Meanings of asteroid names

This is a list of named minor planets (mostly asteroids), with links to the Wikipedia articles on the people, places, characters and concepts that they are named after.

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*List of asteroids
*List of asteroids named after people
*List of asteroids named after places

External links

* [ Asteroids discovered at the observatory of San Marcello Pistoiese in Italy]
* [ Asteroids discovered by Tsutomu Seki]
* [ Asteroids discovered by Uppsala astronomers]
* [ Asteroids honoring people associated with Cornell Department of astronomy]
* [ Asteroids named after members of staff and graduates of the Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland]
* [ Asteroids with Canadian Connections]
* [ Asteroids with a Hamburg connection]
* [ Hungarian asteroids]
* [ "In Our Skies" journalistic article on asteroid nomenclature]
* [ Institute of Applied Astronomy's list of (accented) names]
* [ Kleť Numbered Minor Planets]
* [ List of "Dutch" asteroids] (in Dutch)
* [ Planetary Society asteroids]
* [ Schmadel's list of (accented) names]
* [ The Ceres Connection (asteroids named after students)]

Two systematic sources of citations are:
* The Show Citation script of the Harvard University Center for Astronomy MPES (Minor Planet Ephemeris Service):
* The JPL Small-Body Database Browser: both cases you need only modify the last argument of the address. The first's data base is being slowly built up in reverse chronological order; the second is more complete as of 2006.

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