Baghe Mozaffar

Infobox television
show_name = Baghe Mozaffar

caption =
format = Satire
runtime = approx. 45 min.
creator = Mehran Modiri
written by = Peiman Ghasem-khani
produced by = Hamid Aghagolian
Majid Aghagolian
starring = Mehran Modiri
Siamak Ansari
Reza Shafiei Jam
Mohammad Reza Hedayati
Nader Soleimani
Nasrollah Radesh
Shaghayegh Dehghan
Sahar Ja'fari Jozani
Behnoosh Bakhtiari
Hadi Kazemi
Elika Abdolrazzaghi
Ali Lakpourian
Saeid Pirdoost
Saed Hedayati
Mohammad Javad Ezzati
Mahlagha Bagheri
Shayan Ahadifar
Negar Pilaram
country =
production co. = IRIB
network = Channel 3
first_aired = 2006 December
last_aired = 2007 19th January
num_episodes = 40 |

Baghe Mozaffar (in Persian: باغ مظفر) is an Iranian satire television series.


* Directed by: Mehran Modiri
* Writer-in-chief: Peiman Ghasem-khani
* Genre: Satire
* Running Time: about 45 minutes
* Episodes: 40
* Produced by: Hamid & Majid Aghagolian
* Production of :
* Produced in : 2006 December and 2007 January


* Mehran Modiri as Mozaffar khan & narrator
* Siamak Ansari as Kamran
* Reza Shafiei Jam as Gholmorad
* Mohammad Reza Hedayati as Mansoor khan
* Nader Soleimani as Bordbar
* Nasrollah Radesh as Heif-e-nan
* Shaghayegh Dehghan as Nazi
* Sahar Ja'fari Jozani as Forough
* Behnoosh Bakhtiari as Sheida
* Hadi Kazemi as Nima
* Ali Lakpourian as Jamshid
* Saeid Pirdoost as Kambiz
* Saed Hedayati as Parviz
* Elika Abdolrazaghi as Nazi's mother


* Mehran Modiri,one of the most popular directors of satire and comedy TV series in Iran today, started to make this series in the autumn of 2006.
* At first, Javad Razavian was planned to play a role in this series but instead of him, Reza Shafiei Jam appeared in Baghe Mozaffar.
* The theme is about a family of masters living in a house named "Baghe Mozaffar".
* Mehran Modiri has two roles in this series: He is "Mozaffar Khan" and also he hosts the adventures.


Siamak Ansari Stars as a Kamran, A young strange man who works in a transportation Company who is ran by Mr. Bordbaar, a fat man who easily laughs at anything. Mr Bordbaar along with his son are careless people and Kamran is the only person that is helping the company. Kamran is a shy, hard-working and strange person to the Bordbaar family. Kamran is also in love with Nazi who is Bordbaar's daughter, who is in love with her old fiance. Kamran is too shy to show his feelings for Nazi. Kamran's dad "Mozzafar Khan Zargande" is a Khan who lives his life like old Tehran Khans.

Kamran also has a sister Forough Khanoom, who is snobby, spoiled and does whatever she likes to do. She is a widow, and her past husbands have been killed by strange accidents that have something to do with how mean she is. They also have a Servant, named "Heyfe Naan" which means "worthless". He craves for punishment and foul language from his masters. They also have a sloppy, worthless lawyer, who is trying to get the family to sell the garden. According to Jamshid, the lawyer, Tehran is going to have a highway that runs through the garden and they should sell it before the price drops drastically. The Zargande family live in a huge garden which is shared by Mozzafar Khan's Cousin, Mansour Khan. Mansour Khan, suffers from short term memory-loss, hates his cousin, and is old with no family of his own. The story will go on about Kamran in pursue of his love.


* Mehran Modiri as Mozaffar Khan: - We are dinning "(Ghazā mikhorim)"- Give me the jam."(morabbā bedeh bābā)"

* Siamak Ansari as Kamran:- I won't divorce Nazi "(man nāzi ro talāgh nemidam)"- (When the cell-phone calls, Kamran says): Later (Then Kamran throws the phone) "(Kamran vaghti telephone zang mizaneh : ring... ring...badan!) "

* Nader Soleimani as Bordbar:- You make mistake! "(to ghelat mikeni)"

* Mohammad Reza Hedayati as Mansour Khan:- Wow! What a prestigious girl! Will you marry me? "(ai voh! cheh khānūmeh bā shakhsiyati, bā man ezdevāj mokoni nenneh?)"

* Reza Shafiei Jam as Gholmorad:- Gholmorad is laughing. Gholmorad is crying."(Gholmorād dāreh mīkhandeh. Gholmorād dāreh gerieh mīkoneh)"

Criticisms against this series

Mehran Modiri is considered one of the greatest satire directors in Iran. He has made popular series like Pavarchin and Shabhaye Barareh. His work in Baghe Mozaffar has also received some criticism.

Among their criticism are:
* The series has more advertisements than his previous series.
* The characters of Baghe Mozaffar are not real, they are all imaginary, which is not the case for Shabhare Barare.
* There were ample recommendations about paying tax, fish-eating, and reducing gas consumption.

The Characters of the series

* Mozaffar Khan "(acted by:Mehran Modiri)" According to the film , Mozaffar Khan is a formal person .He can't understand the meaning of love and affection.
He speaks in ancient Persian.

* Mansour Khan "(acted by:Mohammad Reza Hedayati)"Mansour Khan is Mozaffar Khan 's cousin. He suffers from short-term memory-loss. This matter makes the film more interesting.

ee also

* Noghtechin
* Pavarchin
* comedy films in cinema of Iran
* Mehran Modiri Filmography

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