Frasier (season 5)

Frasier (season 5)
Frasier Season 5
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original channel NBC
Original run September 23, 1997 – May 19, 1998
Home video release
DVD release date June 7, 2005
Season chronology
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The fifth season of Frasier originally aired between September 1997 and May 1998, beginning on September 23, 1997.

List of episodes

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
97 1 "Frasier's Imaginary Friend" David Lee Rob Greenberg September 23, 1997 (1997-09-23)
The story continues from the previous episode ("Odd Man Out"), after Frasier spontaneously decides to board a plane to Acapulco with Joanna. She soon switches seats after learning this. While reading a magazine, he realises that the model in it is actually the woman sitting next to him on the plane, who introduces herself as Kelly Easterbrook (Sela Ward). She tells him she is a supermodel and a student of zoology. The pair share a steamy time together in Mexico, but while Kelly wants to continue seeing Frasier, she asks him to not tell anyone about them, as she is currently breaking up with a football player and wants this kept out of the media. As it turns out, no one back in Seattle at home or at work will believe that Frasier met anyone in Mexico, still less that it was a supermodel. In fact, Niles, Daphne and Martin worry that, given the desperate state of his love life, he must be inventing a girlfriend. Eventually, Frasier decides to prove that Kelly exists by attempting to snap a photo of her while she's sleeping, only to be caught in the act. She runs out of him, just before his family got home. Luckily for Frasier, Kelly comes back to get her things, right in front of everyone. 
98 2 "The Gift Horse" Pamela Fryman Ron Darian September 30, 1997 (1997-09-30)
It's Martin's 65th birthday, and instead of competing with each other as they have always done over who can buy Dad the best present, Frasier and Niles decide to set a limit over how much they can spend this year, with Frasier deciding to get Martin a wallet and matching keycase, while Niles gets him a subscription to a brewery that will deliver a different case of beer each month. However, when Niles reveals that his gift is $100 over the limit, Frasier can't believe what he's hearing, so Niles suggests he just put $100 in the wallet, and so the matter seems resolved. Meanwhile, Sherry has big plans for Martin's birthday party (even if it's Daphne who's doing all the work), and has found a picture of Martin back in his police days of him aboard his beloved police horse Agides, which Sherry intends to blow up to lifesize, with Martin recalling how much he used to love the horse. The rivalry, however, between Frasier and Niles over the gift they are going to buy Martin escalates again when both Cranes return their gifts for something bigger. Frasier thinks he has won after buying an enormous TV complete with massive speakers that he hates, but knows Martin will love, but when Niles sees it, Frasier wonders why his brother is not twisting and writhing in jealousy. The answer is soon revealed - Niles has managed to track down Martin's police horse Agides and set him up on a stable for him to visit any time he likes! Frasier realises Niles has won, and the pair take their father down to the stables to meet Agides. At first he is overjoyed to see him, but Martin then becomes quite melancholy after a while, which seems to continues throughout his party too. After the party, Niles and Frasier discover their father down at the stables talking to Agides about the sadness of ageing, which causes Niles to graciously say that Agides came from himself and Frasier (as long as his brother gets rid of the big screen TV from his apartment!). 
99 3 "Halloween" Pamela Fryman Suzanne Martin October 28, 1997 (1997-10-28)
Niles is throwing a literary themed Halloween party and Roz fears she might be pregnant. The episode begins at Frasier's apartment where Niles is preparing for the party. Later at KACL during Frasier's show, Roz begins messing up all of the calls, causing one technical difficulty after another. Frasier confronts her only to find out she might be pregnant. Frasier convinces Roz to go to Nile's party hoping that will get her mind off her possible pregnancy. That night at the party Frasier accidentally lets out that Roz might be pregnant and soon the wrong gossip spreads amongst the party guests. The entire ordeal ends with a drunken Niles proposing to Daphne whom he thinks is pregnant with Frasier's baby. Just as Frasier is attempting to reassure the party guests about what is really going on, Roz interrupts him. She lets everyone know that she has just heard from her doctor confirming news: she's pregnant. 
