List of Skins characters

List of Skins characters

This article is a list of fictional characters as featured in British drama television series Skins.


First generation

Main characters

Name Actor Series featured Centric episodes
Anthony "Tony" Stonem Nicholas Hoult 1 - 2 1.01, 2.01, 2.06
Tony's manipulative ways go unnoticed by many for some time. He is loved by many and often gets his own way. He is dating Michelle and, although he cheats on her with Abigail and Maxxie, expresses his love for her. Immediately after admitting this, he is hit by a bus, leaving him mentally impaired and unable to recall certain events or people. After working long and ceaselessly, Tony slowly regains hi memories and abilities. He also cares a lot for his younger sister Effy (shown through how he helps her sneak in and out of the house, and when he went to go look for her when she went missing) because she loves him for who he really is.

Family: Father, Jim Stonem (Harry Enfield); mother, Anthea Stonem (Morwenna Banks); sister, Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario)

Michelle Richardson April Pearson 1 - 2 1.07, 2.04
Michelle is Tony's girlfriend. After an accident that leaves Tony without memory of his feelings for her, Michelle tries many times to get him to remember. She eventually gives up and gets with Sid instead. After Tony remembers his affection for her and lets her know this, Michelle admits that she loves him as well.

Family: Mother, Anna Richardson (Arabella Weir); ex-stepfather, Malcolm (Danny Dyer); stepfather, Ted (Tim Wallers); stepsister Scarlett (daughter of Ted) (Sia Berkeley)

Sidney "Sid" Jenkins Mike Bailey 1 - 2 1.05, 2.03
Sid is desperate to lose his virginity, and his love for Michelle makes him oblivious to Cassie's affection for him. Cassie's feelings are revealed to Sid, and the two begin a long-distance relationship with each other when Cassie moves to Scotland. They split up briefly when Sid cheats on her with Michelle, but then reunite. When Cassie runs away to New York, Sid follows her. Sid admires Tony, although this admiration wavers towards the end of the first series.

Family: Father (now deceased), Mark Jenkins (Peter Capaldi); mother, Elizabeth "Liz" Jenkins (Josie Lawrence); grandfather, Alex (Maurice Roëves); uncle, Sandy (Michael Nardone); cousins, Lex (Jonny Forrest) and Ally Jenkins (Bryan Wilson)

Cassandra "Cassie" Ainsworth Hannah Murray 1 - 2 1.02, 2.09
After suffering from an eating disorder, Cassie is admitted into a rehab clinic. She harbors a deep affection for Sid and eventually they get together. They go through a rough period when Sid believes that Cassie was unfaithful during her stay in Scotland. She worries about the different futures they will have after college. After witnessing Chris's death, she flees to New York, soon to be followed by Sid.

Family: Father, Marcus Ainsworth (Neil Morrissey); mother, Margeritte Ainsworth (Naomi Allisstone); infant brother, Reuben Ainsworth (portrayed by unknown)

Christopher "Chris" Miles Joe Dempsie 1 - 2 1.04, 2.05
Chris is the teenage party animal. After his mother leaves unexpectedly, he is forced to live on campus in student lodging. His crush on psychology teacher Angie leads to a relationship, despite Angie's uneasiness with the situation. Chris is eventually expelled from college, consequently forcing him out of student housing and into a job. He becomes interested in Jal, and the two become involved in a relationship, despite having to overcome some problems dealing with Angie. Jal falls pregnant with his baby. Chris dies from a subarachnoid haemorrhage in Series 2, Episode 9 "Cassie".

Family: Estranged father, Graham Miles (Mark Heap); estranged mother, Chris's mum (Annie Hulley); stepmother, Mary Miles (Sarah Lancashire); deceased brother, Peter Miles; infant half-brother, Sammy Miles (portrayed by unknown)

Jalander "Jal" Fazer Larissa Wilson 1 - 2 1.03, 2.08
Jal is a musician who plays the clarinet. She spends much of her time practicing for the Musician of the Year, but does not win. She lives with her musician dad and two brothers, Lynton and Ace. She grows a fondness for Chris, and after the two become a couple, she becomes pregnant with his child, but she later aborts it.

