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Origin = Dallas, Texas
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Genre = Indie Metal
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Current_members = DJ Ivie
Dave Garred
Jeremy Ewing
Rick Hoban
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Error Of Free Will is a "heavy alternative" band formed in Dallas, Texas in March of 2006. The band is known for its indie-influenced riffs and grinding bottom end. Elements of blues, jazz, and funk are mingled with 90's style metal grooves to prevent the music from fitting comfortably within any particular genre.


The foundation of Error of Free Will came together in May 2006 when Dave Garred and DJ Ivie began working together after meeting through a mutual acquaintance (who worked briefly as the band's original drummer). The indie-style of play crossed with heavily-distorted interludes that Ivie provided along with the elements of Funk, Rock, and Hip-Hop incorporated by Garred would become the burgeoning group's signature sound. []

Garred explained, "We attempted to bring as many completely separate influences together that we could just to see what would come out of the mix. It's different, that's for sure, we've never heard two people come up with the same description of us, and we damn well don't know what it is." []

Jeremy Ewing joined with the burgeoning group shortly thereafter and brought with him the howling voice and poetry slam-style vocal rhythms common in the group's sound. Ewing's style of writing exaggerates angry overtones on dark subjects such as alcohol addiction, violent crime, and drug use. His battle against his own vices were known to have initially caused friction within the band and even led to his arrest after one of their earliest live performances.

These initial conflicts may have led to the departing of the band's original drummer in late-2006. He was replaced after an extensive search with Rick Hoban, whose speed and complex fills greatly elevated the band's standing within the Dallas heavy music community. Error of Free Will is currently working on completion of its first studio album and touring in North Texas and the surrounding areas.


Rick Hoban Uses:
*7-piece Tama Rockstar series set
*Zildjian Percussion Cymbals
*Pro-Mark TX5AX Drum Sticks
*Gibraltar Drum Hardware
*Aquarian Drumheads
*Axis Pedals

DJ Ivie Uses:
*Gibson SG guitars
*Ernie Ball Super Slinky Strings 9-46 strings
*Boss and Ibanez effects
*Marshall heads with various cabinets (studio cabinet unknown)

Dave Garred Uses:
*Fender fretless American Jazz Bass
*EMG pickups
*Ibanez BTB5 5-string bass
*SWR amplification
*D'Addario and Fender strings
*Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI


tudio albums

*"Mindless Machine" (2007)

Music Videos

The band is notoriously guarded of their indie roots and have, as of yet, refused to make a music video. Nevertheless, several bootleg live recordings have been posted on the Internet


*"DJ Ivie" - Guitar (2006-Present)
*"Dave Garred" - Bass (2006-Present)
*"Jeremy Ewing" - Vocals (2006-Present)
*"Rick Hoban" - Drums (2006-Present)


External links

* [ Error of Free Will] at MySpace
* [ Error of Free Will] Official Website

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