Pamina is a character in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute". Pamina is a young princess and daughter of the Queen of the Night. She is kidnapped by the High Priest Sarastro, who only wishes to save her from her evil mother. In the temple, Pamina is tortured by the evil Monostatos who forces her to love him. She would rather die than be with him. Pamina is soon saved by the heroic bird catcher Papageno. When he tells her about the prince Tamino and his quest, Pamina falls in love with Tamino. When the two meet, Sarastro separates the two and takes Tamino and Papageno to the trials, leaving Pamina all alone. Later, she is forced to kill Sarastro by her mother, who gives Pamina a dagger, which is later used by Monostatos to force Pamina to love him. Both plans fail when Sarastro enters the room where Pamina is and stops Monostatos from hurting her. Pamina is unable to kill Sarastro. Later, Pamina goes to Tamino, who has taken a vow of silence toward women as his first test. When Tamino does not answer Pamina, she believes that he no longer loves her. She then tries to commit suicide but is stopped by the three wise genii who tell Pamina that Tamino still loves her. When Tamino is finally allowed to talk to Pamina, she explains that the magic flute that he owns was crafted by her father out of magic oak. The magic flute protects Tamino and Pamina when they are in the cave and are now allowed to be together.

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