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religion = Nondenominational
head of school = John J. King
director of admissions = Joseph Hemmings
established = 1804
type = Private, Boarding
city = Hebron
state = ME
country = USA
campus = Rural - 1500 acres
enrollment = 250
faculty = 45
class = 12
ratio = 6:1
motto = Trust. Honor. Respect
year = 2008
athletics = 16 interscholastic
colors = Green & White
mascot = Lumberjack
homepage = [http://www.hebronacademy.org/ www.hebronacademy.org] |

Hebron Academy, founded in 1804, is a small, independent, college preparatory boarding and day school for boys and girls in grades six through postgraduate. At Hebron students from across the United States and around the world are challenged and inspired to reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit through small classes, knowledgeable and caring teachers who provide individual attention, and a friendly, respectful, family atmosphere.


Hebron Academy is one of the nation's oldest endowed boarding schools: the school was chartered in 1804 and opened its doors in 1805. In 2004, the school celebrated 200 years of rich history. For two centuries, the Hebron’s mission and core values have remained consistent with its original charter: that students be taught liberal arts and sciences and educated to revere life and to respect and honor individuality. Hebron entered its Third Century as an educational community focused on helping each student understand and reach his or her highest potential in mind, body, and spirit.

Early History

Hebron Academy was founded by Revolutionary War veterans from Massachusetts who received land in the “district of Maine” as compensation for their military service. They settled the community in the late 1700’s, established a church, and then chartered the school in 1804. The pioneers were “poor in goods, but rich in courage and hope.” The early settlers faced many challenges, including making a living in the wilderness, building a community, governing themselves, and educating young people in such a thinly populated settlement. Among the settlers was Deacon William Barrows, who led the effort to establish Hebron Academy and was a member of its Board of Trustees for 33 years, until his death in 1837. Interest in the school stretched well beyond the small settlement of Hebron. Five of the nine original trustees came from surrounding towns including New Gloucester, Paris, Turner, and Minot. The school opened its doors in 1805 to 25 young scholars, boys and girls. Many students rented rooms from Deacon Barrows and area farmers. By 1807, there were 50 students. The first dorm would not be built until 1829. From the beginning, Hebron was an inclusive, welcoming community. Girls learned alongside boys. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s students arrived from Mongolia, Burma, India, and Bulgaria. The school year in the 1800’s was much different than what is typical today, as was the organization of classes. The schedule was often affected by the weather and farming needs. Courses started fresh during the terms to accommodate short-term students who arrived from farms or workshops. There was a college-prep track, and a non-college-prep track (girls were not going on to college). Some students were as young as 10, while others were 30 year old war veterans. Enrollment varied widely depending on the term. Early subjects included Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, English, mathematics, geography, history, natural sciences (anatomy, physiology, mineralogy, astronomy, botany, natural philosophy or physics, and chemistry), civil polity, logic, rhetoric, mental philosophy, English grammar, parsing, Webster’s dictionary, and English composition. Debating was an important activity for many years. The school was not organized into classes and students did not officially “graduate.” Those planning to attend college studied until they felt they had prepared enough to pass a college entrance exam. Many Academy students went on to Dartmouth, Harvard, Bowdoin, and Colby. The school began official commencement exercises in 1878. Commencement exercises would last all day, with dozens of speeches and music recitals.

The 1900’s

Around 1913, girls’ registration at the school began declining. By this time, several hundred Maine girls were attending “normal schools” for teacher training, and they did not need a high school diploma to enter these schools. At the same time, free public schools were improving. In the spring of 1922, only 36 girls registered. After graduation that year Hebron Academy became a boys’ school. When World War I arrived, at least three faculty men resigned to enter the war and several students enlisted. Many alumni also fought in the war. Harold T. Andrews (1914) died in the battle of Cambrai in 1917, and was the first Maine boy to die in the war. A Portland post of the America Legion carries his name. Philip Frothingham (1915) was killed in an airplane accident in France and the Portland post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars bears his name. World War II had a far greater impact on the school. Twenty-eight students left school in 1943 to join the armed forces. In May of that year, the school closed and would remain closed until 1945. In 1969, applications began to decline. It was part of a trend common among independent boarding schools. In the early 1970’s, Hebron returned to its roots by reopening its doors to girls and welcoming young people from the area to attend as day students.