100 4 "The Kid" Jeff Melman Jeffrey Richman & Suzanne Martin November 4, 1997 (1997-11-04)
Following the events of the Halloween party, Frasier and Niles are full of contrition. Roz left the party in a hurry and refused to answer the telephone all night, but at KACL the next day she seems to be fine, and announces that she will keep the baby. She also tells Frasier that, while planning to raise the child alone, she did break the news to the father, who happens to be now living in Cairo and working as an architect. However, later on she calls round to Frasier's apartment, and as she is telling the others the same story, Frasier notices that this time she says the father is an archaeologist. After some interrogation, Roz admits that she has not told the father, though she does know who it is. Frasier finds the answer by chance at Café Nervosa, while being served by a cheerful young waiter called Rick. When Roz finally tells Rick, he is prepared to drop out of college and marry her-but Roz insists that he not ruin his life, and sends him away gently. 
101 5 "The 1000th Show" David Lee Christopher Lloyd & Joe Keenan November 11, 1997 (1997-11-11)
The KACL station manager wants to meet with Frasier, to talk about his one thousandth radio broadcast which is soon to take place. Frasier is expecting some sort of elaborate public celebration, and maintains that this sort of circus is not what he wants. Roz calls his bluff by speaking to the station manager herself and persuading him to drop the celebration plans entirely. When Frasier hears about this, he changes his tune and admits that maybe some low-key celebration would be appropriate. Before long, Frasier Crane Day is proclaimed in Seattle, and a massive public rally is organised for the broadcast, to take place at the Space Needle with the Mayor in attendance. Niles jokes about it endlessly to mask his overt jealousy. On the day itself, Frasier decides to take a leisurely stroll with Niles over to the rally in plenty of time, and uses it as the opportunity for a quasi-regal walkabout, waving to people in the street. Unfortunately, a series of disastrous events impede his progress, and Roz is compelled to start the broadcast without him. 
102 6 "Voyage of the Damned" Pamela Fryman Jeffrey Richman November 18, 1997 (1997-11-18)
Frasier, Roz, Niles and Martin attend a cruise to Alaska. Frasier is booked as the celebrity guest, and is disappointed when he discovers that the living quarters are abysmal, and there turns out to be no one on board wanting to see him, nor any other well-known entertainment acts. Roz is pursued by a 1970s dance musician, Carlos "The Barracuda" del Gato. Niles is on the cruise trying to forget his troubles; it is his wedding anniversary and he should have been with Maris, but she disappeared off to Switzerland. What he does not know is that Frasier left a message suggesting she join them, hoping it would be a pleasant surprise for Niles. Unfortunately, Maris sees a friend of hers, Mimi, attempting to seduce Niles. Meanwhile, Martin attempts to eat as much as he can from the buffet. 
103 7 "My Fair Frasier" Jeff Melman Jay Kogen November 25, 1997 (1997-11-25)
Frasier meets Samantha, a high-profile criminal defence attorney, while in a shop trying to return an unwanted gift for Roz. She actually comes to his rescue by persuading the shop assistant to give him store credit. He invites her to dinner to say thank you, and before they finish the hors d'œuvre she asked out of the blue if they could go somewhere and have sex. Over time, Frasier's family become confused when it emerges that he is the more submissive one in their relationship. 
104 8 "Desperately Seeking Closure" Pamela Fryman Rob Hanning December 9, 1997 (1997-12-09)
Frasier has been thoroughly enjoying sharing the glamorous lifestyle that Sam leads, having just spent a weekend at Aspen. Meeting Niles at Café Nervosa, he cannot help some gratuitous name-dropping while talking about the weekend, and all Niles can do is sit there gritting his teeth. Frasier is, therefore, rather taken aback when Sam breaks up with him over dinner the following day. She insists that it is nothing to do with him; only that she feels their relationship has run its course. Frasier is not convinced, and for a while afterwards agonises over what he did wrong, or what aspect of his character she disliked. He even tries asking her several times, and his family become concerned. Martin insists that he is just too analytical all the time, and Roz and Daphne join in with a list of other character flaws. Niles, however, once this has passed, seems to find an answer while looking over Frasier's photographs from Aspen. 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl makes a guest appearance. 
