3 Republic of New Granada

Republic of New Granada

Republic of New Granada
República de la Nueva Granada

Flag Coat of arms
Libertad y Orden
(English: Liberty and Order)
Republic of the New Granada; Sub-divisions in 1851
Capital Santa Fe de Bogotá
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Republic
 - Established October 20, 1831
 - Bill of rights¹ 1853
 - Constitutional Change April 11, 1858
Currency Peso
Today part of  Brazil
 Costa Rica
¹ Abolition of slavery, and suffrage to all males over 21.

The Republic of New Granada was a centralist republic consisting primarily of present-day Colombia and Panama with smaller portions of today's Ecuador, and Venezuela. It was created after the dissolution in 1830 of Gran Colombia. It was later abolished in 1858 when the Granadine Confederation was created.


The territory of the Republic was divided into provinces. Each province was composed of one or more cantons, each canton was divided into several districts parish.

Likewise, the Republic covered some territories in the peripheries of the country.

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Coordinates: 4°39′N 74°3′W / 4.65°N 74.05°W / 4.65; -74.05

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