ports and Activities

The tradition at Hebron has long been “athletics for all.” Hebron organized its first baseball game in 1862. Gould Academy, Bridgton Academy, Norway High School and Hebron Academy formed a county athletic league in 1890. Football began in 1893. Hebron held its first annual “Athletic Exhibition,” with the horizontal bar, parallel bars, Swedish horse, flying rings, and tumbling, in 1896. Hockey began in 1921 and Hebron was home to America’s first covered school ice arena in 1925. Cross-country started in 1925, winter sports (ski events, snowshoe races, skating) in 1925, and swimming in 1930. In 1931, Hebron teams won State championships in football, cross-country, basketball, hockey, outdoor track, and baseball. Hebron held its first annual winter carnival in 1927. An Outing Club started in the 1930’s and maintained camps on nearby Streaked Mountain and Marshall Pond. Music was a popular activity, and the school had several groups, including a dance band, orchestra, and vocal quartet. The school established a Cum Laude chapter in 1927 to honor students for scholastic achievement. Cum Laude is a national honor society for independent schools. Green Key, which hosts guests and provides campus tours, started in 1949. Hebron held its first reunion in 1883 and alumni associations began meeting in New York City, Boston, and Portland around 1913.

Recent Heads of School

*William E. Sargent, 1885-1921
*Ernest C. Marriner, Acting Principal Jan. – June 1921
*James W. Howlett, 1921-1922
*Ralph L. Hunt, 1922-1943
*Claude L. Allen, Jr., 1946-1972
*David Rice, 1972-1977
*John Leyden, 1977-1985
*David Buran, 1986-1994
*Richard B. Davidson, 1994-2001
*John J. King, 2001-Present


Hebron offers a traditional college-preparatory curriculum with several Advanced Placement and Honors options and with a breadth of offerings in subjects such as religion and philosophy, fine and performing arts, and environmental studies. The school is a member of the Cum Laude Society.Areas of study include English, Mathematics and Computer Studies, Social Studies, Languages, Science, Fine and Performing Arts, and Religion and Ethics.AP options include English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Art, Latin, French, and Spanish.

Academic Support Center

Modeled on services available at most colleges, the Academic Support Center is for those who have the aptitude to succeed at Hebron but who may have mild educational needs or lack adequate study strategies and organizational skills. The program helps students become reliable self-advocates as they grow to understand their own needs, both in and out of the classroom.


Hebron Academy has one of the most comprehensive athletic programs in northern New England. Students may participate in a wide variety of seasonal interscholastic sports at both the varsity and sub varsity levels. Hebron competes with public and independent schools from Maine and New England. The athletic program complements and supports the aims of the Academy’s academic programs.The Academy requires all students, with the exception of those students with physical disabilities, to participate in the school's athletic program at least two of the three seasons of the school year. The third season may also be devoted to athletics or to another afternoon activity. Each athlete participating in a sport is assigned to a team based on his or her demonstrated ability or potential. Schedules for each team reflect the strength and intensity of the program.Members of the Hebron faculty coach our teams with enthusiasm and respect for athletic endeavor. Girls’ soccer and field hockey have recently won their divisional championships. The boys’ hockey team has regularly appeared in the New England Prep School Hockey Tournament. Individual swimmers, runners, and skiers have qualified for regional and national Junior Olympic competitions.

pecial Programs

The Outdoor Education Program

Hebron Academy's fantastic setting, including 1,500 acres with three mountains, two lakes, two stands of second growth forest, several miles of trails, two waterfront campsites, a number of pitches for rock climbing and a fully-stocked outdoor center and boathouse, affords students limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation and learning. Add a Director of Outdoor Education who is a Registered Maine Guide, Wilderness First Responder, NATO certified telemark ski instructor and NWS certified weather spotter, and a faculty that includes two Registered Maine Guides, two Wilderness First Responders, an EMT and many outdoor enthusiasts, and you have the makings for an exceptional Outdoor Education Program.The Outdoor Education Program is a co-curricular program which meets every afternoon after classes. It is an alternative to competitive athletics, but is by no means and alternative to being physically active. This program satisfies Hebron Academy’s physical activity requirement by providing students with the opportunity to learn about and participate in sports and activities which they can engage in for the rest of their lives. One of the primary goals of the program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge essential for safe and comfortable backcountry travel. Our standards are set in part by the Junior Maine Guide Certification program. Students learn orienteering, low-impact camping, wet day fires, trip planning and many other skills. It also teaches wilderness first aid and emergency procedures, flat and whitewater paddling, snowshoeing, rock climbing, backpacking, mountaineering and leadership skills. Students learn how to sensibly acquire and use appropriate gear and clothing. Each season there is an overnight trip planned by the students. Some recent overnights have included camping on Mt. Washington and on the Maine coast.

