List of brand name food products

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This article is a list of Brand Name Food products and related brands, the brands are grouped by the type of product.

Breakfast cereals

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Soft drinks

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Chips/Corn Snacks/Nuts

*Apple Crings
*Bob The Builder's Cheesy Toolbag
*Bugles (General Mills)
*Cheesy Tool Bag
*Discos (crisps)
*Farmer Brown's
*Fish fingers 'N ice cream
*Fish 'n' Chips
*Flamin' Hot Wotsits
*Football Crazy (snack)
*Frazzles (Walkers)
*Good 'n' Crunchy (crisps)
*Golden Wonder (Tayto Group)
*Horror Bags
*Hula Hoops (KP Snacks)
*Humdinger Pineapple Fruit Crisps
*Griddles (KP Snacks)
*Outer Spacemen (KP Snacks)
*Sky Divers (KP Snacks)
*KP Nuts (KP Snacks)
*Monster Munch
*Meanies (snack) (KP Snacks)
*Cheese Flavoured Moments (Walkers)
*Nobby's Crisps
*Nobby's Nuts
*Phileas Fogg
*Pik-Nik (shoestring potato)
*Pringles (Procter & Gamble)
*Ringos (Golden Wonder)
*Snapz Crisps
*Salt 'n' Shake
*Space Raiders (KP Snacks)
*Super Crunchies
*Smith's Crisps
*The Smith's Snackfood Company
*Tudor Crisps
*Twiglets (United Biscuits)
*Tyrell (brand)
*Tyrrells Apple Chips
*Tayto Fusion
*Yorkshire Crisps
*Walkers Crisps (Walkers)
*Wotsits (Walkers)
*Lay's Stax (Frito-Lay)
*Walkers Shots
*Walkers Potato Heads
*Walkers Lites
*Walkers Cheese Heads
*Walkers Sensations
*Wheat Crunchies (United BiscuitsFact|date=February 2007)
*Whale Bones (snack)


* 5-4-3-2-1
* Arnott
** Arnott's Tim Tam
* Blue Riband
* Burtons
* Burton's Maryland Specials
* Cadbury Snack
* Cadbury Snaps
* Cadbury Caramel Crunch
* Cadbury Fingers
* Double Take
* Domino (cookie)
* Disney Pixar Milk Chocolate Crispy Bars
* Fox's Biscuits
* Gold (brand) (McVitie's?)
* Hobnobs (biscuit)
* Loacker
* Jaffa Cake
* Kit Kat
** Kit Kat White with Lemon and Yoghurt
** Lemon Cheesecake KitKat
* Kinder
* Mars Bisc&
* McVitie's Chocolate Orange Hobnobs
* Oreo
* Rocky (biscuit)
* Rocky Rubble
* SpongeBob SquarePants Mini Cereal Bars
* The Simpsons Squishee Sherbet Creams
* Tracker (brand)
* Tracker Lemon
* Taxi (chocolate)
* Tim Tam (biscuit)
* United
* Unibic Anzac Biscuits
* Walkers Shortbread

Baked Goods

* Warbutons
* Hovis
* McVitie's
* Mother's Pride


* Cadbury Highlights
* Cadbury Cake Bars
* Dunkin' Donuts
* Mr Kipling
* Krispy Kreme
* Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies
* McVitie's
* Mars Muffin (McVitie's)
* Vimto Jam Tarts
* Betty Crocker

Hot Food brands

* Chicago Town (pizza)
* Findus Crispy Pancakes
* Pot Noodle and derived like Pot Rice
* Unilever Posh Noodle
* Walls
* Basil Brush Crispy Chicken Bites
* Basil Brush Chicken Boom Booms
* Batchelors
* Batcholer's

* Batchelor's Super Noodles
* Super Noodles
* Nissin Cup Noodles with Shrimp
* Mr Greedy Mini Hot Dogs

'Ready Meals'

* Findus
* Heinz
* VIMAL (India)
* Waistline
* Weight Watchers

Frozen Foods

* Cauldron (brand)
* Vimal

Ice Cream and chilled Deserts

* Ben & Jerry's
* Calypso Icicles Freezepops
* Cremosa
* Eskimo (ice cream)
* Juicy Drop Pop
* Lyons Maid
* Magnum (ice cream)
* Pingviini
* Pehmis
* Rocket (ice lolly)
* Solero
* Superhappy Fruit Lolly
* Tongue Twister (ice lolly)
* Topps Triple Power Push Pop
* Unibev Ice Zone
* Unibev Frooters Ice Batons
* Walls (see Unilever Heartbrand)
* Walls Magnum Mint
* Walls Cornetto
* Angel Delight
* Ambrosia
* Birds (brand)
* Haagen-Dazs
* Bounty ice cream
* Bounty Mango Ice Cream
* Bounty Tropical (Ice Cream)
* Walls Vienetta
** Walls Vienetta Brownie
* Vinetta

Pickles, Vinegar, Sauces

* Beerenberg Farm (Australia)
* Branston (pickle)
* Crosse & Blackwell
** Sarson's
* Dufrais (vinegar)
* Hayward's
* Heinz Tomato Ketchup
* HP Sauce
* Loyd Grossman cooking sauces
* Reggae Reggae Sauce (UK, Jerk/BBQ Sauce)
* [ Robert Rothschild Farm Gourmet Sauces]
* VIMAL (Brand)
* Waistline

Tinned pulses, vegetable and fruits

* Crosse & Blackwell
* Heinz Baked Beans
* VIMAL (Brand)

Dairy (and other fat spreads)

* Chivers
* Country Dale Milk

= Jam, Honey (and other spreads) =

* Gale's (honey, lemon curd)
* Hartley's (jam)
* Rose's (marmalade)
* Sun-Pat (peanut butter)

Soup & Noodles

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* Cup-a-soup
* Heinz
* Campbells
* Pot Noodle


* Walker's Nobby's Cuts
* Stretch Island Fruit Company
* Stretch Island Friut Leather
* Altu Cranberry and Boysenberry Food Bar
* Aoste Snack Chorizo
* Pepperami
* Wild Chips
* Kabs (jerky)
* Atkins Morning Shine
* Carbolite
* Smash
* Quorn
* Bernard Matthews
* General Mills
* Birds
* Square Pie

Export/Wholesale/Catering trade

* Kardomah
* Moorhouse's
* Nelsons's
* St Nicholas (brand)
* Smedley's



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