Infinity (wargame)

"Infinity" is a science fiction skirmish-level tabletop miniature wargame produced by Corvus Belli. Set about 175 years into the future, players of the game enact a skirmish between opposing forces using 28 mm scale miniatures and utilizing a flexible order system, allowing involved gameplay for both players regardless of whose turn it is. Anime/manga influences are present within the game.



In a time about 175 years into the future, mankind has, via the use of wormholes, successfully utilised space travel to travel to, and colonise, distant worlds, eventually allowing humanity to reside on 11 separate star systems in total. Administered by an international system known as 'O-12', and assisted by an all-pervasive Artificial Intelligence (simply known as 'Aleph'), the known space of mankind (referred to as the 'Human Sphere') expands by the day.

However, even with such progress, times are rarely truly peaceful, as humanity has again divided itself into several factions as determined by ancient cultures and recent enmities. The need for space, resources, power, or even basic survival driving conflict between the human civilisations, Great or otherwise. To make things worse, there have been ever-increasing news of a great hostile alien invasion force, consisting of a multitude of species controlled by an ancient and highly advanced form of A.I., approaching the Human Sphere, one superior in many ways to humanity. Already a scouting force of the aliens have established a foothold on human space, and are resisting all attempts to remove them...

The time for War is once again approaching.

The Human Sphere

The 11 Systems of the Human Sphere, while large indeed, is mostly subdivided up into various zones of control by the different human powers. While some are shared or under the jurisdiction of the O-12, most systems are directly controlled by different powers. Wormhole travel between the systems is achieved by the use of massive commercial ships utilising said wormholes, usually moving in a circular pattern around the Human Sphere. Such ships, known as 'Circulars' travel different routes between different systems, allowing contact and trade between Humanity to take place.

The 11 systems include (in no particular order):

*Yu Jing
*Arsch (Bourak)
*Paradiso (Paradise)
*Human's Edge
*Amanecer (Dawn)


O-12, an international organization holding great power, stands over all this to maintain peace and order. It deals with all the tasks of supra-state character such as the maintenance and supervision of ALEPH, the Artificial Intelligence of Humanity, responsible for the management of the large information and infrastructures systems. ALEPH, fruit of the most advanced quantronics (electronics in a quantum state), is a fundamental instrument for the advance and development of the Human Sphere.

Another task for 0-12 is the control of the Circulars, monstrous cargo ships, capable of jumping worm holes that connect the divers star systems. The Circulars follow fixed inter system routes, collecting other ships, cargos and passengers, maintaining the flow of commerce throughout the Human Sphere.


The data network of the Sphere, Cyberspace, the virtual space by which information travels and is stored, is known as Maya. Home and feud of ALEPH, through Maya you can navigate looking for information and entertainment. The leisure industry is centralised in the Maya network, where you can enjoy cinema, music, sport and arts and any type of amusement and entertainment. At the moment the most fashionable extreme contact sport is "Aristeia!" This is a circuit of high level duels and armed combats.

The most advanced Medicine allows whims like "Aristeia!" but also the lengthening of life and combined with the best and costliest technology, practically guarantees corporal immortality.

The Cube, very common in the Sphere, is a sophisticated brain implant of wetware, a quantronic biotechnological microprocessor where you can record the memories and personality of its carrier. Once dead – and thanks to the synthesis of Silk, a powerful drug developed by haqqislamist chemists – the Cube can be implanted in a Lhost, a clonically adapted biosynthetic body. The process that allows resuscitation of those stored in Cubes is very expensive due to the high price of Silk, which is an exclusive monopoly of Haqqislam. Moreover, the institutions that regulate the Resurrections – religious organizations in PanOceania or the Party in Yu Jing, for example – issue few licences, exclusively for those who demonstrate their personal worth as members of the society.

The advanced combination of biogenic technology and experimental Cubes, together with the great computational capacity of ALEPH, has permitted the development of the denominated Recreations, sophisticated Lhosts who carry faithful simulations of the personalities of important historical figures. These Recreations, with talents adapted to present times, work as diplomats, soldiers, communicators or artists, loaned by ALEPH to those who ask for and finance their creation.

At present, the comlog has become an indispensable element for any citizen. Indeed so pervasive is its effects that some persons on removing their Comlogs to travel to Ariadna (this is required by law) have had psychotic fits. The Comlog allows one to access MAYA, communicate, search and work.