Family: Father, Ronny Fazer (Mark Monero); estranged mother, Jal's Mother (Josette Simon); brothers, Ace Fazer (Troy Glasgow) and Lynton Fazer (Adrian Fergus Fuller)

Maxxie Oliver Mitch Hewer 1 - 2 1.06, 2.01
Maxxie is an openly gay character who loves to dance. He has expressed to his parents on several occasions that he does not wish to further his studies in college, but wants to pursue a dancing career. He is stalked by a strange girl named Sketch, who – when unable to achieve Maxxie's attention – dates Anwar and attempts to turn him into a clone of Maxxie.

Family: Father, Walter Oliver (Bill Bailey); mother, Jackie Oliver (Fiona Allen)

Anwar Kharral Dev Patel 1 - 2 1.06
Anwar is a Muslim boy with a dominating family, and is criticised because of his selective approach to his faith: he attributes his dislike of gay people to the Koran, but has no qualms about sex, alcohol, or drugs. He engages in a sexual relationship with Sketch, even though his best friend Maxxie disapproves of their relationship. Sketch attempts to change Anwar into a clone of Maxxie, but when Anwar finds out, he dumps her.

Family: Father, Istiak Kharral (Inder Manocha); mother, Bibi Kharral (Nina Wadia); uncle, Muneer (Nish Nathwani); three older, unnamed sisters

Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem Kaya Scodelario[1] 1 - 4 1.08, 2.07, 3.08, 3.10, 4.07
Enigmatic and elusive, Effy is attractive to all around her, utterly in control of herself and totally independent. Effy is the younger sister of Tony Stonem, one of the characters from the first two seasons of the series. In comparison to her initial mute personality of the first series, she has proven to be quite adventurous, open-minded and promiscuous.[2]

Family: Father, Jim Stonem (Harry Enfield); mother, Anthea Stonem (Morwenna Banks); brother, Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult)

Sketch (Lucy) Aimee-Ffion Edwards 2 2.02
Sketch lives with her mum, who has multiple sclerosis, in the same block of flats as Maxxie. She stalks and dangerously obsesses over him, and tells her mother that Maxxie is her boyfriend, despite the fact that he is gay. Maxxie reveals to Sketch that he has no interest in her, so Sketch sleeps with and dates Anwar, attempting to turn him into a clone of Maxxie.

Family: Mother, Sheila (Maria Miles)[3]

Supporting characters

  • Posh Kenneth (Daniel Kaluuya): Posh Kenneth is a boy who hangs around with members of the gang on occasion. While he enjoys launching into over-exaggerated inner city street slang tirades, his true accent is a posh, articulate one. In the first series finale, he displays a romantic interest in Jal. In the first episode of the second season he is seen rapping at a party that the gang attends. On the official website, he states that he wishes to become a psychiatrist or a politician, and that his heroes are Sigmund Freud and Trevor McDonald.
  • Abigail Stock (Georgina Moffat): Abigail is a posh choir girl and stereotypical rah who is friendly with Tony, and with whom he occasionally cheats on Michelle. Her mother works as a doctor at the rehabilitation centre which Cassie frequently visited. She is the sister of Josh. After Tony's accident at the end of Series 1, Abigail pretends to have been his girlfriend before the accident, and tries to continue this when she sees him. After Sid reveals to Tony that he loved Michelle and not Abigail before the accident, the couple part ways.
  • Josh Stock (Ben Lloyd-Hughes): Josh is Abigail's brother, featured in the episode "Michelle". After dumping Tony, Michelle starts a relationship with Josh. He candidly reveals that he believes his mother (Cassie's psychiatrist) is "psychotic" and that she psychoanalyzes and medicates her children, and claims that he is a "different person" off the drugs. Perhaps knowing this from his own encounters with Abigail, Tony sends Michelle sensitive pictures of Abi from Josh's phone, making her believe he is crazy and dumping him. Josh reappears in "Effy," when he, along with his friend, Spencer, give Tony's sister, Effy some drugs, and then try and force Tony to have sex with his unconscious sister. After much begging and pleading, Josh allows Tony to walk away with Effy, declaring that "here endeth the lesson." It is later revealed that the drugs Josh gave Effy were actually clean Pharmaceuticals, which Josh most likely stole from his mother's clinic.
  • Mad Twatter (real name Madison Twatter) (Stephen Walters): Mad Twatter first appeared in Episode 1 of Series 1, when Sid buys marijuana off of him. However, after losing three ounces of the drug to Sid (who doesn't pay), he comes after and threatens Sid. After finally catching up with Sid, along with Jal Fazer, Mad Twatter destroys Jal's priceless clarinet, and beats up her brothers when they go after him. In response, Jal's father and his bodyguards corner him under a bridge and drive him away. His whereabouts are never revealed.
  • Water Bottle Girl (Danielle Jadelyn): Water Bottle Girl was a girl that went to the same rehabilitation centre as Cassie, and appeared in two episodes of the first series. She was first seen drinking a large bottle of water to make up the weight so she could be discharged from the clinic, but ended up running to the toilet. The two become friends after sneaking out and getting a taxi into town, where she buys chips from the takeaway.
  • Alan the Taxi Driver (Alan George): Alan is the friendly taxi driver that takes Cassie to the rehabilitation centre, and seems to be the only one that understands her. Cassie seems to think of him as a father figure.
  • Simon (James Buckley): Simon is Cassie's boyfriend in the Series 1 episode, "Michelle". They both are patients of the rehabilitation centre.
  • James (Sean Verey): James is a gay cyclist, and Maxxie's love interest since Episode 8 of Series 2. James and Maxxie later become an official couple, and move to London together in the series two finale.
  • Jake (Angus Harrison): Effy's friend from the Series 2 episode, "Effy".
  • Scarlett (Sia Berkeley): Michelle's step-sister.

