Theopompus (king of Sparta)

Theopompus was a Eurypontid king of Sparta. He is believed to have reigned during the late 8th and early 7th century BC.

Theopompus was the son and successor to Nicander.

The major event of his reign was the First Messenian War, which resulted in the defeat of the Messenians, for which, Pausanias reports, Tyrtaeus credits Theompompus [Pausanias, tr. W.H.S. Jones and H.A. Ormerod (1918) "Description of Greece". Robert Hale Ltd., London, Book 4, VI, 5.] :

:"To our king beloved of the gods, Theopompus, through whom we took Messene with wide dancing-grounds."

Pausanias reports that Theopompus was succeeded by his grandson Zeuxidamas or great-grandson Anaxidamus, Theopompus' son Archidamus having predeceased him [Pausanias, tr. W.H.S. Jones and H.A. Ormerod (1918) "Description of Greece". Robert Hale Ltd., London, Book 3, VII, 5-6.] , though there is some evidence that his successor was Anaxandridas I.

According to Plutarch, it was in Theopompus' reign that the ephors where introduced in Sparta.



*Pausanias, "Description of Greece"

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