Recuperation (sociology)

Recuperation, in the sociological sense (first proposed by Guy Debord and the Situationists), is the process by which "radical" ideas and images are commodified and incorporated within mainstream society, such as the movement for civil rights in the United States or the push for women's rights. It is the opposite of detournement.

A similar dynamic often occurs in the sphere of punk rock culture: many musical styles developed from punk rock (such as Grunge, Thrash metal, Metalcore, Post-punk, Indie rock, New Wave, Emo, and Pop punk) have garnered mainstream popularity; artists of these genres have signed to major labels, and have become household names in the mainstream culture. Kurt Cobain, in his journals, often expressed resentment at how his own band played into this situation. The formerly punk-rock group Chumbawumba, has attempted to subvert the recuperation concept by intentionally "selling out" but then using their earned money to donate to the radical causes that they still support.

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*Unitary urbanism
*Cultural appropriation

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*Marcus, Greil. "" (1989).

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* [ "Turning Rebellion Into Money"] , "Eat French Bread" (blog), May 2007.
* [ "The Realization and Suppression of Situationism"] by Bob Black, "Journal of Unconventional History", 1994. (Archived at Spunk Library)

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