College staff

  • Angie (Siwan Morris): Angie is a psychology teacher at the college who has shown an affection for Chris. Although ashamed of the relationship, she sleeps with him multiple times, despite having an estranged fiancé. Both relationships eventually end. She visits Chris in Series 2, Episode 5 and sleeps with him, even though he was seeing Jal at the time. She eventually leaves her flat to Chris.
  • Tom Barkley (Robert Wilfort): Tom is a history teacher at the college who sometimes struggles to empathise with his young students with his view on their lingo, which he frequently attempts to emulate, with cringe-worthy results. He harbours an affection for Angie, which is unrequited.
  • Harriet Lawes (Victoria Wicks): Head of Roundview College in Series 1, 2 and 3, but is replaced by David in Series 4.
  • Doug (Giles Thomas): Doug is a biology teacher at the college who is seen in various scenarios, from taking over the school's production of "Osama: The Musical" after Bruce Gelcart was fired to substituting for Angie's Psychology class. He is the only character to star in all five series.
  • Bruce Gelcart (Shane Richie): Bruce is the college drama teacher, and writer and director of the school production of "Osama: The Musical". He is sacked after Sketch falsely claims that he sexually molested her.
  • Marnie (Wendy Brierley): Marnie is a lunch lady at the college who believes that Jamie Oliver is a "smartarse blonde fucker" for inciting changes in the school's lunch program.
  • Josie (Josie Long): Josie is the Careers Advisor at the college. She first appeared in the Unseen Skins, and also appears in Chris's episode in Season 2, and can be seen with the rest of the cast at Chris's funeral in the last episode of Season 2. Josie Long is also a writer for the series.
  • Claire (Pooky Quesnel): Claire is the constantly-swearing music teacher who conducts the orchestra which Jal plays in.

Second generation

Main characters

Name Actor Series featured Centric episodes
Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem Kaya Scodelario[1] 1 - 4 1.08, 2.07, 3.08, 3.10, 4.07
Enigmatic and elusive, Effy’s the queen bee - attractive to all around her, utterly in control of herself and totally independent. Effy is the younger sister of Tony Stonem and best friend to Pandora Moon, despite their conflicting personalities. In comparison to her initial mute personality in the first series, she has proven to be quite adventurous, open-minded and promiscuous. In the third series, Effy is shocked to discover that her mother has been having an affair with her father's boss, which leads to her parents getting a divorce. Effy becomes involved in a love triangle with James Cook and Freddie McLair. However - eventually, she chooses Freddie and admits that she has fallen in love with him. In series four, Effy and Freddie begin an official relationship. Meanwhile, Effy establishes a close friendship with her former rival, Katie Fitch - leaving behind the previous hostility and bitterness that they felt for each other. After showing signs of manic behaviour, she is diagnosed with psychotic depression and attempts to commit suicide, but Freddie is able to find her in time and saves her life. Effy receives medical treatment in a psychiatric hospital and slowly begins recovering from her mental illness with the help of her mother, close friends, and new psychiatrist.