105 9 "Perspectives On Christmas" David Lee Christopher Lloyd December 16, 1997 (1997-12-16)
The episode is mostly in the form of flashbacks from Martin, Daphne, Niles and Roz in turn, who tell their stories while receiving massages (their Christmas present from Frasier). Christmas is approaching, and everyone in the Crane household has been having a miserable time. Martin has volunteered to play the part of a wise man in a local church pageant, and one of the requirements is to sing "O Holy Night", which contains one dangerously high note. He has not told Daphne, but she detects he is keeping something from her, and knowing that he was expecting the results of a recent physical examination, she fears the worst. Niles gets trapped in the Elliot Bay Towers elevator and has to climb out, completely ruining his brand new suit. Frasier takes a phonecall from Roz's mother, who will be visiting for Christmas, and advises her to be sympathetic to Roz about her pregnancy weight gain, unaware that Roz has not even told her mother she is pregnant yet. Roz, of course, is absolutely furious when she finds out. 
106 10 "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name" Jeff Melman Rob Hanning January 6, 1998 (1998-01-06)

Frasier is losing interest in everything he and Niles do together, such as their wine clubs. He decides to try other things, such as Martin's poker game that night with Roz, Duke, Frank, Leo and Jimmy. After giving up due to not understanding Duke's rules, Frasier goes with Daphne to an English pub, The Fox & Whistle. At first Frasier doesn't fit in with the other British expats, but soon is playing pool, singing songs and knocking back pints of beer with all the other patrons. Daphne thinks Frasier will go home soon, but Frasier enjoys it and wants to go again. When Frasier starts going to the pub every night, Daphne feels that Frasier is invading her turf, and Niles feels neglected. Daphne is worried and cross, as her place where she goes to get away from the Cranes has been invaded by Frasier. Martin suggests she tell him, but when she does it is revealed Daphne has only been going there a month, just two more weeks than Frasier has. Frasier and Daphne decide to have a game of darts to see who will be the bar regular. Both do well, but Frasier, despite winning, is run out of the pub after making anti-British comments in the heat of battle.

Cultural references: The title of the episode is a reference to the tagline "Where everybody knows your name", from Frasier's previous sitcom, Cheers. It incorporates the word "bloke", which is British English slang for a man, to denote the fact that this establishment concerned here is English. The song Frasier sings round the piano in the pub is "Roll Out the Barrel". Then the other patrons suggest they also sing "Knees Up Mother Brown". Both of these songs were popular in the UK during World War II, often sung in pubs in the East End of London
107 11 "Ain't Nobody's Business if "I Do"" David Lee Jay Kogen January 13, 1998 (1998-01-13)
Daphne finds an engagement ring in Martin's underwear drawer, and cannot resist telling Frasier and Niles. They are slightly shaken at the idea of Sherry taking their mother's place, but they agree that their father's happiness is most important to them. Soon afterwards, Sherry tells Martin that someone has been asking questions about her at McGinty's, and Martin immediately thinks his sons have hired a private investigator to check up on her. They deny it, but Frasier realises that Niles is guilty, and insists that he call off the investigation. He does this, but the detective presents him with a half-finished report before departing, which the brothers read and discover that Sherry has been married before, six times. This worries them, but they decide to find out if Martin knows. Of course, so far he is not even aware that they know about the ring… 
108 12 "The Zoo Story" Pamela Fryman Joe Keenan January 20, 1998 (1998-01-20)
Frasier has to choose whether to return to his heartless former agent, Bebe Glazer, or stick with his current representative, well-meaning but non-confrontational Ben. Maris' insistence that Niles fire their latest couples' therapist, and Niles' refusal to do so, puts their weekly conjugal visits on hiatus. Ben brings Frasier the wrong sort of publicity and Niles has trouble controlling his pent-up urges, but Frasier insists that both he and Niles do the ethical thing: Frasier must stay with his ethical agent, and Niles must not fire a perfectly good counsellor just to have sex. 
