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Kodansha Box is a publishing line from the major Japanese publishing house, Kodansha. Each book is packaged in a silver cardboard slip cover. Single-handedly edited by Katsushi Ōta who describes the lines as: "A collection of works on the theme of the adolescent mind. I hope it will become a sort of index of Japanese popular culture."cite web|language=Japanese|url=http://book.asahi.com/clip/TKY200701190282.html|title=清涼院流水・西尾維新が年間連載 月1巻「大河ノベル」|date=2007-01-19|publisher=Asahi.com Book|accessdate=2007-01-19] cite web|language=Japanese|url=http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/book/news/20070221bk02.htm|title=若者向け新レーベルに注目 斬新な大河小説や装丁|date=2007-02-21|publisher=Yomiuri Online|]

Kodansha Box began publishing in November 2006 with the slogan Everything is boxed, Kodansha Box.


* Ishin Nishio
* Ryusui Seiryoin
* Kinoko Nasu
* Otaro Maijo
* Ryukishi07


In February, 2008, Kodansha Box began publishing a literary magazine, called Pandora. According to the slogan, you never know what will come out... [ [http://shop.kodansha.jp/bc/kodansha-box/topics/pandora/ Kodansha Box Pandora page] ]


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