Family: Father, Jim Stonem (Harry Enfield); mother, Anthea Stonem (Morwenna Banks); brother, Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult)

Pandora Moon Lisa Backwell[1] 2 - 4 3.04
Pandora is Effy's naive and immature best friend. In series three, Pandora falls in love with Thomas Tomone, but after he is forced to return to Africa, she loses her virginity to – and enters a sexual affair with – James Cook. Thomas returns, is devastated when he learn of about her infidelity, and thereafter is miserable in his relationship. In series four, Thomas sleeps with a member of his church, which leads to another breakup between Thomas and Pandora. Due to excellent results in her exams, Pandora is accepted on a history scholarship at Harvard University. In the final episode, it is implied that another reconciliation will occur between Pandora and Thomas.

Family: Mother, Angela Moon (Sally Phillips); aunt, Elizabeth (Maureen Lipman); supposed father, Professor Larbalestier (Darren Boyd)[4]

Thomas Tomone Merveille Lukeba[1] 3 - 4 3.03, 4.01
Friendly, honest and spiritual, Thomas is an immigrant from the Congo. Due to his African upbringing, he finds it hard to understand the British way of life. In series three, he encounters trouble in Johnny White, a local gangster. Through his efforts to defeat Johnny, Thomas forms a close bond with Pandora Moon. Soon after, he is forced to go back to the Congo. When he returns, Thomas continues to date Pandora until he finds out that she has been cheating on him with James Cook; but ultimately, he forgives her. In series four, Thomas is expelled from college. Feeling depressed, he distances himself from Pandora and has sex with a fellow member of his African church community. When Pandora learns the truth, she ends their relationship. Thomas has a brief flirtation with Katie, although they decide to just remain friends when Thomas admits his remaining feeling for Pandora. In the final episode, Thomas and Pandora appear to be friendly with each other again and he tells her that he will be attending Harvard University on an athletic scholarship.

Family: Mother, Kosoke Tomone (Aicha Kossoko), brother, Daniel Tomone (Domonic Attoh);[5] sister, Fumi Tomone (Evelyn Madzima)[6]

James Cook Jack O'Connell[1] 3 - 4 3.02, 3.10, 4.03
Impulsive and eccentric, Cook loves to have a good time and is constantly the life and soul of any party.[7] Cook shows a great interest in the ladies, and all his partying routinely gets out of hand, leading him into trouble. Previously good friends with Freddie and JJ, his sexual relationship with Effy has gotten between them. Although Effy chooses to be with Freddie, and he has renewed his friendship with JJ and Freddie, his feelings for Effy remain strong. After seeing Freddie and Effy together at a party, Cook takes out his frustration on a guy standing near him, leaving the guy in hospital. Cook is charged with GBH (Grevious Bodily Harm) and is brought to court where he initially pleads 'not guilty'. He then sees the error of his ways and pleads 'guilty'. He is sent to prison but escapes. He then evades the police, hiding in various friends' houses. At the climax of series 4, Cook discovers his friend Freddie's blood-soaked belongings, and confronts Doctor Foster. He describes himself as what he is, a reckless, seemingly useless individual, and in what appears to be a final act, shouts his name and lunges at Foster, ending the series.

Family: Estranged mother, Ruth Byatt (Tanya Franks); estranged father, Cook Sr. (Matt King); brother, Paddy (William Lang);[8] uncle, Keith (Geoffrey Hughes)

Frederick "Freddie" McClair Luke Pasqualino[1] 3 - 4 3.05, 3.10, 4.05
Freddie is friends with Cook and JJ. He smokes weed with his mates, skateboards, and hangs out with his friends in his backyard shed.[9] After the love triangle between Cook, Effy, and Freddie has reached a climax, he takes Effy's actions as rejection, tries to move on, and forms a sexual relationship with Katie. However, in the next series, Freddie and Effy begin a relationship, although it is threatened when Effy deals with mental health issues and attempts suicide. Near the end of Series 4, Freddie is beaten to death by Effy's counselor, John Foster.

Family: Father, Leo McClair (Simon Day); sister, Karen McClair (Klariza Clayton); grandfather, Norman (Dudley Sutton)

Jonah Jeremiah 'JJ' Jones Ollie Barbieri[1] 3 - 4 3.07, 4.06
JJ has a huge imagination, which is shown by his enthusiasm for magic. With his child-like excitement, he is known to create his own entertaining schemes. JJ is well-spoken and has a vast knowledge in Maths and Science, but he lacks basic social skills due to his high-functioning autism. Because of his disorder, JJ's behaviour can be rather unpredictable and he needs a constant large supply of medications. He is best friends with Freddie McLair and James Cook, although in series three, JJ is stuck in the middle when Cook and Freddie fight over Effy. He tries to fix their friendship on many occasions to no avail. He develops a close friendship with Emily Fitch and she allows him to lose his virginity to her as a "one-time charity event". In series four, JJ finds love with Lara Lloyd, a single mother and bonds with her baby son, Albert. Through their relationship, JJ discovers a new-found confidence in himself and he begins to doubt whether he really needs to be so highly medicated for his whole life.