The factions


"Long before the present time, humanity have divided themselves into their various factions (mostly along politico-cultural lines) into the current powers, which came into being due to various reasons, the result of which caused many nation-states to consolidate into the larger socio-political entities of the present time. The three powers that were thus formed on Earth were PanOceania, Yu Jing and Haqqislam. As humanity reached more inhabitable systems during the early stages of expansion of the Human Sphere, such systems were divided up among themselves, the resulting portions due directly to the military strengths of the competitors, though some systems ended under joint control or under O-12 neutrality. The later formation of Aleph, while easing the burden of governance for each power, resulted in many dissatisfied citizens in all three powers. These people eventually struck out on their own, away from the influence of Aleph, to live among the stars in three massive self-supporting starships. Thus the faction known as the Nomads were formed. In the years preceding the current date, the discovery of the last known star system, Dawn, yielded a surprising discovery, for in that system, the descendants of a colony ship previously thought lost long ago were found. Long separation from the rest of humanity and prolonged isolation on the planet Araidnes made the colonists a hardy but somewhat technologically backwards people, forming the Ariadna faction, one struggling not to be assimilated by other powers. As the five human factions continue to fight among themselves, an alien threat is making its way into Human Space. The Combined Army 'faction' thus far has resisted all attempts to dislodge them, and more are coming by the day..."

Infinity includes 6 main factions at present as well as Mercenaries. Each human faction hails from a certain cultural background on Earth and all factions have certain advantages and disadvantages unique to each of them.


PanOceania, abbreviated as 'PanO', is currently (by a small margin) the most powerful human faction in the Human Sphere, one of two with significant clout. Being a union between India, the Oceania nations, and many other former western colonies, PanO rose to prominence after the collapse of the North American-EU bloc due to the Aurora Incident. While many contemporary Western nations are not present in PanO, many of their influences are evident in the nations that constitute PanO. Western thoughts, religion (Christianity), and technologies have made their mark on PanO, making it the dominant aspect of PanO 'culture'. Even so however, there are many other cultures existing in PanO (Hinduism being a notable example) co-existing with each other. While PanO has much to be pleased about, controlling the most territory in the Human Sphere, there is nevertheless a darker side to it. Despite being a model cultural 'melting pot', there are many insurmountable differences between its peoples, many of which aggravated by a lobby-based democratic system favoring larger, mutually antagonistic factions (most notably the Church). And like their spiritual-ideological forebears, PanO is only too happy, given the chance, to use its powerful armies to obtain what they desire from other factions, should words fail to 'convice' them otherwise...

In gameplay, PanO forces are characterised by their (somewhat) superior shooting skills and a multitude of powerful T.A.G.s at their disposal. Average in cost, they however have somewhat lower close-combat skills and willpower compared to other factions.

Yu Jing

Yu Jing, like PanO, is one of two factions with significant influence in the Human Sphere. Formed when the territories of East Asia (as well as parts of Northern and South-East Asia) were (re)unified under one rule by China, Yu Jing was one of three major powers formed in the aftermath of the Aurora Incident. Unlike other factions, the constituent territories that make up Yu Jing are culturally similar/identical to the dominant Chinese culture, which has influenced them for millennia. Culturally united and with great discipline, Yu Jing has, despite the odds, managed to merge cherished traditions and modern technologies to create a force that rivals even that of PanO, though much remains to be improved upon. Unlike the brute force tactics favoured by PanO, Yu Jing prefers the use of diplomacy and carefully planned schemes that, if successful, would give them whatever they require without a fight. Should intrigue unfortunately fail, the armies of Yu Jing are often more than sufficient for the task. However the method used to further their cause, the people of Yu Jing, whether on Earth, the binary capital worlds of Yu Jing itself, or on contested Svalarheima and Paradise, "knows" that it is a matter of time before they, reach primacy and become the dominant force in the human sphere...

In gameplay, Yu Jing forces are characterised by their superior close-combat skills and willpower, coupled with a significantly higher proportion of power-armoured heavy troops in the armed forces. Though average shooters, their specialization in close-combat skills results in them having somewhat inflated point costs, though their army is by-and-large balanced. More so than other armies, the forces of Yu Jing require careful planning in order to maximise their strengths, especially so when the ruleset makes their combat style risky.

Recent additions to the Yu Jing army have added to that balance.


