Jingmei (zh-cpwl|c=景美|p=Jǐngměi|w=Ching3-mei3|l=beautiful scenery) is a neighborhood in Taipei City. Formerly an administrative district, in 1990 it merged with Muzha into Wenshan District.

Jingmei is located south of Taipei Main Station, the city's main transportation hub. Jingmei is known for its locally famous night market. The market includes hundreds if not thousands of small street vendors, selling items including traditional Chinese and Taiwanese snacks, cheap clothes, and various other items. The Jingmei area also includes many stores, upscale restaurants, movie theaters, and Karaoke establishments, making it a popular destination for nights and weekends for the local population. Jingmei Night Market is accessible by subway via Jingmei Station, which is serviced by the Xindian Line of the MRT. Jingmei also serves as a small transportation hub for local buses, since many bus routes run through the area. Jingmei has a centrally located small park, adjacent to JingSing Junior High-School.

Several scenic walks and panoramic views of Jingmei and of downtown Taipei are available around HsianChien Temple. HsianChien is situated on a small hill and accessible by an easy path from Jingshin Street. The shortest route up and down takes about 20 minutes each way.

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