Family: Mother, Celia Jones (Juliet Cowan); father, Edward Jones (Douglas Hodge)

Emily Fitch Kathryn Prescott[1] 3 - 4 3.09, 4.02
Emily loves being a twin much more than her sister, Katie. With her quiet and introverted personality, Emily is often bullied and taken advantage of by her dominant twin sister and depends on Katie to be the dynamic one. As the series progresses, she begins to come out of her shell and strives for individuality. She began the series as a closeted lesbian, but eventually came out to her friends and loved ones, including Naomi, with whom she is in love. She is close friends with JJ, and allows him to lose his virginity with her, despite her sexual orientation. This, among other issues including Naomi cheating on Emily, cause problems between the couple over Series 3 and 4.

Family: Father, Rob Fitch (John Bishop); mother,Jenna Fitch (Ronni Ancona); brother, James Fitch (Redd Smith);sister Katie Fitch(Megan Prescott)

Katherine "Katie" Fitch Megan Prescott[1] 3 - 4 3.09, 4.04
Katie tries to shed her identical twin skin, Emily, establishing her individuality and seemingly trampling on her sister as she does so.[10] Although she is initially shaken by Emily's lesbianism, she eventually accepts it, but is hesitant to embrace Naomi. When Freddie attempts to move on from Effy, he rebounds with Katie, which inevitably doesn't end well. In Series 4, after learning of her parents' financial woes, she attempts to help her mum with a wedding planning business. However when this fails, she is forced to move with her family into Naomi's house, much to her chagrin. She also learns that she went through a premature menopause, rendering her infertile.

Family: Father, Rob Fitch (John Bishop); mother,Jenna Fitch (Ronni Ancona); brother, James Fitch (Redd Smith); sister Emily Fitch (Kathryn Prescott)

Naomi Campbell Lily Loveless[1] 3 - 4 3.06
Naomi is a passionate, political, and principled individualist.[10] She questions her sexual orientation at the beginning of Series 3 and later enters a relationship with Emily. After cheating on Emily with Sophia, and furthermore after Sophia commits suicide, their relationship becomes strained but they were finally back together on the final episode of series 4.

Family: Mother, Gina Campbell (Olivia Colman)

Supporting characters

  • Karen McClair (Klariza Clayton): Karen is Freddie's older sister who is desperate to become famous so decides to go on a TV show called "Search for a Sexbomb" but loses when Cook fixes the votes. It is also revealed that Cook has slept with her. In series 4 she decides to do hairdressing at college.
  • Johnny White (Mackenzie Crook): Johnny is the local gangster, dabbling in drugs, gang warfare, and illegal property leasing. After Cook upstages him at his daughter's engagement party, and furthermore after Cook tortures him while incapacitated at a brothel, Johnny vows to seek revenge. However, after being defeated in a chili pepper eating contest with Thomas, he backs off.
  • DS Blunt (Pauline Quirke): An investigator of the death of Sophia.
  • Steve (David Baddiel): A work colleague of Jim Stonem, with whom his wife Anthea has an affair.
  • Martin (James Fleet)
  • Lara Lloyd (Georgia Henshaw): Lara is JJ's girlfriend, who has a nine-month-old baby called Albert.
  • Albert Lloyd (played by twins Seth Evans and Nixon Evans): Albert is the nine-month-old son of JJ's girlfriend, Lara.
  • Sam (Ben Evans): Sam is Katie's new boyfriend. He seems to be a comical yet quirky character who Katie claims to be "Totally Hung". Katie dumps him in her centric episode in series 4.
  • Dr. John Foster (Hugo Speer): John is Effy's psychiatrist. However he appears to become attracted to Effy and his techniques begin to worry her mother and Freddie. After Freddie approaches John about this, he kills Freddie by beating him to death with a baseball bat. Cook discovers the murder at the end of Series 4 and seems to attack John, although both of their fates remain unknown.
  • Sophia Moore (Amberley Gridley): Sophia is the girl who commits suicide at the start of the fourth series. She was intoxicated by MDMA, which was dealt to her by Naomi and Cook. It is also revealed that she had had a brief affair with Naomi, and it is indicated that her infatuation with Naomi and later heartbreak is what results in her suicide.
  • Matt Moore (Richard Southgate): Matt is Sophia's younger brother. He has a very close bond with his sister and knew about her secrets. He meets up with Emily as they find out the truth behind her death.
  • Father Babajide (Steve Toussaint) is the pastor of the church Thomas and his family attend. In the wake of Sophia's death, Thomas feels guilty and turns back to God, during which time Father Babajide gives him guidance.
  • Andrea Babajide (Adelayo Adedayo) Andrea is the daughter of the local pastor, Father Babajide. She strikes up a brief friendship-turned-relationship with Thomas when he attends her father's church.

