List of Alice Academy characters

The following is a list of characters from the anime and manga series, Alice Academy ("Gakuen Alice").

"Note: Names are all in Western order (given name before surname)."

tudents of Elementary School Division

Mikan Sakura

*Nicknames: "Polka-dots, Ichigo-kara (strawberry print), Goddess of Victory"
*Gender: Female
*Birthday: January 1
*Horoscope Capricorn
*Height: 138cm
*Weight: 33kg
*Age: 10-11
*Alice: Nullification, Stealing-Alice
*Alice Stone Color: Mandarin Orange

Mikan is the protagonist of the story. She is a cute, energetic, good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is a very up-an-at-it person, much to annoyance of her down-to-earth friend, Hotaru. She used to live with her grandfather in the country.

She was shocked to hear that Hotaru was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young 'geniuses' like her. When she heard rumors that students were like slaves in Alice Academy (which she felt was a possibility, since they gave money to parents for sending their children to the school), Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself."Alice Academy" Episode 01] "Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 01] She was then accepted to Alice Academy by Narumi-sensei and could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children with extraordinary powers.

She once belonged to the Special Ability Class. Later, she gets transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class, and becomes the Elementary Principal's precious favorite."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 96] She is currently a Single Star.

Through out the story, she has a lot of effect on Natsume and Ruka, who have both started to fall in love with her. As the story progresses she becomes liked and admired by a lot of the people that used to feel uneasy about her and her Alice. Even her relationship with Hotaru grows stronger.

Her name means "Mandarin Orange".

Hotaru Imai

"Note - Miyuki Sawashiro voices Hotaru in the Gakuen Alice Drama CD that is only released in Hana to Yume magazine."
*Gender: Female
*Date of birth: October 25
*Age: 10
*Horoscope: Scorpio
*Height: 139cm
*Weight: 30kg
*Alice: Invention
*Alice Stone Color: Purple

Hotaru is an extremely intelligent and rational girl. She is considered to be a geek and more than a little strange because of her aloofness. Like Natsume, she is usually poker-faced, but possesses some humor in her. She may treat Mikan unkindly most of the time, but it is apparent that she deeply cares for her. Somehow, she likes to bully people she likes.

Hotaru is Mikan's best friend and the main reason why Mikan came to the academy. She and Mikan have what may seem to be a doubtful and strange relationship. Hotaru comes off as cold, quiet, geeky, and bad-mouthed but calm. Her "stupid" points are her tendency of being a "pig" when it comes to food and her greedy side, this happens in a comical manner. Her Alice is Invention, which allows her to create unique and strange inventions.

She belongs to the Technical Class. She is currently a Triple Star.

Her name "蛍 - Hotaru" means "Firefly".

Natsume Hyuuga

*Nicknames: "Black Cat" (Kuro Neko), "Obaka-chan" (Stupid Little Boy)"Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 59]
*Gender: Male
*Birthday: November 27
*Horoscope: Sagittarius
*Age: 11
*Alice: Fire
*Alice Stone Color: Red
*Height: 140 cm
*Weight: 34.5 kg

Natsume is a genius and ditches class frequently throughout the story. Hated and feared by a lot of students, he is thoroughly unhappy with the school, and is suspicious of the intentions of adults. It seems that he is involved in top-secret missions for the Academy. He is paired up as Mikan's "partner" by the their mostly-absent class teacher, Narumi. However, Natsume is later forced to partner with Luna. He possesses the Alice of Fire. He has a secret crush on Mikan and gets jealous whenever if Narumi, Tsubasa, Kaname,and Tono or any other guys tries to flirt with her. Natsume loves Mikan half-way through the series so much that he would sacrifice himself for her. He belongs to the Dangerous Ability Class. He is the only Special Star in the Elementary Division.

Ruka Nogi

*Nickname: "Ruka-Pyon", "Ru-Chan"
*Gender: Male
*Age: 10
*Alice: Animal Pheromone
*Alice Stone Color: Milky White
*Birthday: March 16
*Height: 140 cm
*Weight: 35 kg

Ruka is Natsume's childhood friend and often referred by Mikan throughout the story as "Ruka-pyon". He has a gentle and pleasant personality that balances out that of Natsume's. Even though he tries to hide his feelings for Mikan Sakura, the grown-ups already know about it and even teased Ruka many times by the "Watching Over Ruka Group".He always carries around a rabbit and has a way with animals, they seem to attract to him. He is also the main target of Hotaru, who loves clicking funny pictures of him and selling them.

He belongs to the Somatic class. He is a Triple Star student like Hotaru.

umire Shōda

*Nickname: "Permy","Cat-dog girl"
*Gender: Female
*Age: 11
*Born: May 31
*Horoscope: Gemini
*Alice: Cat and Dog Predisposition
*Alice Stone Color: Green

Sumire Shōda is the self-declared president of the Natsume and Ruka fanclub. She has a dog-cat Alice which gives her enhanced smell and hearing capabilities, as well as making her sprout cat whiskers and dog ears and promoting the desire to walk on all fours. Mikan also knows her brother as ‘seaweed head'. Mikan also gave Sumire a nickname, Permy. However, only she, and occasionally Natsume, used it.

Even though she has a crush towards both Natsume and Ruka, she is not romantically interested in them; rather she sees them as matinée idols. Though she sometimes bullies Yome Kokoro, her affections are meant for him, her long time partner and best friend.

She initially disliked Mikan for many reasons, but later becomes on "good terms" with her, though she still considers Mikan a rival of sorts. When the rumors Luna spreads about Mikan causing the incident, Sumire defends Mikan. Sumire was also the reason why Mikan got a no star at the beginning of the series.

She is a Double Star Student. She belongs to the Somatic class together with Ruka.

