Cyprus brandy

Xynisteri grapes, as used to make brandy on Cyprus.

The production of brandy on Cyprus began in the year 1871[1] by ETKO (the oldest surviving distiller on the island) following their importation of a pot still from Cognac in 1868. Data coming from the English explorer Samuel Baker revealed that in 1875 the volume of native brandy production in the Limassol District alone amounted to 467,711 okes.[2] Since then it has become popular amongst locals and dozens of companies (mostly in the Limassol district) currently distil it. It differs from other European varieties in that its alcohol concentration is 32%,[3] and most varieties have a distinctly sweet aftertaste.[4][unreliable source?] Production is usually by double distillation of xynisteri based white wines with aging in oak barrels.[5] Cypriot brandy forms the base for the Brandy Sour cocktail, in addition to locally-produced lemon cordial, that has been cited as the national drink of Cyprus.[6][7]


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