Haqqislam, or 'New Islam' in Arabic, is the third of the factions formed after the Aurora Incident. A branch of Islam, it was founded by the philosopher Farhad Khadivar, who proposed a radically different interpretation of Islam, one that focuses almost exclusively on the aqquistion of knowledge combined with humanism. This eventually put them at odds with the other branches of Islam, so much so, then when space travel was made possible, the followers chose to move their homes to the distant system of Bourak, away from the fratricidal conflict engulfing their fellow Muslims. With their emphasis on human knowledge, the people of Haqqislam enjoy an advantage in biological and environmental technologies, making their qualities of life somewhat better than other factions. Their specialised knowledge has proven to be a useful asset, allowing them great mercantile potency (especially due to their current monopoly on Silk) and better specialists in their armies. However, their specialisation in peaceful technologies leaves them somewhat lacking in those of war, ensuring that their overall influence in the Human Sphere is limited, though they are by no means helpless...

In gameplay, Haqqislam forces are characterised by strong willpower and a greater number of specialists in the armed forces. Somewhat expensive in cost, their numbers are somewhat reduced as a result, ensuring that any losses are costly indeed. Ranged and melee skills are also average, making the use of specialists even more important in battle.


The Nomads, unlike the other factions, was formed long after the Aurora Incident, in a time when space travel became routine. They consist of former citizens of other factions and unaligned Earth nations who chose to separate themselves from the rest of humanity after the establishment of Aleph. While Aleph plays an important role in the Human Sphere, its pervasive influence made such people concerned of its implications. Rather than to subject themselves to it, for whatever reason, they chose to leave the rest of the Human Sphere in three separate starships, each a colossal structure capable of supporting an ecosystem. Comprising of oblivious idealists, criminal elements, and everybody in between, they are seen by other peoples, with some justification, as the riff-raff of humanity, unbound by the normal rules governing human behavior. Indeed, their societies are based on virtually unfettered freedom, and all the consequences that result, only kept barely in control by the 'security forces' of the ships by plain simple force. Excellent traders due to the local cut-throat environments, they often sell their unique and/or forbidden services to other human factions in order to supplement themselves. Normally distrusted by O-12 due to their 'uncontrollability', they have proven themselves indispensable against the ongoing onslaught of the Combined Army...

In gameplay, Nomad forces are characterised by having average scores in all stats, with no particular advantages or disadvantages. Their unique technologies do grant them bonuses in certain areas, especially hacking and Remote technology, but they are otherwise the jack-of-all-trades in warfare.


Araidna, unlike all the other human factions, was actually formed before the Aurora Incident, and were among those most affected by it. The faction takes its name from the colony ship, the first of its kind, that successfully traveled through a wormhole to the distant star system known as 'Dawn'. Once established there, they were supposed to be joined by other colonists of the next ship from Earth, the Aurora, but before she could pass though the wormhole, it collapsed on her and sealed off Dawn from Earth. While the Incident would lead to great changes on Earth, to those of Araidna, it caused their isolation from the rest of Humanity until their rediscovery several decades later. In the time preceding their rediscovery, the colonists descended into an 'international' civil war, which eventually resulted in the Cossacks holding the reins of power once fighting between each other died down. Their combat skills were not forgotten however, as the planet they were on proved hostile as well, resulting in a most resilient people(s), though their isolation and constant warfare stunted technological development. When finally rediscovered, their resource-rich planet and technologically inferior status proved tempting targets for exploitation, especially by PanO, though attempts at such exploitation proved mostly futile thus far. Nevertheless, the people of Araidna were happy to trade with other human factions and (re)establish themselves in the Human Sphere, though they fiercely retain their right for independence...

In gameplay, Araidna forces are characterised by having a better Physique and cheap in cost, but are otherwise average. Their technological inferiority compels them to specialise in guerrilla tactics, with a significant use in camouflage to complement their simpler (but no-less-deadly Armour Piercing) weaponry, as well as their great mobility.

Combined Army

The Combined Army (CA), composed of a myriad of alien races under the control of the Evolved Intelligence (EI), an AI more advanced than even the Aleph, It was first contacted a few years before the present time...when they invaded the planetary system of Paradise. Of unknown origins and age, the EI is thought to have subjugated many other alien civilizations unknown to man, utterly destroying many and 'recruiting' others in an ever-growing army of conquest from its expanding dominions in space. By chance a CA expedition made contact with the Human Sphere...and promptly declared war. Thus far, humanity's attempts to expel their presence has failed, due to the superior alien technologies and physiologies the CA process, and their presence is slowly growing by the day, as more of their reinforcements arrive.