Post Graduate Program

Each year, 15-20 students enroll in the Hebron Academy postgraduate program to improve study and organizational skills, enhance athletic or artistic talents, and continue their personal growth. They are fully active members of the school community, participating academically, artistically, athletically, and socially. At commencement, Hebron's postgraduates are mature, self-confident, and well prepared for the many challenges of college and beyond.

Benefits of the Hebron Academy postgraduate year include:
*A select faculty group that meets with postgraduate students exclusively to address their unique goals, challenges, and opportunities.
*Postgraduate-specific scheduling: an English class for postgraduates only, as well as a College Review Math class.
*An advisory program that supports students in making some of their own decisions, but with more guidance and structure than found in college.
*Access to a dedicated faculty and committed college counselors.
*A wide range of academic, leadership, athletic, and artistic opportunities.

International Program

Hebron Academy provides a number of activities to support international students, who come to Hebron from around the world. There are English as a Second Language courses in Literature and Composition, Biology, and U.S. History. A Conversation Partner Program helps students practice and improve their English speaking skills. Faculty organize trips to places like Boston familiarize students with regional culture and history. For fun, there are international dinners, when our Dining Services cooks up fare from around the world, and special "American dinner nights" for international students, including a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and a Maine lobster bake.

Travel Abroad

Each year, Hebron Academy typically offers one or more trips abroad, arranged by our Language teachers. Trips are planned based on student interests. In 2006, students traveled to Peru, Italy, and France. There is often a trip to nearby Quebec City as well.

Students are immersed in the authentic life, food, language, and customs of a different country. They gain invaluable practice using the local language. This experience builds students’ confidence in their language skills and empowers them to dare travel again and travel often.

As part of the Travel Abroad program, Hebron students have visited an orphanage founded by Hebron Science teacher Janet Littlefield in Ntaja, Malawi.

The Entrepreneurship Program

The Hebron Academy Entrepreneurship Program focuses on entrepreneurial learning, teaching and practice. Students learn valuable entrepreneurial skills by interacting with successful entrepreneurs, launching for-profit and non-profit ventures, and participating in business competitions. This unique co-curricular offering teaches students the basics of business leadership, management and planning.

In the fall visiting alumni & friends return to campus for keynote presentations by creative, successful and driven professionals, who inspire students to consider ideas and entrepreneurial ventures.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge competition provides students with the opportunity to develop successful business ventures from January to the end of April. The competition is limited to 18-24 students with preference given to Juniors and Seniors. Teams of 3-4 students receive start-up money to develop an idea, determine a strategy, create a business and generate revenue. Teams have the opportunity to consult with business mentors via email or phone.

Members of the internal and external Hebron community play crucial roles through connections established by the Entrepreneurship Program. Adult participation generally involves being a mentor, speaker or judge. The program strives to ensure that any interested professional will have the opportunity to participate actively with our program and students.

Middle School

The Hebron Academy Middle School offers small classes, excellent faculty, a challenging curriculum, programs in fine arts, drama, and music, unique offerings in outdoor education, athletics, special trips, and more for grades 6-8. Students complete the Middle School program as strong, confident, sensitive individuals who will continue their education in challenging high schools (often Hebron's Upper School) and colleges, and who will contribute significantly to the world in which they live.

The Middle School is an independent division of Hebron Academy for programs and schedules, yet students benefit from being part of a larger school with terrific facilities and a great support system.

Notable Alums

*Hannibal Hamlin, Abraham Lincoln's first vice-president,
*George Lincoln Rockwell
*John Brown Russwurm
*Tim Sample, comedian


This information is taken from the school's website and publications.

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