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Fiction and TV

  • Diana, a British comics series targeted at young girls, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. from 1963 to 1976
  • Diana (TV series), a television series starring Patsy Kensit and Jenny Seagrove
  • "Diana" (Spooks), final episode of the 4th series of Spooks, concerning the former Princess of Wales
  • Diana (''Dyosa''), a character in Dyosa
  • Diana (Sailor Moon), a fictional character in the Japanese anime Sailor Moon
  • Diana the Acrobat, from the Dungeons & Dragons (TV series) animated series
  • Diana (''V'' TV series), the main antagonist in the 1980s science fiction TV franchise V
  • Diana (MÄR), a major antagonist in the manga and anime series MÄR
  • Diana Prince, the secret identity of DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman
  • Diana A, fictional mecha, Mazinger Z sidekick, after the demise of Aphrodite A



  • 78 Diana, an asteroid
  • Diana (crater), a crater on the Moon


DIANA may refer to:

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