Yū Tobita

*Nickname: "Iinchō" ("Class Representative")
*Gender: Male
*Age: 11
*Born: June,14
*Horoscope: Gemini
*Alice: Illusion
*Alice Stone Color: Jade/Emerald Green

Yū is the class representative, or "Iinchō", as he is known by the majority of the class. He has the Alice of Illusion. During the Alice Festival, his illusions were a major hit in the Haunted House attraction of the Latent Ability Class. As stated by Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka, he is a force to be reckoned with. He has his hands full with taking care of Mikan and does not seem to get tired of it. According to the author, he fell in love with Mikan at first sight"Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 13] .

Mikan's mother steals his Alice in the manga"Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 29] causing Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa to chase after them to get it back. Although, they were mainly after a cure for Hotaru. When Mikan and the others returned, they did not have Iinchō's Alice, but he regains it when Narumi brings it to him.

He is in the Latent Ability Class. He is currently a Triple Star.

Nonoko Ogasawara

*Gender: Female
*Age: 10
*Born: September 26
*Horoscope: Libra
*Blood Type: A
*Alice: Chemistry
*Alice Stone Color: Pink

Nonoko is one of Mikan's companions and she is one academic year younger than her. She has the Alice of Chemistry and likes to experiment with dangerous chemicals. She is a member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is an elegant girl from a rich family (Explained in her profile in the manga)."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 32] She is close friends with Anna and has a crush on Misaki-sensei. There was a time in the radio drama entitled "Chocoholic" where her Alice got switched with Anna.

In the Radio Drama, "Love Potion", Nonoko made a Love Potion which can make a pair of lovers to love their partners even more. Sumire tricked Mikan to drink the potion and ended up falling for Tsubasa. Natsume and Ruka also got affected by the potion, which resulted with Ruka falling for Natsume and Natsume falling for Mikan.

She belongs to the Technical Class. She is a Single Star student.

Anna Umenomiya

*Gender: Female
*Age: 9
*Alice: Cooking
*Alice Stone Color: Pink
*Birthday: March 3Anna is a cute pink-haired classmate of Mikan. She has the Alice of Cooking and makes up various dishes for her friends. She can make some of her dishes come to life. She is member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is usually seen with Nonoko and she also has a crush on Misaki-sensei. She looks up to her senior named Miruku who the same Alice as hers."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 33] She also learned how to make Special Chocolates from Miruku in the Radio Drama. There was a time her Alice got switched with Nonoko in the Radio Drama.

She also belongs in the Technical Class. She is also a Single Star like Nonoko and Mikan.

Yome Kokoro

*Nickname: Koko
*Gender: Male
*Age: 9
*Alice: Mind Reading
*Birthday: March 18

Koko is a young boy from Class B. He has the Alice that involves reading a person's mind, causing him to repeat them out loud and often making situations worse. In Chapter 3, he uses this against Mikan while she was being attacked by Mochu's alice telekinesis. He is not a bad person though, this is due to the fact that he cannot help using his ability. He is best friends with Kitsunume, who holds the flying alice. Like Kitsunume, he has an innocent crush on Misaki Harada. He is also very much aware of Ruka's feelings towards Mikan, which is why he is part of the "Watching Over Ruka" group.

In one critical scene, when Reo struck, he derailed Reo's plans by reading his mind aloud.

In the manga, he also read Mikan's thought of Natsume when she was stuck with him. She was thinking that 'she would rather be stuck with Ruka than with Natsume'. This caused Koko and the others to wonder if she liked Ruka, making Mikan answer 'yes' without thinking.

It was also revealed in Chapter 75 that he was a very anti-social person when he first came to the academy due to people's hatred towards his alice. Despite that, Sumire befriended him, which made him open up to others. When Mikan was suprised to find out about this new piece of information, Koko simply stated "Help can come from unexpected corners". In this particular chapter, Sumire and Koko encounter a fight but near the end, make up.

Koko belongs to the Latent Ability Class. and is a Single Star student. His alice shape is 'Diffuse'

"Kokoroyomi" means "Mind Reader", so it may be a nickname and not his real name.

Luna Koizumi

*Gender: Female
*Age: Appears 11, actually 29
*Alice: Soul Sucking Alice
*Alice Stone Color: Black

Luna is a new transfer student in Mikan's class. Her introduction started with her wanting to sit next to Natsume, but Mikan is in the seat she desires. Luna coughs viciously, so Mikan gets up from her seat, which is when Natsume grabs her arm and says, "What are you doing? I'm the one that gets to decide who sits besides me. So Mikan, stay here." Everyone is surprised at what Natsume says, but then Luna coughs out blood, so Natsume had no choice but to let Luna sit next to him. But Natsume doesn't like her.

Yōichi Hijiri

*Gender: Male
*Age: 3
*Nickname: "Yo-chan"
*Alice: Ghost Manipulation/Age Control

Yōichi is attached to Natsume, but seems to dislike Mikan at first. Later, he becomes attached to Mikan and even kissed her on her cheek once. He eventually starts to "cling" to her later on in the manga. He has become very fond of Mr. Bear."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 48]

He has the Alice of summoning bad spirits, a Dangerous Ability type. He is very bright for a three year old. Natsume likes him since he feels that the boy is just like him and Natsume is also helping Yōichi to be transferred out of the Dangerous Ability class.

Like Mikan, he loves "Fluff Puffs," ("Howalon" in Japanese) the best selling candy in Central Town.

During the Hana Princess arc, he accidentally ate an aging candy that he stole from Hotaru which let him gain an ability that turns him into a 13-year-old."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 58] The side effects gave him the ability to switch between younger and older self. He still has the mind of a three-year-old when he changes his age, which makes it awkward for Mikan in some situations, because he likes hugging and carrying her.

