Nature One

Pydna during Nature One 2003
Nature One 2004 Camping grounds
Open Air Floor at Nature One 2009

Nature One is one of the largest European open air Electronic music festivals, featuring many renowned DJs from Germany and all over the world. In significance it is not as big as Mayday nor as old, having started 3 years later than the Mayday festival. However attendance has surpassed the Mayday, even when one takes into account that the Mayday only lasts one evening, while the Nature One has 2 main evenings with additional smaller events from Thursday till Sunday.

Unlike Love Parade, Nature One costs an admission of approximately 70 Euros (2010). But unlike the love parade, the only real damage to nature occurs by the trampling of the grass on the bunker hills and the fields used for camping (the crops have always been harvested by the time the festival starts).

As a special attraction there is a fireworks display on Saturday evening.

The festival lasts for one long weekend each year always on the first weekend of August.

In 2004 the festival had an attendance of roughly 53,000, with over 40,000 using the nearby fields for camping over the weekend (officially allowed and organized by the Nature One staff).

The camping ground has always been the second festival, with many hobby DJs and some commercially organized trucks, loaded with generators and fuel, the equipment rivaling small clubs in turntables, loudspeakers and sometimes even lighting. Some people who are either unwilling or unable to pay for admission to the festival area use this fact to have a cheaper alternative festival weekend.

The festival itself is structured into a few "main floors" called Open Air Floor and Century Circus each for a few thousand, Groovalistic Garden, and a few smaller areas, sometimes manned by techno club crews for a few hundred. The whole thing is located at a US missile base called "Pydna", now decommissioned, which has all necessary infrastructure and space for this kind of festival, a total of 100 000 m² (without camping, which takes up more than 1 km²).

Past and future Nature One

  • 1995 Motto: "Open Air Rave", the first Nature One at the Hahn US Airbase, 38 DJs and live acts, attendance: 13,000
  • 1996 Motto: "Open Air 96", Nature One moves to Pydna missile base, DJs and live acts: 40, attendance: 15,000
  • 1997 Motto: "The Festival". First camping grounds, 6,000 campers turn Nature One into a true "festival". 70 DJs and live acts, attendance: 20,000+
  • 1998 Motto: "Festival 98", 7 techno/house clubs move to Pydna for a weekend. DJs and live acts: 125, attendance: 25,000 / 10,000+ campers
  • 1999 Motto: "Festival 99" 11 clubs at Nature One. DJs and live acts: 178, attendance: 30,000 / 18,000 campers
  • 2000 Motto: "Sound of Love" 16 clubs build up their floors at Nature One, the festival extends to a warm-up party on Thursday, first Nature One with rain, which surprisingly did not dampen the mood much. DJs and live acts: 211, attendance: 36,000
  • 2001 Motto: "Super Natural". Attendance: 40,000
  • 2002 Motto: "Summer Sound System". Attendance: 45,000 visitors / 35,000 campers
  • 2003 Motto: "Alive & Kickin'". Attendance: 50,000 / almost 40,000 campers
  • 2004 Motto: "The Golden 10". Attendance: 53,000 / 40,000+ campers
  • 2005 Motto: "Mission to future" Attendance 48,000
  • 2006 Motto: "Live your passion" Attendance 45,000
  • 2007 Motto: "Das dreizehnte Land" Attendance 50,000
  • 2008 Motto: "Wake Up In Yellow" (Attendance 58,000)
  • 2009 Motto: "Smile is the answer" (Attendance 61,000)
  • 2010 Motto: "The Flag Keeps Flying" (Attendance 55,000)
  • 2011 Motto: "Go Wild - Freak Out" (Attendance 54,000)

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