Freedom at Point Zero

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Name = Freedom at Point Zero
Type = studio
Artist = Jefferson Starship

Released = November, 1979
Recorded = 1979 at the Record Plant, Los Angeles and Sausalito
Genre =
Length =
Label = Grunt/RCA
Producer = Ron Nevison
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "Gold"
This album = "Freedom at Point Zero"
Next album = "Modern Times"

"Freedom at Point Zero" is a 1979 album by Jefferson Starship. It was the first album for new lead singer Mickey Thomas. The single, "Jane", peaked on the charts at #14.

Aynsley Dunbar plays drums on this album; he had left Journey the previous year.

Track listing

ide One

#"Jane" (David Freiberg / Jim McPherson / Paul Kantner / Craig Chaquico) – 4:07
#*Bass: David Freiberg
#*Keyboards: Pete Sears
#"Lightning Rose (Carry the Fire)" (Paul Kantner) – 4:36
#*Bass: David Freiberg
#*Keyboards: Pete Sears
#"Things To Come" (Paul Kantner / China Wing Kantner) – 4:49
#*Bass: Pete Sears
#*Keyboards: David Freiberg & Paul Kantner
#"Awakening" (Jeannette Sears / Pete Sears) – 7:59
#*Bass: David Freiberg & Pete Sears
#*Keyboards: Pete Sears

ide Two

#"Girl With The Hungry Eyes" (Paul Kantner) – 3:28
#*Bass: Pete Sears
#*Keyboards: David Freiberg
#"Just The Same" (Craig Chaquico / Jeannette Sears / Eric VanSoest) – 5:17
#*Bass: David Freiberg
#*Keyboards: Pete Sears
#"Rock Music" (Craig Chaquico / Jeannette Sears) – 3:35
#*Bass: Pete Sears
#*Keyboards: David Freiberg
#"Fading Lady Light" (Jeannette Sears / Pete Sears / Mark Unobsky) – 3:39
#*Bass: David Freiberg
#*Organ / Electric Rhythm Guitar: Pete Sears
#"Freedom At Point Zero (Climbing Tiger Mountain through the Sky)" (Paul Kantner) – 4:25
#*Bass: Pete Sears
#*Keyboards: David Freiberg


*"Jane" (1979) #14 US
*"Rock Music" (1979)
*"Girl With The Hungry Eyes" (1980) #55 US


*Paul Kantner – rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards on "Things to Come"
*Pete Sears – bass, keyboards, vocals, electric rhythm guitar on "Fading Lady Light"
*David Freiberg – bass, keyboards, vocals
*Mickey Thomas – vocals
*Aynsley Dunbar – drums, percussion
*Craig Chaquico – lead guitar, rhythm guitar

Additional Personnel

*Steven Schuster – horns
*Tower of Power – horns on "Jane"


*Ron Nevison – producer for Gadget Productions, Inc., engineer
*Michael Clink – engineer
*Mike Reese – mastering
*Pat Ieraci (Maurice) – production coordinator
*Paul Dowell – amp consultant
*Ria Lewerke-Shapiro – art direction, design
*Gary Regester – photography
*Tyrone Q. Thompson – star scout
*Bill Thompson – manager
*Recorded and mixed at The Record Plant, Los Angeles - Sausalito
*Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood

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