A Woman's Work Is Never Done

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Infobox Television episode
Title =A Woman's Work Is Never Done
Series =The Honeymooners
Season =1
Episode =4
Airdate =October 22, 1955
Production =n/a
Writer =Marvin Marx and Walter Stone
Director =Frank Satenstein
Guests =
Episode list =
Prev =The Golfer
Next =A Matter of Life and Death

A Woman's Work Is Never Done is the 4th episode of the TV series The Honeymooners. Fed up with hearing Ralph complain about the housework not getting done, Alice hires Thelma, the maid.


Ralph comes home from another hard days work at the Gotham bus company. He's all set to go bowling tonight (he's a member of the "Hurry-Canes!", as he pronounces it), but he finds that his bowling shirt isn't clean. He starts reprimanding Alice about this and other things that aren't getting done around the house. Alice, in her usual steely smooth style, tells Ralph that they have no choice but to get a maid. Alice will go to work and pay for the maid. Begrudgingly, Ralph accepts. They go to the Stellar Employment Agency to hire domestic help. Ralph implores Alice to make sure she acts important, like a big shot, like hiring a maid to them is second nature. When Mr. Wilson (the employee of the agency) comes out, he mistakes THEM for domestic help (!), and once realizing the error, gives them the services of Thelma. He also slightly cautions them that contemporary maids are independent and not very committed to authority. Ralph doesn't worry as he plans on treating Thelma like he does with Alice when he does his "King Of The Castle" bit, but once Thelma comes out, who is very tough and sarcastic, Ralph can do nothing but kowtow to the laughs of the satisfied Alice, who has more than no problem hiring Thelma and even is forced to have to carry Thelmas suitcase, which weighs almost as much as Ralph does. Ralph soon finds out when Thelma starts working that he's got another woman to contend with who isn't intimidated by him.

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