He is the youngest member of the Dangerous Ability Class. He is a Single Star student.

He also appears in M to N no Shōzō as Eiichi Hijiri's younger brother.

Yura Otonashi

*Gender: Female
*Age: 12
*Birthday: April 4
*Blood Type: AB
*Alice: Divination

Otonashi first appears in episode 8, and is the first student from Elementary Class B to graduate from Elementary School and move up to the Middle School. She is also the oldest member in the class.

In the manga, she is seen dancing with her boyfriend in the Last Dance of the Alice Festival. Her Alice can see into the past, present, and future by performing a dance.

She is in the Latent Ability Class. She is a Double Star.


*Nickname: Kitsuneme-kun
*Gender: Male
*Age: 10
*Blood Type: O
*Alice: Flying

He is very good friends with Yome, but is more of a side character. He mostly spends time doing pranks with Yome. He and Yome are like twins, due to their same attitude. In the manga, he bought an 'Infinite expansion chewing gum' to fly, although he can already fly. He has a dog called 'Pochi'.

He and Yome appears to have an innocent crush on Misaki Harada.

He belongs to the Latent Ability Class.

Wakako Usami

*Gender: Female
*Age: 10
*Alice: Transporting objects

She is the best friend of Sumire and is a minor character in the story. Wakako only appears in the anime. She is also the reason why Mikan got a no-star ranking in the beginning of the story in the anime.

She belongs to the Latent Ability type. She is a Single Star.

Hoshio Hoshino

*Gender: Male
*Nickname: "Hoshyan"
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Weather

Hoshio is a boy from the Special Ability type who is required to wear a mask at all times in order to control his Alice.

However, his Alice is the kind that fades overtime, which is why in chapter 76 of the manga (the only time he appears), it was shown that his parents came to pick him up from the Academy to take home.

As a farewell gift, the rest of the Special Ability class gave him their Alice stones, Mikan included. He accepted all of them except for Mikan's, because he figured that someone else (Natsume) needed it more than him. Mikan and the others were present when he was picked up, and on the day he left, there was a rainbow in the sky

Kaoru Nendo

He is the student that pretended to be, and took on the appearance of Natsume when he, Ruka, Mikan, and Tsubasa chased after Yuka and Shiki through the porthole to get back Iinchō's Alice and an antidote for Hotaru.

While he took on the appearance of Natsume, he used it for along time while Ruka and Mikan were oblivious to what was happening to Natsume. Kaoru Nendo appears to like Mikan, but Natsume, wary of his plans moves to stop them. Upon the realization on the Academy's part, he is suspended for a couple weeks. Upon return, everything remains normal.

His name, "Nendo" in Japanese refers to clay, which makes sense on his part, as he could take on the appearances of other people.


*Nickname: Mochu
*Gender: Male
*Alice: Telekinesis

He is the nearly bald kid that hangs around with Natsume. He has the Telekinesis Alice. At the beginning of the anime, he used his Alice on Mikan while Koko was reading her mind. He hates Mikan at first, but he later becomes friends with her. (Even to a comedic point, as seen in chapter 89)

He is in the Latent Ability Class. He's a Double Star student.

tudents of Middle School Division

Tsubasa Andō

*Nickname: Shadow
*Gender: Male
*Age: 14
*Born: July 15
*Horoscope: Cancer
*Blood Type: O
*Alice: Shadow Manipulation

Tsubasa is a middle school student who is one of the first students to be kind to Mikan. He has the Alice of manipulating shadows. He met Mikan when he saves her from bullies. After he saved Mikan from the bullies, she develops an innocent crush on him. He often enjoys teasing Natsume and sometimes Ruka over Mikan. As Natsume knows that Mikan has a crush on Tsubasa, he makes it a point to be around them so nothing happens. Besides Kaname, he is the only one who can stop Mr. Bear. He is now in the Dangerous Ability Class but is keeping it from Mikan's knowledge. However, Mikan later finds out that Tsubasa is in the Dangerous Ability Class. He is currently missing after a mission.

His name "Tsubasa" means 'Wings'.

Misaki Harada

*Gender: Female
*Age: 14
*Birthday: June 14
*Horoscope: Gemini
*Blood Type: B
*Alice: Doppelganger

Misaki is a friend of Tsubasa and likes to pick on him a lot. She also belongs to the Special Ability class and is one of the most normal looking people there. She has a Doppelganger Alice that allows her to multiply herself into two or more. She is very up-beat.

She danced the Last Dance with Tsubasa during the festival, which, according to the Alice tradition, is a 'dance of love', and any couple that dances during this will be together forever. She and Tsubasa have even been described as a 'married couple' in the anime.

She is also a member of "Watching Over Ruka" group. And it somehow appears that Kitsuneme and Yome have innocent crushes on her."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 46] As a senpai, she takes good care of Mikan, especially in Tsubasa's absence. She is more like a big sister. She is shown to have good fighting abilities as she can easily beat up guys in a fight.

In the manga, her hair is a bit longer and she ties it up when she went to the Flower Princess Festival.

Kaname Sonō

*Gender: Male
*Age: 14
*Birthday: January 16
*Horoscope: Capricorn
*Blood Type: O
*Alice: Soul Transfer (into stuffed animals)

Kaname is Tsubasa's best friend. He was a very lonely kid with no friends due to his condition. He possesses the Alice of placing souls into stuffed animals, thus causing them to come to life. He has poor health and his usage of his Alice affects his lifespan. Despite this, he still makes dolls, for it's his way of proving to himself that he can make people happy. And the dolls he made serve as 'evidences of his existence'. He is also the creator of Mr. Bear. He has grown to like Mikan for her kindness and cheerfulness, and is thankful for her friendship with Mr. Bear.

