Xiao Yao Wan

Xiao Yao Wan (Traditional Chinese: 逍遙丸, Simplified Chinese: 逍遥丸, pinyin: xiāo yáo wán) is a Chinese classic herbal formula. It is commonly made into Chinese patent medicine.


The formula was published in the "Tai Ping Imperical Grace Formulary" (Tài Píng Huì Mín Hé Jì Jú Fāng, T: 太平惠民和劑局方, S: 太平惠民和剂局方) in 992CE. [http://home.comcast.net/~piannone/o-s/ch-innerhist.html]

Chinese classic herbal formula

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*Chinese classic herbal formula
*Chinese patent medicine

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* [http://home.comcast.net/~piannone/o-s/ch-innerhist.html Biographies of the creators of many Chinese classic herbal formulas]

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