List of brand name soft drinks products

This article is a list of brand name soft drinks products. Please note in some cases the relevant article is the parent brand or brandfamily, for example, for Barq's Red Crème Soda look for Barq's in the listbelow.

"See Also: List of soft drinks by country"

Carbonated drinks

Coca-Cola Company

"See Also :List of Coca-Cola brands" and the 'Coca-Cola brands' category.

*Appletiser or Appletise
**Coca-Cola Relentless - [ Coca-Cola Relentless ] ]
**Coca-Cola With Orange [ Coca Cola with Orange ] ]
**New Coke
**Coca-Cola C2
* Coca-Cola Zero
* Sprite Zero
* Grapetiser Fact|date=February 2007
* Peartiser Fact|date=February 2007
*Vault (soft drink)
**Vault Red Blitz
*Diet Coke
**Diet Coke with Lime
**Diet Coke Lemon
* Coke Lite
** Wild Strawberry Fanta ((fact
** Strawberry Fanta Fact|date=February 2007
**Tab Clear
**Coca Cola Black Cherry

PepsiCo brands

*Mountain Dew
**Diet Mountain Dew
**Caffeine Free Mountain Dew
**Mountain Dew Code Red
**AMP Energy
*Mug Root Beer
**Pepsi Cola
**Pepsi Blue
**Pepsi Max
**Pepsi Jazz Strawberries &Cream
**Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry & Vanilla
*Sierra Mist

Cadbury Schweppes

* Dr Pepper
* Canada Dry
**7-Up Free
**Cherry 7Up
* Orangina
* Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla


*Jolt Cola
*Mecca Cola
*Panda Cola
*Panda Pops (drinks brand)
*Sport Cola
*Virgin Vanilla Cola


*Cresta (soft drink)
*Corona (soft drink)
*Larkspur (lemonade)

Citrus Soda

**Britvic 55
*Tango (drink)
**Tango Clear
**Tango Ice Blast
*Cariba (drink) : See Lilt ( based on [] )
*Tropicana Tw!ster Soda


* : Ginger beer ,Root Beer, Cream soda ,Lemonade

Others and unsorted

**Irn Bru
*** Tizer Fruitz Fact|date=February 2007
*** Tizer "ItzRed" Colourz Fact|date=February 2007

*Carters Refreshing Root Beer
*Dr Brown's
*Peanuts (drink)
*Pocari Sweat
*Oronamin C Drink
*Red Bull
*Schweppes Tonic

Mineral Water

* Volvic
** Volvic Splash Fact|date=February 2007
** Volvic Revive [ [ Volvic Revive Citrus Kick ] ]
* Buxton
* Highland Spring
* Perrier
* Vittel
** Vittel Raspberry Fact|date=February 2007
* Voss (water)

Juice (and related)

**Tropicana Pure Premium Fibre
**Tropicana Festive Blend
*T and T Jazz Berry Alternative Fruit Mix Drink
*Minute Maid

Squash & Cordials

*Robinsons (drink)
*Robinsons For Milk
*Sunny Delight

Milk (and related)

*Alpro Soya Milk (for now see Alpro)
*Yazoo Chill
*Nestle Ski StopGap 24/7
*Hyper Cow
*Marvel (milk)

Hot Drinks

*Typhoo (tea)
*Tetley (tea)
*Take One Chocolate Instantly
*Maxwell House
*PG Tips (Unilever)
*PoopeisFact|date=February 2007

Misc and unsorted

*Tree Top (drinks brand)
*Trendy Pops (drinks brand)
*Unilever Adez
*Unibev Jelly Juice
*Softa - Kenya
*Solo (Australia)/Solo (Norway)
*Cocoa Shot
*Hi-Spot (drinks brand)
*Boo Bee Juice
*Bruce & Clarke

Companies/Parent brands

*R. Whites



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