According to the anime, his favorite flowers are rape blossoms, which Mr. Bear brought them to Kaname daily during his hospital leave.

He belongs to the Technical Class.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 14
*Height: Unknown
*Weight: Unknown
*Birthday: July 30
*Blood type: AB
*Alice: Spirit Hopping

Megane is one of Tsubasa and Misaki's friends. He wears spetacles and he has an Alice of Spirit hopping. 'Megane' is presumably a nickname, since it means glasses/spectacles in Japanese. He can possess any thing from robots to oranges and vases. In the anime, it is said that he has a crush on Misaki during the Special Ability's role-playing game in the Alice Festival.

He belongs to the Special Ability Class.

Hayate Matsudaichi

*Gender: Male
*Age: 15
*Nickname: Wind Sickle
*Alice: Air control

Hayate is a Dangerous Ability type. He is a third year student in the Middle School Division and he's in the same class with Tsubasa. He also has an extremely huge crush on Hotaru.

Hayate thinks Hotaru looks a lot like a game character he really used to love as a child named "Cool Blue Sky". Rui had once said something along the lines of Hayate liking cute guys, but it has not been confirmed yet (he might be a loli/shotacon).

He only appears in the manga.

Nobara Ibaragi

*Gender: Female
*Age: 13
*Nicknames: Yuki Onna "(lit. Snow Woman)", Koori Hime "(lit. Ice Princess)"
*Alices: Ice, Multiple personalities

Nobara is a first year student in the Middle School Division. When she first met Mikan, she thought of her as a cute girl. In the Academy, she is always being teased because of her Alice of Ice. Mikan is the first one to approach her with kindness and warmth, leading her to admire Mikan very much. In the Hana Princess arc, when Persona, who refers to her as a "doll", asked her to harm Mikan, she could not do it. She also has multiple personalities, which she used to her advantage in the Hana Princess arc.

After the Hana Princess arc, she was in a room by a window watching Natsume, Mikan and Ruka playing outside. She grew very sad and went over to Persona, who was still recovering from when his Alice backfired (which happened in Chapter 68) and laid her head on his lap.

In the Sports Festival, Nobara is revealed to be on the Red Team. She knows something about Luna, and tried to tell Mikan. However, Tsubasa, who was carrying Mikan, ran away out of fright from Rui, who was carrying Nobara.

Nobara continues to observe Mikan from a distance, with the desire to talk and to be with her. However, her current position with Persona and the Elementary School Principal doesn't let her. It is revealed that Nobara had longed to have a female friend in the Dangerous Ability Class, and Persona and the Elementary Principal have plans of transferring Mikan to that class. Nobara is deeply concerned by this because she doesn't want Mikan to be in danger.

She was instructed to capture Mikan and Natsume, but she disobeys her orders and faces the consequences. She could not bring herself to harm Mikan.

She is in the Dangerous Ability class. She only appears in the manga.

Yuri Miyazono

*Gender: Female
*Age: 14
*Nicknames: "Yuri-sama"
*Alice: Female Pheromone

Yuri is very popular with the girls mainly because of her female pheromone Alice. This is a fact which embarrasses her, but she claims that she is straight and normal.

She first appeared in episode 19 of the anime, where she was supposed to act as the prince but later was replaced by Mikan.

She is in the Somatic class.

tudents of High School Division

hūichi Sakurano

*Gender: Male
*Age: 18
*Birthday: January 26
*Blood Type: O
*Alice: Instant Teleportation, Intuition, Wish/Prayer
*Alice Stone Color: Aquamarine

Sakurano is student council president and is the main representative for the school . In the manga, he is best friends with Subaru Imai. Furthermore, when they are in the High School division, he and Subaru posed as ghosts looking for a victim. It is revealed in the manga that he has three Alices.

Sakurano knew Subaru since elementary school, so they are very close. It is revealed that he knew Mikan's parents when they were young. Because of this, he and Subaru care for Mikan very much and will protect her no matter what happens. He has once made an Alice Stone for Mikan, and had it follow her wherever she goes. His Alice Stone was the one who helped Mikan get to Natsume during the Alice Stone game. He is rather fond of Mikan.

He helps Mikan in a lot of situation. In a special chapter about Subaru and himself, it was shown that they used to call each other names and were caught by Jinno for detention. When he was young, he is shown to be very arrogant only to Subaru while he pretends to be nice to others.

On another year of classes, he wasn't the student council president anymore. He is currently a Special Star student.

ubaru Imai

*Gender: Male
*Age: 18
*Birthday: April 21
*Blood Type: O
*Alice: Healing, Transferring the feelings of pain

Subaru is first seen in the Alice Festival Ceremony. He is Hotaru's older brother, thus his looks and attitude is very similar to Hotaru's. Even though he acts cool in front of Hotaru, he truly cares for her. He is normally cold and he doesn't hesitate to throw insults at Hotaru, though he has a soft spot for Mikan. He is second in command to Sakurano and is the second representative of the school. He came to the Alice Academy when he was 5 years old.

When he was younger and was in the elementary school division, he went to a festival called Hana (lit. ‘‘Flower’’) Princess, where he had a terrible experience. A rumor has said that he had met an evil ghost from a legend. His Alice can heal wounds and can memorize the pain and transfer it to another person or animal.

It was shown in volume 12 of the manga that Subaru and Shūichi knew Mikan's father and mother, Yuka Azumi, when they were young. The two of them seem to care very much for Mikan, and protects her from those who are after her. In a special chapter about Shūichi and himself, he disliked Shūichi for saying hurtful things and thought that he is arrogant because he has 3 Alices.

