Like Father Like Son (1987 film)

Like Father Like Son (1987 film)

name = Like Father Like Son

caption = "Like Father Like Son" DVD cover
director = Rod Daniel
producer = Brian Grazer
David Valdes
writer = Steve Bloom
Lorne Cameron
David Hoselton
starring = Kirk Cameron
Dudley Moore
Catherine Hicks
Patrick O'Neal
Sean Astin
David Wohl
Michael Horton
Jack Starrett
cinematography = James Crabe
Jack N. Green
editing = Lois Freeman-Fox
music = Miles Goodman
Shelly Manne
distributor = TriStar Pictures
runtime = 96 min.
country = USA
language = English
amg_id = 1:29361
imdb_id = 0093418

"Like Father Like Son" is a 1987 comedy film starring Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore. This film is a remake of the 1976 classic Disney film "Freaky Friday". The film is marketed with that tagline "Chris and his dad have accidentally changed bodies - but no big deal. Chris gets the Jag and the Golden Card. Dad gets the fake ID and the bio final."

Plot summary

Chris Hammond (Kirk Cameron) is a high school senior. He's an average student, a decent track team participant, and likes a girl at school who happens to be dating a jock. And, his dad, Jack (Dudley Moore) is breathing down his neck to get him into an Ivy League school to study pre-med, leaving Chris secretly wanting to tell his dad to just let him make his own decisions about what he wants to do.

Chris' buddy, Trigger (Sean Astin), has a wacky uncle who's staying with him. He lived in the desert for a while, experimenting with body-switching potions. Trigger gets a hold of the brain transference serum and it switches Chris and Jack's brains so that Chris is Jack and Jack is Chris.

But, it makes for a whole lot of trouble. The big-shot Dr. Hammond has to settle on being a teenager a while. And Chris has to deal with being Dr. Hammond. Neither can screw things up. For Dr. Hammond, he hopes to get the ordeal with over quickly; but for Chris, there's advantages to not having to show up for school, take tests, and the like. But, they each grow quite irritable of the situation as they tend to screw up each other's lives. Dr. Hammond has a few nasty run-ins with the bully as Chris. And Chris, involved in an affair with the boss' wife, not only sets the living room on fire, but also risks his father's chances of becoming chief of staff.


*Autograph - "Dance All Night"
*Autograph - "She Never Looked That Good for Me"
*Mark Jordan - "I Ching"
*The Fabulous Thunderbirds - "It Comes to Me Naturally"
*Omar & the Howlers - "Hard Times in the Land of Plenty"
*Wang Chung - "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"
*Aerosmith - "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"
*Ramones - "Somebody Put Something in My Drink"
*Mötley Crüe - "All in the Name of..."
*Mötley Crüe - "Wild Side"


* Actor Jack Starrett, who played Coach Jennings also played Coach Jennings in the 1961 version of Like Father Like Son.

* Filming locations:The school used in the film was John Marshall High School, which was also used in "Pretty in Pink"

The Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park were also used as filming locations.

The hospital used in this film was the naval hospital in San Diego, CA

* Two songs from the rock band Autograph's third album "Loud and Clear" appear in this film, the first which was played briefly was "Dance all Night" when Chris (in his dad's body) drives to work, the full version of "She Never Looked that Good For Me", along with the band themselves appear in concert.

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