Gang bang

A gang bang (or gangbang) is a situation in which a person has sexual intercourse with multiple partners in turn or at the same time. [ [ Merriam-Webster dictionary] ]


A gangbang typically is a form of group sex when a woman has sexual relations with three or more men, and is not to be confused with a threesome. Gangbangs vary in activity, but most gangbangs include sexual intercourse, anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation performed on the woman. In many gangbangs intercourse and anal sex are combined, and performed on the woman by two men. This activity is called [ double penetration] , and is usually accompanied by the woman giving a third man a blow job.

Gangbangs and swinging

Gangbangs are very popular among people in the swinging lifestyle. Today, there are numerous swingers clubs around the world that cater to women and their partners in search of gangbangs.

Gangbang parties

Gangbang parties also flourish in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, France, and Germany. Most of these gangbangs are made up of amateurs, but there also has been some crossover of professionals providing services to groups of men willing to pay to participate in a gangbang.

Gang bang pornography

Though there have been numerous gang bang pornographic films since the 1980s, they usually involve no more than half a dozen to a dozen men. But starting with "The World's Biggest Gangbang" (1995), starring Annabel Chong, the pornographic industry began producing a series of films ostensibly setting gangbang records for most consecutive sex acts by one person in a short period. [ "The gang's all here (Hope flickers at the World's Biggest Gangbang)"] by Kevin Bisch, "Salon Magazine", August 31, 1999. Retrieved June 22, 2007.] The films were financially successful, winning AVN Awards for the best selling pornographic films of their year; however the events were effectively un-officiated and the record breaking claims often misleading. [,taormino,11859,24.html "The ABCs of Porn"] , by Tristan Taormino, "The Village Voice", January 19 - January 25, 2000. Retrieved June 22, 2007.]

Derivative terms

Derivative terms for gang bang include "gangie", "gang splash" and "gang slash". When men form a line to have sex with a willing woman, the action of the woman has been referred to as "pulling a train." Also, when discussing plans for a gangbang, men often refer to it as 'running a train'.

When the act is restricted to one woman giving oral sex to several men, it is referred to as a "gangsuck", "blowbang" or "lineup". In pornography such acts are likely to include irrumatio and bukkake.

In contrast, when several women have sex with a single man, the act is commonly referred to as a "reverse gangbang," or "boy bang".

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