He is currently a Special Star.

His name "Subaru" means 'Pleiades'.

Rui Amane

*Gender: Male
*Age: 17
*Alice: Curse

Rui is a Dangerous Ability type. He is fond of guys that are younger than him. Rui is the person who gave Tsubasa the star on his cheek called the "Mark of Obedience", but when he was young, Rui gave him 3 stars on his cheek. Rui also has a huge crush on Tsubasa, so Tsubasa tries to avoid him as much as possible. He seems to show care and concern for Nobara.

He also seems to have feminine features.

He only appears in the manga.

Hajime Yakumo

*Gender: Male
*Age: 18
*Alice: Insect Pheromone

He is a Dangerous Ability type and is usually a calm and composed person. He has a bandage over his face. In the manga, he helps Persona in the Hana Princess arc.

He only appears in the manga.

Akira Tonouchi

*Gender: Male
*Age: 18
*D.O.B: 14th June
*Star Sign: Gemini
*Blood Type: O
*Nickname: "Tono"
*Alice: Amplification
*Alice Stone Color: Purple

He is the representative of the Special Ability type. He is a playboy and likes girls a lot. He particularly likes touching and flirting with Mikan, which often makes Natsume jealous. Tono is Tsubasa's senior and he seems to be pretty close with him. He is a good-looking boy with long black hair.

Mikan likes him very much and gets along with him well. But Tsubasa warns her not to get too close with him since he might get her pregnant. Natsume, like Tsubasa, doesn't get along with him. He has grown attached to Mikan as well. He is concerned for her well-fare in the academy and protects her whenever he can.

In the manga, he helps Mikan and the others in the Z arc. He is one of the people who taught Class 2B about making Alice stones. He seemed to gain the attention of the girls in the class because of his looks.

He only appears in the manga.

hizune Yamanouchi

*Gender: Female
*Age: 18
*Alice: Sound

Shizune is a third year student in the High School Division. She is quite the schemer. She is the representative for the Technical Class and the Hotaru's senior.

She was actually the one who hooked up Hotaru with her camera and got her into the blackmailing business. She is also part of the Hana Princess and she serves Hī-sama.

She is a Special Star Student and appears in the manga and anime.

Hijiri Goshima

*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Metamorphosis

He became the new head of the Student Council. He was instructed by the high school principal to assist Mikan and the others in the escape from the disciplinary group of the academy. He is the representative of the Somatic types.

His Alice allows him to change appearances.

He only appears in the manga.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 18
*Alice: Super Sight and Hearing

Hayami is the head of the High School News Department. Since he has excellent eyesight and hearing, he is able to get news very fast, just by listening carefully. He sits in the News Department Club activity room all day, and is described by Tono as a 'news freak'.

'Haya', the beginning of his name, means 'fast', so according to Tono, it's very easy to remember.

He sometimes wears glasses, to enhance his already excellent eyesight.

Faculty members


*Gender: Male
*Age: 27
*Birthday: August 10
*Blood Type: O
*Nickname: "Naru"
*Alice: Human Inclination Pheromone
*Alice Stone Color: Magenta
*Horoscope: Leo

Narumi is the homeroom teacher of Mikan's class. He teaches Japanese and often deals with Natsume when he gets in trouble or tries to break out. He has the human inclination pheromone Alice, which suits his personality. He is also the moderating teacher of the Somatic types. The author revealed in the character bio that Narumi is indeed a central character, and his past are yet to be discovered. Narumi gave Mikan a star when Sumire became good friends with her and because of her bravery during being trapped in a warehouse (with Sumire and Natsume).

Even though he is a bit negligent as a teacher he loves his students and wants to protect them. In both the manga and anime Narumi allows Mikan to call him "Dad" which is ironic because Mikan is the daughter of his unrequited love Yuka Azumi.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 27
*Birthday: September 3
*Blood Type: A
*Alice: Plant Manipulation
*Alice Stone Color: Blueish Green

Misaki is a teacher of biology at the academy. Seems to be stoic in his expressions, yet cares for the students. During his first meeting with Mikan, he helped her and introduced her to the Academy. He has the Alice to control plants and cause them to mutate and come to life, and is often annoyed by Narumi, who steals his 'bean whips'.

He is appealing to the girls of the Technical class, especially to Anna and Nonoko, who invited him to go with them in the last dance but he rejected them.

There is a chapter in the manga where Narumi kissed him so Narumi can talk to Mikan's mother.

erina Yamada

*Gender: Female
*Age: 29
*Birthday: February 12
*Blood Type: AB
*Alice: Clairvoyance (through crystal ball)
*Alice Stone Color: Rose Purple and Blue

Serina is a mysterious English teacher at the school. She is almost always seen with her crystal ball, especially since her Alice is of 'sight', which enables her to see things happening anywhere at present time. She is seen often with Narumi, but in the series, she rarely leaves the faculty room.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 32
*Birthday: August 15
*Blood Type: A
*Nickname: Nodacchi
*Alice: Time-travel
*Alice Stone Color: Light Green

Noda appears later in the series. He has the Alice of time-traveling. Seems to like appearing out of nowhere, but in fact, it's because he often cannot control when he is going to disappear or appear - caused by faults in his ability. He is an easygoing and carefree teacher; that is why the Special Ability type students like him so much.

It has been hinted that he also knew Mikan's mother and father very well.

He is the moderator of the Special Ability Class. His ability control device is a bangle he wears on his wrist, which was put on him by the Elementary School Principal, perhaps to stop him being able to control his Alice well, so that he wouldn't be able to show Mikan her past.


