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name = Bagnotar
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province = NWFP
district = Abbottabad
tehsil = Abbottabad
nazim =Sardar Khurshid
naib nazim = Sheraz Khan Jadoon
population =13500
coordinates = coord|34|7|0|N|73|20|0|E|region:PK_type:rural|display=inline,title

Bagnotar is one of the 51 Union Councils of Abbottabad District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. [ [ Administrative Units of District Abbottabad] ] Bagnator is situated on the Abbottabad-Nathi Gali Road Some 20 Kilometres away from Abbottabad.


The union council of Bagnotar is situated in the central part of Abbottabad District in Abbottabad Tehsil, and lies to the south east of Abbottabad city - the capital city of the district. Bagnotar is bounded by the following union councils, to the north by Sarbhana, to the east and to the south by Namli Maira, and to the west by Bagh.

Bagnotar town has an elevation of 1775 metres, [ Falling Rain: Location of Bagnotar] ] and is located approximately 20km away from Abbottabad on the Abbottabad-Murree Road. A beautiful and lush green valley full of pines and marvellous scenery. So far a neglected place as regards the tourism is concerned however with a little effort can be converted into a resort.

Earthquake 2005

On the 8th October 2005 various parts of Abbottabad District were affected by the massive earthquake, although unlike neighbouring Kashmir the loss in human life was relatively low in this area, the death toll was recorded as 511, with 622 injured. Although the impact on infrastructure was still severe. [ [ Earthquake impact - In Abbottabad District] ]


Bagnotar Union Council is made up of three subdivisions:

Bandi Maira

Bandi Maira consist of following important Mohallas
* Cham Rajpoot
* Proper Bandi
* Mera
* Tathi ChatterNath
* Traida
* Gali
* Danna
* Palakian


Bagnotar consist of Following important Mohallas
* Bagnotar Proper.
* Gulaga.
* Saeri


Chahan consist of following important Mohallas
* Nuryali
* Chakargally
* Tipper
* Ban
* Graah
* Salandi
* Choki
* Seergah
* Dana
* Choaha
* Planni
* Bagla
* Sorrah


* Public school - government funded- Government primary, middle and high school for girls
- Government primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools for boys.


Welfare Association

The Bandi Mera Community Welfare Association represents the people of Bandi Mera, by the people of Bandi Mera. BMCWA was launched on March 13, 2003 by the young generation of Bandi Mera in the city of Karachi. The objectives were to help and assist people who are living in Karachi with financial and moral support. If any members family or members itself is died the Association bears expenses required such as Air Ticket & Funeral rites. Now the Association is also providing Zakat & Fitrana to the deserving people in Bandi Mera. The Association also celebrates Independence Day each year. Iftar & Eid gatherings are organized with all the Association members. [ [ BMCWA] ]


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