College staff

  • Doug (Giles Thomas)
  • Harriet Lawes (Victoria Wicks)
  • Kieran MacFoeinaiugh (Ardal O'Hanlon): Kieran is the college's politics teacher, who has long since lost his passion for the job; he repeatedly declares that he hates teaching, and the college has made attempts to send him on a variety of motivational courses. He forms a close friendship with Naomi, which is strained when he attempts to kiss her; after that, he visits her house to apologise and ends up in bed with her mother. Naomi is initially horrified, but ultimately she encourages him to pursue a relationship with her.
  • Josie (Josie Long): Former Head Of Guidance and Careers Advisor in Series 2, Josie begins teaching English in Series 3. Later in Series 4, during Freddie's episode, T. Love takes her place in Guidance, as he says Josie has had "a small breakdown".
  • David Blood (Chris Addison): The new Director of Roundview College, replacing Harriet as of the start of series 4.[11]
  • T. Love (Will Young): Somewhat peculiar student advisor, who has a strange obsession with Michael Jackson.

Third generation

Main Characters

Name Actor Series featured Centric episodes
Francesca "Franky" Fitzgerald Dakota Blue Richards 5 - 6 5.01, 6.05
Franky is described as a smart, creative girl.[12] Franky comes to Roundview College from Oxford due to bullying from the other girls, as seen in photos on her social networking site in the first episode. Franky struggles to fit in at her new school, but befriends Liv, Mini and Grace, though she is very wary of Mini. Despite making friends, Franky realises that popularity will cost her her individual image and personality and reverts back to her old clothes. This causes a threatened Mini to turn her back on her and she forces Liv and Grace to shun Franky, though Grace goes against Mini and remains friends with both girls. Franky is shown to be a keen stop motion animator and is the adopted daughter of two former army men, giving her a knowledge of guns and possession of an air revolver. When asked what her sexual orientation is, she replies that she 'likes people' but does not identify as bisexual possibly reflecting her disinterest in sex as seen in the fifth series finale.

Family: Fathers Geoff (Gareth Farr) and Jeff (John Sessions)

Aloysius "Alo" Creevey Will Merrick 5 - 6 5.06, 6.07
Alo is a teenager who spends most of his time hanging out with Rich Hardbeck in his van. He owns a dog named Rags and has an interest in a wide variety of pornography from throughout the ages.[12] He is seen as unlucky with women and fails to find a girlfriend. In his centric episode it is shown that Alo lives on a farm with his domineering mother and 'doormat' father, who are disappointed by his party lifestyle and low grades. After his father ends up in hospital Alo promises to work harder on the farm and in college so he isn't permanently pulled out.

Family:' Father, Owen (Peter Gunn); Mother, Catherine (Ingrid Lacey)

Richard "Rich" Hardbeck Alexander Arnold 5 - 6 5.02, 6.02
Richard "Rich" Hardbeck is a keen metalhead and the best friend of Aloysius "Alo" Creevey. His taste in heavy metal music occasionally causes consternation between the friends. Rich is very stubborn about what kind of girl he wants, and is largely unwilling to compromise, which causes problems when he begins to feel attracted to Grace. Additionally, his dress sense, like Franky's, draws a dim view from Mini, which causes him to considered one of the "outcasts" of the show.[12] However he starts dating Grace and in Alo's episode the two consummate their relationship. This forces Mini to accept him as part of the group. Later on in the series Rich proposes to Grace to protect her from her domineering father, but they soon decide to just stay boyfriend and girlfriend.

