List of current Image Comics publications

Image Comics is an American comic book company. These are the ongoing and current limited series publications it is currently and slated to be releasing under its own brand and with publication deals with Todd McFarlane Productions, Desperado Publishing, 12 Gauge Productions, Beckett Comics and Top Cow Productions:



*"Age Of Bronze" 1998-
*"The Amazing Joy Buzzards" 2005- (second volume)
*"Ant" 2005- (second volume, previous volume from Arcana Studio)
*"The Atheist" 2005-


*"The Battle Hymn" 2004-2005
*"Battle Pope" 2005- (second volume, previous volume from Funk-o-Tron)
*"Beyond Avalon" 2005-
*"Blacklight" 2005-
*"Brit" 2007-
*"Bonerest" 2005-
*"Bomb Queen" 2006
*"Burglar Bill" 2004-2005 (second volume)


* Casanova 2006
*"Case Files: Sam and Twitch" 2003-
*"City of Heroes 2005- (second volume, previous volume from Blue King Studios)


*"The Darkness" 2002- (second volume)
*"Deadworld" 2005- (third volume, previous volume from Caliber Press)
*"The Detonator" 2004-
*"Down" 2005-2006
*"Dynamo 5" 2007-


*"The Expatriate" 2005-


*"Fear Agent" 2005-
*"Fell" 2005-
*"Ferro City" 2005-
*"Flaming Carrot Comics" 2004-
*"Freshmen 2005-


*"The Gift" 2004-, previously published by Raven Publications 2003-2004
*"Girls" 2005-2007
*"Gødland" 2005-
*"Grounded" 2005-2006
*"GunCandy" 2005


*"Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort" 2004-2005
*"Hero Camp" 2005
*"Hunter-Killer" 2005-


*"The Imaginaries" 2005
*"Invincible" 2003-
*"The Iron Ghost" 2005-2006


*"Jack Staff" 2003-


*"Liberty Meadows" 2002- (second volume)


*"Mora" 2005-


*"The Necromancer" 2005-
*"Noble Causes" 2004- (second volume)
*"NYC Mech: Beta Love" 2005


*"The Portent"
*"PvP" 2003- (second volume)


*"Rex Mundi" 2002-
*"Rising Stars: Voices of the Dead" 2005
*"Rocketo: Journey to the hidden Sea HIDDEN SEA" 2005-

*"The Savage Dragon" 1993- (second volume)
*"Savage Dragon: God War" 2004-2005
*"Sea of Red" 2005-
*"Season of the Witch" 2005-2006
*"ShadowHawk" 2005- (third volume)
*"Small Gods" 2004-
*"Spawn" 1992-
*"Spawn Manga" 2005-
*"The Stardust Kid" 2005
*"Strange Girl 2005-
*"SuperPatriot: War on Terror" 2004-2005
*"Sylvia Faust" 2004-2005


*"V.I.C.E." 2005-


*"The Walking Dead" 2003-
*"Waterloo Sunset" 2004-2005
*"Witchblade" 1995-


*"Battle of the Planets: Coup de Gras" 2005
*"The Night Club" 2005
*"Tellos: Second Coming" 2005
*"Tomb Raider" 2005- (second volume)


Titles that have been cancelled, ended, replaced or put on hiatus but have issues remaining to be printed are: .

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