*Nickname: Jin-Jin
*Gender: Male
*Age: 38
*Birthday: December 24
*Blood Type: AB
*Alice: Lightning
*Alice Stone Color: Unknown

Jinno is the head teacher of the Elementary Division and teaches math. He is a cold-hearted man who does not hesitate to use his Alice to punish his students. He is least trustful of Mikan. He is the reason for Mikan's 'no star' rating in the beginning. He softened up and at the end of the anime series, he adapted to Mr. Narumi's style of teaching.

He may look tough, but he easily gets scared by ghosts or haunted houses and releases a large amount of electricity in the process.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 25
*Alice: Hair
*Alice Stone Color: Unknown

:"Note:" Fukutan literally means substitute teacher.Fukutan is Elementary Class B's substitute teacher because of the frequent absence of Narumi. He is a teacher of the Somatic types and he also teaches Home Economics. The students, except for Hotaru, Mikan and Yū, do not respect him and usually torments him, leaving him to run out of the room in fright and tears.

He desperately wants Narumi to stay and teach his students instead of him. His Alice is the ability to grow his hair to extreme lengths (that's why he always ties his hair).


*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Instant Teleportation
*Alice Stone Color: Unknown

Makihara is the Social Studies teacher and also is the moderator of the Latent Ability Class. In the anime, he appeared with several other teachers while Mikan and Sumire ran out of the Academy as they were trying to save Natsume. He is mentioned briefly by Persona (disguised as Serio) in the Social Studies exam.


*Gender: Male
*Age: 29
*Nickname: "Masked Man", Serio
*Alice: Mark of Death
*Alice Stone Color: Black

Persona is a mysterious teacher who wears a mask at all times. He is the moderator for the Dangerous Ability Class. He seems to be the source of much of Natsume's troubles. His Alice is the Mark of Death.

So far, in the series, he was seen without his mask three times. The first time was when Natsume spotted him (although he had sunglasses on) in Central Town in chapter 46. The second time he disguised himself as a substitute teacher named Serio in one of Natsume's exams to see who was the cause of Natsume's change (but he was found out easily by Natsume). The third time was when Mikan knocked off Persona's mask while trying to stop him from hurting Natsume in the Hana Princess arc.

He also once held Natsume's sister captive in order to make Natsume behave. Persona also calls Natsume his "Best Student." He also has a Mark of Obedience on his cheek in the shape of a red cross.

In later chapters of the manga, Mikan became one of his victims with the use of his Alice. Mikan had a serious illness from the day that Persona used his Alice on her. Later on, it was revealed that Hotaru's older brother; Subaru Imai had also been a victim and is the only one to have survived Persona's Alice. Therefore, the school administration appoints him to cure Mikan's illness.

It is also revealed that Persona gave Aoi, Natsume's sister, a strange stone which can make an Alice go berserk. Because of the stone, Aoi's Alice went wild and burned the whole town. After Aoi lost her memories, Persona told her that he would be her older brother.

When Mikan is in the hospital, Sakurano, noticed something in Mikan's hand; it was a disgusting black colored stone. Slowly, all of Mikan's wounds disappeared and the colour of the stone also changed. Sakurano believes that it is actually Persona's Alice; Mikan had another ability to draw out a person's Alice and into the stone.

It seems that his real name is Serio as revealed by Narumi-sensei. He knows Mikan's father, and he might have been the one who gave him his first Alice controlling device (The earrings that Mikan destroyed). He is a very sad and lonely person, and he is very fond of Nobara Ibaragi who refers to her as a "his doll".

He also wears many ability control devices such as bracelets, earrings, rings etc.

Izumi Yukihira

*Gender: Male
*Age:41 (if he is not dead. Age of death is unknown)
*Alice: Nullification (a reason why Mikan has this Alice that nobody knows)

Izumi is Mikan's father and the former moderating teacher of Special Ability Class. His ability was discovered when he was already an adult. He entered the Academy as a teacher when he was 22, nineteen years prior to the year the main story is taking place in. His cause of death is not known (it was said to be suicide), but Yuka believed that he was murdered by someone working in the Academy. The High School Principal is in fact Izumi's older brother and also the one who discovered Izumi's Alice through seeing a photo of him in one of their letter correspondences using his own ability to detect other people's Alice by seeing them in person or in photographs.

In contrast to his older brother's more serious character, Izumi has a very cheerful and outgoing personality, which was inherited by Mikan, and often he was scolded by Jinno-sensei. He was well-liked by his students. However, when provoked, he can be very intimidating.

Elementary School Principal

*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Seeing
*Alice Stone Color: Unknown

He is the head of the Elementary Division. He was first seen during the opening ceremony of the Alice Festival. Since he appears to be a handsome young child, Mikan was shocked to find out that he is actually a principal. He first interacted with Mikan during the Christmas Party. He had always wanted to meet Mikan. "You're Sakura Mikan of Class B, right? I know you since you're famous as Hyuuga Natsume's partner. I never knew his partner is cute." He talked to her in a formal and elegant way, and even compliments her, and Mikan, who wasn't aware of his identity, found it hard to treat him as someone her age. He then knocked her mask off on purpose and told her to be careful not to lose something important, and left Mikan to ponder about his words."Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 50]

In the manga, it was revealed that Yuka Azumi had placed something in his body, so he's stuck as looking like a child. He is in charge of the Dangerous Ability Class and is usually the cause of trouble in the academy. He is the one who ordered Luna to keep an eye on Mikan. He sent out Luna in order to lure Yuka back into the academy. But Yuka isn't necessary for him anymore after he discovers Mikan's Steal-Alice. He plans on using Mikan, so he transfers her from the Special Ability Class to the Dangerous Ability Class. As Mikan is presented to him, he welcomes her to the class and calls her his 'precious favorite'.