Family: Father, Kevin (Daniel Ryan); Mother, Anita

Minerva "Mini" McGuinness Freya Mavor 5 - 6 5.03, 6.04
The start of the series introduces Mini as a Queen bee of her group of friends, Grace and Liv, and the most popular girl at Roundview College. She is very fashion-oriented, and has a very materialistic outlook on life. Her confident, bitchy personality acts as a security mechanism to hide her obsession over her weight and lies about losing her virginity. The series begins with her and Nick dating; later episodes show Nick's infidelity with Liv which leads to tension between herself and her boyfriend and best friend. Her arrogance and unpleasantness begins to fade later in the series, and she develops a very close friendship with Franky. Her protectiveness of Franky in the final episode leads Liv to imply that Mini may be attracted to Franky which was hinted at in the latter half of series 5.[12]

Family: Mother, Shelley (Clare Grogan)

Olivia "Liv" Malone Laya Lewis 5 - 6 5.04, 6.08
Liv is introduced along with Mini and Grace as a clique of three, and is described in the show's publicity as a "party animal". She is considerably more impulsive than Grace or Mini, twice drinking a whole bottle of vodka just as a means of apology. In the third episode, she sleeps with Mini's boyfriend Nick and begins a short lived fling with him which damages her friendship with Mini.[12] In her centric episode we discover that she has a sci-fi obsessed younger sister, a sister in jail and a new-age mother who often neglects her children. She later starts a relationship with Nick's brother Matty but feels threatened by his obvious feelings for Franky.

Family: Mother, Agnes (Jaye Griffiths), Sister Bella (Eloise Joseph), Sister Maude (Lola Mae Loughran)

Grace Violet Blood Jessica Sula 5 - 6 5.07, 6.09
Grace is the third member of Mini's clique. She has come to Roundview College from an all-girls school and enjoys ballet and acting. Despite being told not to by Mini, Grace begins a friendship with Franky which causes tension amongst the group. She sympathises with Rich's plight to find a girlfriend, eventually showing her interest in him in the third episode.[12] Further on in the series she begins a full-blown relationship with Rich. In her centric episode, Rich proposes to Grace after her father, who is revealed to be Professor Blood, tries to make her leave Roundview college to return to her previous school. Eventually her father gives up on her and she decides that she and Rich should remain a couple, but not get married yet.

Family: Father, David (Chris Addison) Mother Sonia (Jenny Jules)

Nicholas "Nick" Levan Sean Teale 5 - 6 5.05, 6.06
Nick is Mini's boyfriend, and plays rugby for the school team.[12] He begins the series in a relationship with Mini, and is frequently annoyed by her refusal to sleep with him. Eventually he sleeps with Liv whilst still in a relationship with Mini and seems to show strong feelings for her. We find out that Matty is his brother and they have a domineering father, a self help coach, who views Nick as his favourite son. Nick eventually quits the rugby team and shuns his arrogant friends in favour of a lifestyle filled with partying.

Family: Father, Leon (Dorian Lough), Brother Matty (Sebastain De Souza)

Matthew "Matty" Levan Sebastian De Souza 5 - 6
Matty is introduced in the first episode, encountering a distraught Franky in an industrial estate and describing her as "beautiful". The first few episodes portray him as mysterious as he only makes a few brief appearances; his first significant role is in Liv's episode, where he is revealed to be Nick's brother.[12] He and Liv begin a relationship but he cannot ignore his attraction to Franky. He moves back in to the family home, despite his judgemental father. Eventually it seems that Liv cannot handle his feelings for Franky and their relationship is damaged beyond repair by the final episode.

Family: Father, Leon (Dorian Lough), Brother Nick (Sean Teale)

Supporting characters

  • Toxic Bob (Huey Morgan) an American who works in a heavy metal music shop of which Rich Hardbeck is a frequent visitor, and reads Heat magazine in secret.
  • Rider (Dan Black) plays on the rugby team and is best friends with Nick.
  • Jemima (Kelly Brook) Mini's fitness instructor
  • Dewi (Dave Hill) is a farm hand at Alo's parents' farm.

College staff

  • Doug (Giles Thomas)
  • David Blood (Chris Addison): The new Director of Roundview College, who is also seen teaching P.E. Later revealed to be Grace's father.
  • Alan Precopp (Gordon Kennedy): English Teacher
  • Coach Pooter (Alistair McGowan): Nick's South African rugby coach.


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