109 13 "The Maris Counselor" Jeff Melman David Lloyd February 3, 1998 (1998-02-03)
Niles has good news: his couples counselling with Maris is going exceptionally well. In fact, at the advice of their therapist, Dr. Schenkman, he is planning to surprise Maris that evening with a romantic evening. Unfortunately, while preparing his erotic surprise in the bedroom, complete with roses and classical music, he is unaware of an unexpected guest, also planning his own romantic rendezvous with Maris in that very bedroom. He is soon horrified to discover that his wife's illicit lover is Dr. Schenkman himself. He feels infuriated and devastated by his therapist's betrayal. To make matters worse, Schenkman claims to be in love, and to have never met a warmer, kinder, more selfless soul. The shock and pain of this event reduces Niles to tears in the middle of a couples therapy session the next day, which Frasier is helping him to run. After some thought, Niles wonders if it could be a case of transference, and decides to have one more attempt at talking to Maris. However, while approaching the house he has a sudden realisation: he has done this so many times before, and yet this is the final outcome. 
110 14 "The Ski Lodge" David Lee Joe Keenan February 24, 1998 (1998-02-24)
Roz wins a free trip to a ski lodge, including lessons from a skiing instructor, but is talked into trading them to Frasier in return for a big screen TV. So Frasier decides to take the whole family to the ski lodge, including Daphne and her friend Annie, a swimsuit model. There they meet Guy (played by James Patrick Stuart), a gay ski instructor, who likes Niles and thinks he is gay too.[1] This is confirmed by misinformation given by Martin who has hearing difficulty due to a blocked ear. Throughout the episode confusion arises as Frasier is lusting after Annie, who desires Niles. Niles, however, attempts throughout the episode to confess his feelings for Daphne, while Daphne attempts to pick up Guy, who thinks that Daphne and Annie are lesbians. Throughout the night, various people visit each other's rooms or discover someone in their bed. Once the truth is revealed, Frasier realized that no one is lusting after him. 
111 15 "Room Service" David Lee Ken Levine & David Isaacs March 3, 1998 (1998-03-03)
Lilith has come to Seattle to tell Frasier that her new husband has left her for the interior decorator. Frasier is worried, as they have been in this situation before, and he finds Lilith irresistible when she is vulnerable. He exhorts Niles to help him resist temptation, particularly when she goes to dinner with them wearing a very revealing new dress. Ironically, after getting drunk, it is Niles and Lilith who sleep together in her hotel room. The next morning they realise what happened, and Lilith hastens to conceal the encounter from Frasier when he suddenly appears at the hotel. However, she and Niles ordered breakfast the previous night on room service, and the waiter delivering it has very unfortunate timing. 
112 16 "Beware of Greeks" Jeff Melman David Lloyd March 17, 1998 (1998-03-17)
Frasier receives a visit at KACL from his half-Greek cousin, Nikos, who is planning to get married soon and wants Frasier, Martin and Niles to come to the wedding. They realise that his fearsome mother, Zora, did not send the invitations. This is due to a long-standing rift between her and Frasier; five years ago, he advised Nikos to follow his preferred career (juggling) rather than go to medical school as Zora wanted. Since then, she refuses to speak to or acknowledge him, Niles or Martin at all, and she imposes the same restrictions on her husband Walt, Martin's brother. Consequently, Martin is not keen to attend the wedding, and neither is Niles, in case he runs into cousin Yvonne ("Yvonne the Terrible", as Frasier calls her), who has a crush on him. Frasier, however, wants to see Nikos happy, and after accepting his invitation, manages to reconcile with Zora on condition that he never gives advice to Nikos again. He finds this promise harder to honor than he expected, when he deduces that Nikos' affections lie elsewhere. 
113 17 "The Perfect Guy" Jeff Melman Rob Greenberg March 24, 1998 (1998-03-24)
There is a new man at KACL: Dr Clint Webber (Billy Campbell), the host of a show on health issues. Frasier finds it no surprise that Roz thinks he is attractive, but it soon becomes apparent that all the other women at the station share this view, and Bulldog is not happy. Frasier himself decides that he can endure this man being more attractive than he is, assuming that there are other areas in which he surpasses Clint. Before long, though, he learns that Clint is also an old Oxonian, an expert squash player, fluent in French and a godson of José Carreras. Frasier maintains that he is not jealous, and tries to cultivate a friendship with Clint, but the list of his skills and abilities seems to grow over time. Eventually, when as a guest on Frasier's radio show, Clint interposes an alternative diagnosis for a caller and she prefers it, Frasier changes his tune, and thereafter refuses to rest until he has discovered just one flaw or deficiency. Meanwhile, after taking a shopping trip with Niles, Martin becomes involved in a disagreement with the owner of an expensive French gourmet shop, but unfortunately Eddie forms an attachment to its overpriced dog food. 