*Gender: Female
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Barrier

She is the Middle School Division Principal. She is seen briefly in the anime, but she appeared more in the manga. Hī-sama is the founder and the one in charge of the Hana Princess. She's the owner of the strongest Barrier Alice, so she is referred to as the academy's protecting goddess.

She hates Persona, and in fact dislikes men in general. Men are usually not allowed to set foot near her. She has some sort of a barrier Alice that bars people within the barrier's vicinity to use their Alice. She is described as an oddball because of her extreme interest in girls.

She invited both Mikan and Hotaru to join the Hana Princess Festival. She thought of Mikan as an interesting girl, which is why she wanted to meet her.

While Mikan and the others were trying to rescue Aoi, Hī-sama was supposed to have the barrier up, however she purposely loosened it around Mikan. She was seen laughing when Mikan caused Persona's Alice to start eating away at his own body.

High School Principal

*Gender: Male
*Age: in his 60s, specific age unknown
*Alice: Alice Detection, Longevity

Nothing much is known about the High School Principal, but he is one of the people who opposes the Elementary Division Principal. In addition to the fact he supports Mikan and Yuka, he is willing to stop the Elementary Principal and his plans. He protects Mikan secretly. Once Mikan got caught by the academy, he instructed Goshima to save Mikan. In chapter 99, Mikan, Natsume, Hotaru, Ruka and Narumi haven been chased by the elementary school principal, but the High School Principal helps them. He is actually Mikan's uncle and the older brother of her father. He revealed the history of her father and Yuka Azumi to Mikan, further shocking Mikan. He has two Alices; one of them is the power to detect other people's Alice upon sight, either in person or via photographs, the other grants him a long life and the ability to not appear to have grown old. Wears military uniforms.


Aoi Hyuuga

*Nicknames: "Buriko"
*Gender: Female
*Age: 9
*Alice: Fire (But later she doesn't possess the Alice anymore)
* Birthday: December 25 (most likely..still unsure)Aoi is Natsume's younger sister. Unlike Natsume, Aoi is a humorous cheerful girl. In the past, she said to Ruka, "You know my brother is a very cold person? Well deep down he's very nice, but he never smiles. That's why I smile and laugh for him!" Aoi is actually a constant victim of Natsume's fists. She can be a little clumsy and stupid sometimes, but she is a friendly young girl. She is called "Buriko" by Natsume, meaning a girl who acts weak and cute.

Ever since Natsume entered the Academy, she has been held captive by Persona as a way to make Natsume behave. She, however, doesn't know how cruel Persona is and thinks of him as a kind person. Aoi is blind and has also lost all of her memories of Natsume and of her previous home when she used her Alice the night the town she grew up in was destroyed. She does regain her memories and sight later in the manga. But, before she regained her memories, she said that her name was Yuki Aoi as given by Persona. She was found by Mikan during the Hana Princess arc and immediately became friends for her. She admires Mikan and calls her cute.

Aoi has lost her Alice, her Alice shape was Childhood and thus she is the only Non-Alice person in the Academy. At the time she caused the fire, she used up all of her Alice. When the students and faculty members found out someone without an Alice is in the Academy, Mr. Narumi suggested Natsume to use this as an excuse to save Aoi from Persona and later she is reunited with her father and leaves. She is saddened at the fact that Natsume isn't able to come home with her and she wanted to stay in the Academy to be with him, Ruka, Mikan, and her new friends.

She only appears in the manga.

Reo Mouri

*Gender: Male
*Age: 23
*Alice: Voice Pheromone

Reo is a graduate from the Academy, who turned into an international celebrity. He is first seen in Episode 13. He came to Alice Academy to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Alice Festival. During the performance, he faked an injury and took the chance to kidnap Natsume in the hospital.

After he failed to kidnap Natsume the first time, he manipulates Ruka (episode 23) to do his bidding. His ability control device is the earing he has in his left ear. Narumi was Reo's senpai when they were in the Academy, and out of both of them, Reo thought that Narumi would be the one that would retaliate against the Academy, but now he believes that Narumi had betrayed him.

Yuka Azumi

*Gender: Female
*Age: 29
*Alice: Stealing-Alice, Instant Teleportation

Yuka is a member of the Anti-Alice organization and a bunch of people called Zeros. Later, she is revealed as Mikan’s mother, who is referred to as 'That Person'. Reo obviously stays in contact with her as he says things like 'check her profile'.Before, when they were in Alice Academy which Yuka, Narumi and Reo was getting along together in the Alice Academy but since years past. In recent chapters it was revealed that she was Luna's classmate and having Luna near Mikan at the academy was a trap set to lure Yuka back to Gakuen Alice, to protect her daughter from the Soul-sucking Alice Luna.She has two alices instant teleportation which was first discovered and alice stealing alice. She is sold to the academy by her parents because they needed money, and she has two younger siblings.

Mr. Hyūga

*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Fire

Mr. Hyūga is Natsume and Aoi's father. He is a painter and there are quite a number of artworks in his house. One of it is a portrait of Natsume's mother. He even said that Natsume looks like her too.

After the fire (created by Aoi) tore through their village, he was injured in this incident, but not seriously, yet still tried to stop Natsume from going to the Academy. Seeing that his father tried so hard to make him stay, Natsume started to cry. Natsume does not see his father again until Aoi is returned to him and they hug through a gate.

He only appears in the manga.

Mrs. Hyūga

*Gender: female
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Unknown, other than the fact that it was not fire.

Not much is known about her, other than she is dead. Luna seems to know the history of Mrs. Hyūga, which she hinted when she slapped Natsume across his face and said his red eyes were "ugly like his mother".

