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Icheon is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It should not be confused with the much larger Incheon Metropolitan City. Neighboring districts include Yeoju County, Gwangju City, Yongin City, and Anseong City within Gyeonggi province, as well as Eumseong County in North Chungcheong Province. Together with Yeoju, Icheon is known as a center of South Korean ceramic manufacture. Other famous local products include peaches and rice. Local institutions of higher learning include Korea Tourism College and Chungkang College of Cultural Industries.

The Yeongdong Expressway and Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway pass through Icheon.

City Symbols

* City Bird : Magpie
* City Flower : Azaleas
* City Tree : Pine

Famous people

* Seo Hee : The historic figure of Goryeo dynasty who made a huge decision with Khitan people who was forcefully occupying northern areas of Korean peninsula.

ister Cities

*flagicon|China Jingdezhen city , China(1997)
*flagicon|Japan Seto city, Japan(2004)
*flagicon|South Korea Gangdong, South Korea
*flagicon|South Korea Gangnam, South Korea

Ceramic villages

The Icheon Ceramics Village features 300-plus ceramics-making firms in the area of Sugwang-ri, Sindun-myeon, Saeum-dong. They use traditional skills and produce porcelains in some 40 traditional firewood kilns. These potteries are recognized both at home and abraod for their quality.

The Saeum-dong and Sindun-myeon areas include a ceramics village with many ceramics stores. Ceramic artist have researched traditional manufacturing methods and reenacted the beauty of Goryeo celadon and Joseon white porcelain here. The village is the center of the effort to preserve such artistic spirits. [Official pages of Icheon city]


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* [http://www.icheon.go.kr/newIcheon/eng/introduction/greeting.php?fCode=1&menuCode=1&submenuCode=11 City government website]

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