Go After an Easy Prey

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Go After an Easy Prey (Chinese: 瓮中捉鳖) is a Chinese animated film in black and white from 1948. It is also referred to as "Turtle Caught in a Jar".


The title of the film is a phrase describing something as easy to catch as a turtle. The off English translation maybe "shooting fish in a barrel".


The film was produced by the Northeast Film Studio during its transitional phase with the downfall of the puppet government Manchukuo [Cyyy. " [http://www.cyyy.com.cn/newpage1.htm Cyyy] ." "Changchun." Retrieved on 2007-01-18.] .


The film is believed to be more of a documentary view of China's civil war in the 1940s when Chiang Kai-shek was considered to be favored and aided by U.S imperialism. He was metaphorically described as trapped like a turtle by the People's Liberation Army [Mtime. " [http://www.mtime.com/movie/44288/ Mtime] ." "Go after an Easy Prey." Retrieved on 2007-01-18.] . This is possibly China's first use of animation directly as a propaganda tool.weasel-inline


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* [http://www.cnmdb.com/title/6331/ The film at China's Movie Database]

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