Table of administrative country subdivisions by country

Table of administrative country subdivisions by country

The table below indicates the types and, where known, numbers of administrative divisions currently (as of 2007) used by countries and their major dependent territories. It is ordered alphabetically by country name in English.


; Numbers of divisions : To simplify maintaining the table, numbers of divisions are only specified where a country has around thirty or fewer instances; for example, 2007, the twelve "qarku" (counties) of Albania. For numbers greater than thirty, the number rounded down to the nearest ten (or, in the case of thousands, the nearest hundred) is given, suffixed by a plus sign "+"; for example, the "300+" "komuna" (communes) of Albania. More precise figures should be found in the articles linked by the table.

; Terms in italics : Terms in "italics" are terms in languages other than English. They should be in plural form, followed by a footnote or footnotes indicating the generally accepted English equivalent or translation. Known alternative spellings are given in brackets following a term.

; Terms in brackets : Entries in standard brackets either indicate that the term used is informal or that its use is yet to be confirmed. An English term in square brackets indicates that the local name for the term is not yet known or confirmed; when confirmed, it is replaced by the local name in "italics".

; Footnote letters ( c d m p r ) : These indicate, respectively, five common types of administrative division in English: capitals; districts; municipalities; provinces; and regions. Other English terms appear among the numbered footnotes.

; British overseas territories and crown dependencies : Where these have administrative divisions, they are listed as if separate countries.

|Autonomous area or areas; see List of autonomous areas by country.] blocks.] boroughs.] cantons.] circles.] cities.] communes.] counties.] departments.] divisions.] fractions.] governorates.] localities.] neighbourhoods.] parishes.] prefectures.] quarters.] rural communities or rural districts.] sections.] sectors.] states.] subdistricts.] subprefectures.] subregions.] territories.] towns.] townships.] villages, village areas or village groups.] wards.]


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: cnbsp|4capital; see also Capitals serving as administrative divisions.: dnbsp|4districts.: mnbsp|3municipalities.: pnbsp|4provinces.: rnbsp|4regions.

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