The Power of One (TV series)

The Power of One is a television series involving hypnotist Peter Powers travelling around Australia finding volunteers to be hypnotized by him and forced to perform amusing and often embarrassing acts.

The acts

The acts included in the show usually aim for amusement rather than showing off the hypnotist's skill or convincing the viewers that a person can only be forced to perform the act through hypnotism

Examples include:

* hypnotizing a man to think he is driving an expensive car, when the truth is that they are driving a cheap one, or even a [bumper car] at a fair. sometimes he also makes them trash the car, with hilarious results
* exploiting a personal weakness, such as arachnophobia or shyness
* sexually centered acts, such as convincing a man that each of the holes in a pool table is a woman that he has to satisfy, or telling people to "become a lapdancer" or "make love" to whichever object they are closest to when he blows in a whictle
* making a person do something embarrassing, or, for example, achieve instant orgasm, whenever something he's defined beforehand happens, like the subject hearing music or a relative direction, while being fully aware of what they're doing, but unable to affect it.

He also claims to be able to give people electric shocks or render himself invisible, through use of hypnitism or not.


The Power of One is aired on Fridays at 9:30pm on New Zealand's TV2 - TVNZ.Also previously aired on Comedy Channel on Australian subscription television service Foxtel

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* The Comedy Channel
* Hypnosis
* Peter Powers

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* [| The Power of One at The Comedy Channel]

* [| Peter Powers Official Website]

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