114 18 "Bad Dog" Pamela Fryman Suzanne Martin April 7, 1998 (1998-04-07)
Whilst waiting in a long line at Café Nervosa, a conversation between Bulldog, Frasier and Roz about the up-coming SeaBee radio awards (and the extremely embarrassing maternity dress that the pregnant Roz must wear) is interrupted when Frasier spots a man who has a gun. In the chaos that follows, it appears that Bulldog acts heroically when he pulls Roz out of the way and causes the gunman to flee. The other patrons of the café proclaim him a hero, and the story appears later on the news. Frasier, however, was seemingly the only witness to what actually occurred: rather than bravely pushing Roz out of the way, Bulldog in fact cowardly attempted to use her as a human shield, only happening to knock his coffee onto the gunman, thus defusing the robbery attempt entirely by accident. Frasier is disgusted that Bulldog would knowingly accept praise for something that he did not do. Angrily confronting him with the truth, Frasier decides not to reveal it to everyone, but will instead wait for Bulldog's conscience to get the better of him. As Bulldog learns (on-air) that he will receive a special Man of the Year award for his actions, Frasier expects him to own up eventually. Time passes and the SeaBee ceremony approaches, and with Bulldog's apparent lack of guilt driving Frasier to distraction, he decides to use his position as host of the awards to engineer a few surprises. His tricks fail, but Martin comes up with a simple way to expose Bulldog as a fraud-he loudly states, "Look! He's got a gun!" Bulldog repeats his cowardly actions, and everyone turns their favor. 
115 19 "Frasier Gotta Have It" Dan Butler Rob Greenberg April 21, 1998 (1998-04-21)
Frasier begins a steamy love affair with Caitlin (played by Lisa Edelstein), a free-spirited artist. Whenever they are together they have wonderful sex, but hardly any conversation. Frasier thinks that she may be the one, but realises they have nothing in common after Niles makes a few remarks about Frasier's fling. Niles tries to get Frasier to admit that this 'relationship' is based solely on sex, but Frasier insists that he has a real future with Caitlin. Frasier begins to obsess about this, and wonders if he should carry on with the relationship. Martin, Roz and Daphne all share with Frasier their memories of relationships that were steamy but superficial. Niles, of course, tries to make up a story but gets caught. Also, Niles can't get enough of Daphne's story about sunbathing in the nude. Frasier is convinced that he must break up with Caitlin and goes to her loft to tell her. However, after howling at the moon, carnal desires overwhelm Frasier again. 
116 20 "First Date" Kelsey Grammer Rob Hanning April 28, 1998 (1998-04-28)
Niles has decided to take the plunge and ask Daphne out on a date. He calls round to Frasier's apartment, but loses his nerve at the crucial moment and takes refuge in the kitchen with his brother. While discussing his problem, Daphne wanders in and overhears him saying how he is in love, though she does not hear a name. She is embarrassed at first, but then congratulates Niles and asks who this woman is, and once again Niles loses his nerve and says the first name that comes into his head: Phyllis. He then makes a pretence of phoning this Phyllis to ask her out, arranging dinner that evening at his place. Later on, Daphne appears ahead of the scheduled time to help him get dinner ready and create a romantic atmosphere. Frasier also turns up, and then so does one of Niles' neighbours, who is in fact called Phyllis. Daphne naturally assumes this is Niles' date, and Niles starts to panic. Frasier decides to intervene to help his brother out. 
117 21 "Roz and the Schnoz" Ken Levine Jeffrey Richman May 5, 1998 (1998-05-05)
Roz is having her apartment fumigated, so Frasier offers to put her up, as Martin is off to San Francisco for the weekend with Duke. Later, Frasier gives Daphne a pair of earrings from the pharmacy, which she mistakes for real sapphires in honour of her five-year anniversary of working for Frasier. Roz arrives just as Martin is leaving, and tells Frasier that she has had her calls forwarded to his number. One of the messages left is from the Garretts, the parents of Rick, the father of Roz's baby, who want to get in touch and see how she is. Roz is somewhat alarmed by this and wonders what they want, but Frasier thinks it would be a good idea to meet them, and so invites them over that weekend. Once they arrive, both Frasier and Roz find it hard to ignore the fact that both Steve and Paula Garrett have huge noses. Roz struggles to keep a straight face, as do Niles and Daphne. Martin too, having cut his trip short out of sheer disappointment, gets a shock when he meets them for the first time. Roz thanks Frasier for getting her to meet with Rick's parents, and he points out that Rick didn't have a big nose. However, the Garretts then give Roz a picture of Rick before his nose job. 