According to Mr. Hyūga, Natsume bears a striking resemblance of his mother, he also includes that Natsume has the same personality as his mother. He also said that his wife is like Madonna.

Ruka's mother

*Gender: Female
*Age: Unknown

Ruka's mother is French. When Ruka is still young, she desperately tries to protect Ruka from being taken away by the people from the Academy and even shouted at them.

It can be said that she is from a rich family according to her attire and she even employed 2 bodyguards to watch over Ruka in the school where Ruka met Natsume. She also smokes cigarettes. Her husband, Ruka's father was slightly shown in the manga causing his identity to sometimes be unknown.

She calls Ruka 'Ruru'

She only appears in the manga.


*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Barrier

He is Reo Mori's agent. He has the barrier Alice, which renders other Alices useless when caught inside the barrier. He also used to go to the Academy.


*Gender: Male
*Age: Unknown
*Alice: Barrier, Teleportation, Explosion, Illusion

Little is known about him, other than that he is Yuka's partner in "Z" organization. Yuka have placed different Alices inside his body because of her Alice ability"Alice Academy" Manga Chapter 89] , which is why he has multiple Alices to use. He seems to know Yuka's relationship with Mikan and he works closely with her. He used to be student in the academy as well.

He only appears in the manga.


Having appeared only once, he is a member of "Z" organization, and has the Alice that turns people to stone.

Mr. Bear

*Age: 7

A mute teddy bear with a freedom-loving soul. Commonly referred to as "Bear". Despite its cute outward appearance, it is extremely short-tempered and as a result, frequently lashes out his incredibly quick and heavy punches to any stranger that approaches him. It seems to enjoy beating up Mikan, punching her like a punching bag.

He only listens to Kaname, his creator; and Kaname's best friend, Tsubasa. However, even though neither Kaname nor Tsubasa were near him, he appeared to be listening to Mikan's instructions and playing with her when he joined her dodgeball team. Yū best describes this creature as a 'homicidal stuffed animal'. He first appeared in episode 3 when Mikan went into the Northern Woods which was dared by Natsume who wanted to find out her Alice.

Later on in the manga, he wanted Mikan to take his soul out and put it back into Kaname's body. He was heavily injured trying to protect Mikan from being bullied by the seniors. Mikan sewed him back together but he never woke up. Later on, Mikan brought Mr. bear to meet Kaname, but he reveals that Mr. Bear was only pretending to be dead. Kaname tells Mikan that Mr. Bear pretended to be dead because he wasn't used to anyone loving him except Kaname.

At first, it was Tsubasa's job to look after Mr. Bear during Kaname's absence. When Tsubasa found out that Mr. Bear protected and started to like Mikan, he asked Mikan to do the job for him. The relationship between Mikan and Mr. Bear would grow to the point that the stuffed animal would help protect Mikan when she and Natsume were trying to escape to Middle High School principal's shrine (building).


A robotic penguin built by Hotaru in the manga for a client. The client returned it when it began crying from being separated from Hotaru. It has a pouch from which odd tools are sometimes pulled out. For example, the aging candy.

It figured prominently in the Z arc when it stowed away in Mikan's backpack. It was at first a burden and Natsume wanted to abandon it. Mikan stopped him and in the end it proved its usefulness by fetching the antidote that was buried under some rubble. Afterwards the floor caved in, rescuing it would have caused someone's life and risked the others chances of living, so before they could try to save Penguin, it let go and allowed itself to fall into the hole in the compound.

The penguin never fails to cause others trouble, however at times [when it's not being completely moronic] it can be extremely considerate, like trying to gather food for others, though these "kind" actions usually only serve to stir up more trouble. It seems able to understand others' thoughts and actions completely, however it can only be understood by Hotaru, and sometimes Mikan. It has an antenna on its head, with which it is able to hear and transmitt the thoughts of Hotaru, even when Hotaru is many miles away.

When Hotaru was injured, Natsume was about to kick the penguin, but Hotaru warned him that the penguin was expensive and if it was damaged, he will pay for what he did later on. It also gave Ruka and Tsubasa the grapes that contains alcohol.

It only appears in the manga.


The gigantic mutated chick under the care of the Elementary Class B students. It first appeared in episode 4 after Mikan was beaten up by Mr. Bear.

Mikan once included Piyo to her dodgeball team, which was not a good idea because of its sheer size. Hotaru usually takes pictures of Ruka showing his 'affection' towards Piyo, which she often uses to blackmail him.


She is the robotic rector of the dormitory of Alice Academy. Takahashi can be really strict at times when she has to follow orders. She is introduced by linchō to Mikan when she arrived in the Academy.


A robot that looks exactly like Mikan (who unfortunately acts like her too), which Hotaru first invented when she came to the Academy. According to Amanatsu, she was made to look like Mikan so that she can make people's heart warm with her smile, just like what Mikan did to Hotaru.

In the anime, Amanatsu fights with the robot invented by a high school student, who has the same Alice as Hotaru. She wins the fight, but breaks herself when she tries to save Mikan.

Amanatsu appeared in episode 26 again, where she walked along with Hotaru when they were 'suppose' to transfer from the Academy (But the truth is, Hotaru just needed to move to somewhere else temporarily so she could do her research for a presentation for some French executives).

Amanatsu, like Mikan, means orange. (More literally, "Summer Orange")


Buta appears in the manga and is actually the author herself, Tachibana Higuchi. She occasionally appears in the anime dressed as a student sitting in the 3rd row, same as Hotaru, on the right side of the room. In the anime, she is first seen in episode two, where she was seen looking stressed while working on some manga.

In volume 12 of the manga, she was given a " 'Hana Hime' "(lit. Flower Princess) name, which is "Tachibana no kimi". It was revealed in the manga that she enjoys gardening.-


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