Macao (Killmaster novel)

"Macao" is a novel in the Killmaster series of spy novels, published in 1968.

Plot summary

Princess Morgan de Gama is an addict, a whore, and a deadbeat. As the story begins, a film of her sexual exploits is being auctioned off to three international buyers. The Portuguese government would like her locked in an asylem. Meanwhile, an Angolan rebel needs her to keep an old French general in his service, and has told the Red Chinese that acquiring her is a part of any deal they may want to make with the rebellion. David Hawk, head of AXE, has a plan to use her to eliminate the head of Chinese counterintelligence. He sends Nick Carter with her to Hong Kong, and from there to Macau, knowing that Colonel Chun Li would have a trap ready for them.The two do end up in the trap, and face a sticky end chained up in a dungeon with mutant killer rats. However, in the end, Colonel Li is killed, the Angolan rebel leads his forces to the rescue, and the Princess ends up marrying the head rebel, Prince Askari.

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