, but purely to set a fast pace for other competitors to follow
*A backing musician in the group Gerry & the Pacemakers
*Pacemakers are a Division 2 BYBA marching band
* Tonium Pacemaker, a pocket-sized DJ system
* American Pacemaker is a metalworking lathe series made by the American Tool Works Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
* Pacemaker: The scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager formerly part of Heartbeat (Linux-HA) published under the (L)GPL

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