With Humanity's incessant conflicts with each other, will the attempt by the CA to assimilate the Human Sphere actually succeed? Only time can tell now...

In gameplay, CA forces are characterised by having superior stats, and subsequently higher costs, compared to other factions. Their advanced technologies, and unique abilities, also give them a great advantage in combat. While fairly low in numbers, they are nevertheless a dangerous opponent to deal with.



Like other tabletop wargames, players assemble (and paint) a combat force of several miniatures. As a skirmish-level wargame, only a relatively small number of miniatures are actually required to play, though the actual miniatures used are determined by a chosen total 'army' point values as well as the unit availability (AVA) and Support Weapons Cost (SWC), limiting specific units and special/heavy weapons and equipment respectively in the 'army'. During the game, which is turned-based alternating between the players, unit actions are determined by a d20 dice, where a score below the attribute score of the unit in question usually results in success. Unit actions themselves are, on the active side, determined by the number of Orders available, where a single miniature present usually 'provides' an Order to use. Such Orders are used by miniatures to perform basic actions. Using more Orders on a single miniature allows it to perform additional actions. Should the miniature being used come into contact and/or affect in any way other opposing miniatures, such miniatures are often allowed an Automatic Reaction Order (ARO) in order to 'react' against the incoming miniature. During actual combat (ranged or melee) between two miniatures, a Face to Face (FoF) roll is taken using a d20. The miniature successful in that roll wins the combat, or complete whatever action it was ordered to do. As in other wargames, the game usually ends when one side destroys (or routs) the enemy. Terrain also plays a very important part of gameplay.



Nisses from Svalarheima

The PanOceanian Nisses are battle hardened members of the Tactical Assault Group from Svalarheima, designated for protection and Advanced Force operations. Every member of the Nisses receive special training to be able to work in frozen habitats giving them the abilty to fight in any cold climate, whether it is in ice deserts, tundra or mountains, as their home planet, Svalarheima, possesses an implacably hostile climate. This multi terrain ability has found numerous uses against the other factions, particularily in the Neo Colonial wars.

In game terms, Nisses multi terrain skill is most useful on tables where there is a lot of cover or features on the board. As Infinity has such a low model count, units that can multi task are highly useful, especially when it comes to multi terrain ability.

Holy Military Order Of The Knights Of Santiago

"To reject a challenge to do battle would not sit well with a son of the Apostle Santiago"

Reply of the Abbott-Commodore Ulloa to the Yu Jing Admiralty at the nval battle of Trojan Point T1 (Edge of Humanity, NeoColonial Wars) who demanded the surrender of his forces.

The trading routes taken by the Circulars are also used by many PanOceanian citizens on their pilgrimages to the sacred places of the Earth and Neoterra. The Order of Santiago, with the blessing of PanOceania and O-12, has taken on the task of providing and coordinating assistance and protection to these pilgrims and to the Circulars that use these routes.

The Knights of Santiago form a part of the officer corps of the PanOceanian Navy, and are normally assigned to frontline ships. The members of the Order are amongst the best prepared and most specialized in the Human Sphere. The operational objectives of their boarding units is to assault and secure hostile ships and vessels both in deep space in planetary orbit, and this type of operation means that they are always in the first line of fire. The Knights of Santiago have to break through the enemy defences by locking on to assault vectors that take advantage of the briefest openings in the enemy vessel's defences. Knocked around in the acceleration chambers of their boarding capsules, they have to fight against the overwhelming fatigue to which they are subjected through hours of high-speed manoeuvering.

Once the enemy vessel's hull has been breached and penetrated, they have to fight from compartment to compartment, from locker to locker, until each section is made fast. In general these maneuvers are real death traps, but as they also considered to be the fastest and most effect way of naval boarding, they are favoured by the Order, and it has to be said, the Knights know their patron, the Apostle Santiago, favours and rewards the most hazardous ventures as and when the faith is accompanied by an indomitable courage.


"Tutor et Ultor" (Protector and Avenger)

Regimental motto of the Neoterran Auxillia

The Auxillia is namegiven to the light infantry regiments of Neoterra, stationed in the garrisons of the


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* [ English Beta Rules]
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