Screw (disambiguation)

The term screw may refer to:

* Screw (simple machine)
** Archimedes' screw - a simple machine for transporting water to a higher elevation
* Screw - threaded fastener related articles
**Screw - threaded fastener with external threads
** Leadscrew- used to provide controlled and quantifiable movement in machine tools, for example a screw-cutting lathe
**Nut - a fastener with internal threads intended to be mate with a screw type fastener with machine threads
**Threaded insert
**Screw anchor - device used with screws for attachment in materials not suited for use with a screw directly such as drywall
** Screw thread - Screw thread standards
**Wedge anchor
* Screw propeller
* Chopped and screwed music, a technique of remixing hip hop music by slowing the tempo
* Screw axis - the axis of rotation in 3D geometry
* Screw (motion) - a description of spiral motion used in rigid body dynamics
* "Screw" magazine, a pornographic periodical published by Al Goldstein
* Slang for prison guard (Australia, Ireland, UK and USA)
* Slang for sexual intercourse
* Thumbscrew - a torture device
* A Screw - an EP by Swans

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