Heroes of Jin Yong

Heroes of Jin Yong

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developer = Heluo Studio
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released = 1996
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"Heroes of Jin Yong" (金庸群俠傳), first published in 1996, is a computer role-playing game based on the storyline and characters in Jin Yong's novels.

In the computer game, the player takes on the role of someone from modern society who wakes up one day to find himself in Jianghu. The player learns that in order to return to modern society, he must find all fourteen Jin Yong books and be declared the champion of Wulin. The books are scattered around Jianghu and the player must interact with many characters from the Jin Yong novels, each with their own story to tell. Some characters are friendly and willing to help the player in his quest, while others are hostile and fight with him. The player must learn his own martial arts in order to coerce or persuade others to give him the books. There are a wide variety of martial styles and weapons available, including sword, knife, whip, and palm styles. The player can also choose to follow a righteous or evil path through his actions and deeds, with different reactions from characters depending on what path he takes.

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