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General elections were held in Vanuatu on 6 July 2004. The VP-VNP coalition won the most seats, but failed to gain a majority, which instead was cobbled together by Serge Vohor of the Union of Moderate Parties, who became Prime Minister, subsequently forming a national unity government.

However, after disagreements over establishing relations with Taiwan, he was removed from office by a motion of no confidence and replaced by the Vanuatu National United Party's Ham Lini.

Nine women candidates took part in the election. Two were elected.[1]


e • d Summary of the 6 July 2004 Parliament of Vanuatu election results
Parties and alliances Votes % Seats
VP-VNUP . 18
Union of Moderate Parties (Union des Partis Moderés) . 9
Vanuatu Republican Party (Parti Républican de Vanuatu . 4
Green Confederation (Confédération Verte) . 3
People’s Progressive Party (Parti progressiste populaire) . 3
Melanesian Progressive Party {Parti progressite mélanésien) . 2
National Community Association (Association de la communauté nationale) . 2
People's Action Party (Parti de l'Action Populaire) . 1
Namangi Aute . 1
Non-partisans - . 9
Total   52
Source: IPU


  1. ^ "Women call for change in perception", Lora Lini, Vanuatu Daily Post, February 4, 2009

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