118 22 "The Life of the Party" Jeffrey Richman Suzanne Martin May 12, 1998 (1998-05-12)
Frasier and Niles realize that they are both in a rut with their love lives and on the advice of Martin decide to throw a singles party. At the party both Frasier and Niles compete over the same woman, however situations keep arising that pull them away from her (a fire in the kitchen for instance). Meanwhile Martin is having problems of his own, after dyeing his hair on the advice of Daphne he realizes that it has run and stained one of Niles' expensive chairs, Roz also finds a lack of interest from men due to her pregnancy. Halfway through the evening Roz's water breaks (all over Niles' new Turkish prayer rug), and she is rushed to the hospital, where she gives birth to her daughter, Alice May Doyle. Frasier, Martin, Niles and Daphne all turn up to see her (the woman Niles and Frasier were pursuing left with the barman). The group leave a sleeping Roz with her baby. 
119 23 "Party, Party" Jeff Melman David Lloyd May 19, 1998 (1998-05-19)
Frasier arrives 45 minutes late for a meeting at Café Nervosa with Tricia, a young woman he met at the opera. He grovels and suggests lunch the next day at Le Petit Bistro, and she agrees before dashing off. Niles then appears with a proud grin on his face, and announces that he has started a fling with a woman in Elliott Bay Towers, Allison Landis. The next day, Frasier's car breaks down and he misses the second date with Tricia, but leaves an apologetic message offering any other time if she will only give him one more chance. Martin tells him he has plans for Frasier's impending birthday celebrations, but Frasier is not keen and makes his excuses. However, when Niles waves an invitation to the Safari Club black tie reception on that day under his nose, Frasier decides not to stay in after all, though he refrains from telling his father. Unfortunately, his birthday turns out to be busier than he planned: firstly he has to sneak past Martin to get to the Safari Club gathering at Allison's apartment; then Tricia calls and says she is leaving town that evening for Spokane, so he has to leave without embarrassing Frasier; then, on returning to the apartment to collect his keys before meeting her, he discovers that Martin and Daphne have organised a surprise party for him. While trying to see her before she leaves town, Frasier has many things get in his way, including Niles's party with Allison and more guests for Frasier's party. He finally meets up with her outside her apartment and Frasier offers to drive her to Spokane. They end up listening to Evangelist music as the show closes. 
120 24 "Sweet Dreams" Sheldon Epps Jay Kogen May 19, 1998 (1998-05-19)

Bulldog and Gil are recording an advertisement for a new sponsor at KACL: Happy Dreams tea, which promises pleasant dreams to anyone drinking it. When he hears this, Frasier is disgusted. On the way home, with Daphne as chauffeur, he stops at a protest rally that is taking place in support of Hirsch & Sons bookshop, which is under threat of demolition. Frasier and Daphne join the protest, but when the police move in and start making arrests, Frasier panics and flees, leaving Daphne at the mercy of the officers. He is subsequently ashamed of his cowardice. As a result, when the new station manager instructs him to read the same sponsor advert as Bulldog and Gil, he objects on principle and refuses, making a stand on the air. This costs him his job, but he feels better, even rejuvenated. The new manager, Kenny, is impressed that Frasier upheld his principles so adamantly, and decides to confront the station owner, Joe Martin, about the sponsor's advert, whilst asking Frasier to return to work. Unfortunately, it is then Kenny's turn to clear his desk, and Frasier feels responsible and decides to act once more. He and the other on-air talent of KACL approach Joe Martin. Frasier talks with him and convinces him that he needs to take risks. Martin agrees with Fraser and reveals that his true name is Jose Martinez. He informs the staff that KACL will become a 24 Latino music station.

The episode closes with the series' unique closing theme performed in Spanish Mariachi. 


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